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Enhanced Full or New Moon Casting


Currently, I have more than 20 different spells, you can choose from on my site. If you decide to enhance your next spell casting, you can pick this New or Full moon casting any time of the month, and your spell will be cast on the night of the next full or new moon (whichever comes first). This is a premium casting that uses different materials that are supercharged by the new or full moon, and I also cast it in a higher vibration.

  • – Premium service
  • – Supplements every spell I have on this site
  • – Can’t be ordered as a standalone spell casting – Only in combination with one other spell



BEFORE YOU ORDER PLEASE READ: This is an “add-on” spell, meaning it is only to be ordered if you have ALREADY ordered a spellcasting from me and you wish to upgrade it to include a moon enhanced casting.  If you have not already placed an order, please browse the list of castings on my site and choose one, or email me at if you need help choosing.

The Enhanced Full or New Moon Casting is a special casting that will be completed under the light of the next new or full moon (your choice or I will do whichever comes next).

Your spell will be a ‘double casting’ which means that when you order this service, I will cast the spell for you within 24 hours of when you placed the order, and then I will cast it for you a second time under the next new or full moon. You will receive a confirmation for each of these castings.

This service results in a strong and powerful casting, as the moon phase can greatly impact spells! Simply ordering your casting on the date of the new or full moon will NOT produce these same results, as this is a completely different type of casting that uses elements and materials that are in essence, supercharged by the moon phase.

You may choose either the next new moon or the next full moon – or if you prefer I will simply cast the spell on the next new or full moon.

  • Full moon castings are good for any spell casting.
  • New moons are best for new or fresh starts (such as new jobs, new relationships, new business).

If you would like me to advise you on this before placing your order, you’re welcome to email me at and I’ll be happy to make a recommendation for your spell casting and situation.



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