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How Do You Know if a Goddess is Calling You? [Signs Explained]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Having a deity is amazing. It helps you enhance your craft but also it can help you live your life in a better way. But do you know if a goddess is calling you?

With this article, I want to share with you some tips so that you can take it from there and start connecting with her to create a strong, powerful, and enlightening connection that will definitely change your life.


Recognizing if a goddess is calling you is a personal and spiritual experience.

Signs may include synchronicities, vivid dreams or visions, an intuitive feeling, recurring thoughts, emotional resonance, encountering symbols, and a heightened connection to nature or elements.

You may receive inner guidance and feel compelled to study the goddess’s mythology.

Trust your intuition and explore your feelings, as building a relationship with a goddess can be a rewarding spiritual journey.

How to know if a goddess is calling you?

A goddess can show her presence in your life in many different ways. It might be quite challenging for us to notice and acknowledge each gesture when living our crazy frantic life, so here comes a list of the five main signs a goddess is calling you.

Experience/SensationPossible Interpretation
SynchronicitiesNoticing meaningful coincidences related to a particular goddess.
Intense DreamsVivid dreams involving a specific goddess or related symbols.
IntuitionStrong gut feelings or inner knowing about a goddess’s presence.
Emotional ResonanceFeeling deeply moved or inspired by stories, art, or music related to a goddess.
Signs in NatureEncountering animals, plants, or natural elements associated with a goddess.
Table 1: Personal Experiences and Sensations

You feel a presence around you

Of course, this is the very first sign a goddess is calling you. Yes, many entities and different kinds of energies can manifest like this but you will know when the presence around you is benevolent instead of bad.

Bastet, a feline goddess of ancient Egyptian religion who was worshipped at least since the Second Dynasty, Neues Museum, Berlin

Try to feel the presence after an invocation as a goddess often lets you know that she is calling you right after an invocation.

You dream of it

If you dream of a goddess or of any of the symbols related to her, it might be the goddess trying to call you. The dream can be quite clear with a strong direct message but can also be confusing.


It might be that the goddess wants you to interpret her signs and to use your intuition to get her message. When a goddess connects with you like that, not in a clear way, it might be that you are using your mind and your intuition the wrong way.

Basically, it’s like a first message to open your intuition more and change your approach to connect with her and let her true messages get to you more easily.

You keep seeing the same thing

It can be an object, a flower, an animal, or a symbol. Repeated occurrences are definitely a sign. If something keeps showing up while you are living your daily routine, it can be that a goddess is calling you.

Just research the things that show up and learn more about them. If you find out that the item, the animal, or the symbol is linked to a specific goddess, you are already halfway to connecting with her!

goddess Flidais
Goddess Flidais

You feel a certain kind of energy take over

If, suddenly, you feel some aspect of your life become the main center of your existence and you sense some energy getting stronger and stronger within, it might be that a goddess is calling you.

You have a vision

Some people are more receptive than others so someone might have a vision of a certain goddess when this one is trying to call you. Usually, a goddess shows up like that when you need her the most.

It can be that you are undergoing some breakdown but it can also happen that she shows up when you are meditating, in hypnosis, or when your senses are more open like when you drink a bit more or when you are like in a trance.

I think a goddess is calling me. What can I do?

MeditationQuietly connecting with your inner self to listen for messages.
Oracle CardsUsing goddess-themed oracle cards for guidance and insight.
Rituals and OfferingsPerforming rituals and offering prayers to invite a goddess’s presence.
Divination ToolsUsing tools like tarot cards or pendulums to communicate with the goddess.
JournalingWriting down your thoughts, experiences, and messages received during meditation or rituals.
Table 2: Invocation and Communication

Learn who this goddess is

Do some research and learn more about her to know exactly who is. Each goddess has to be honored by bringing her special elements like offerings, a specific practice that resonates with her energy, and so on.

If you want, you can start answering that call by simply opening up to her. You can do things like:

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Say out loud that you are listening

Don’t be shy and don’t feel silly. When you feel the presence of a goddess around you, say out loud: “I am listening, I am open, I am ready for you.”

Meditate to let her in

If you feel the presence of a goddess but it seems a bit “weak”, you should meditate to get in touch with her, visualizing this goddess getting closer to you and then say some affirmations like: “welcome to my life,” or something like that. Customize your meditation and see what happens!

Cast a spell or perform a ritual to let her in

You can cast a spell related to the kind of energy that the goddess brings with her or you can perform a ritual dedicated to her.

If you cannot find any but still want this goddess to know you are listening to her messages and invite her to join your life and your craft, you can perform a similar basic ritual.


  • A white candle
  • Some offerings dedicated to the goddess (it can be anything like an item representing the goddess that is calling you) If you don’t know who this goddess is yet, you can simply bring a gift you feel suitable to the energy you feel
  • An image, a statue, or anything else representing the goddess (if you don’t know who she is, skip this part)
  • A customized sigil saying: “I am here for you (add the name of the goddess here)”. If you don’t know the name of this goddess just yet, simply write down “I am here for you” or “I am listening, I am open, I am ready”. Let your intuition choose what makes you feel in tune with this presence

Place the picture or the statue on your altar or sacred space.

Light up the white candle and place it on a piece of paper with the sigil drawn on it and say out loud this prayer:

“My heart, my mind, my soul
I am open
I welcome you
I connect with you
I am ready for you
Might your energy become mine
Might your essence be around
Blessed be “

You can let the candle burn down completely, leaving this set on display for a while. Wait for more signs to come to you in the upcoming days or weeks. The goddess will choose the best timing to get back to you!

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Tina Caro

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