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Spell Casting Using Your Sigil


I’ll cast a custom white magic spell casting to help you achieve your goals or desires, and I’ll use YOUR unique sigil in the casting (or one that I’ve created for you).

  1. – Sigil must be related to the spell
  2. – White magic spell
  3. – Casting time: less than 24 hours after your order
  4. – Casting with high-quality ingredients and tools

Confirmation will be delivered via email. Price in U.S. dollars (USD)


Spell Casting Using Your Sigil is a unique spell that utilizes the intention you put into the sigil. This intention makes this spell a lot more effective.


  1. Make sure that you have a sigil before you order this spell casting.
  2. If you don’t have a sigil, we can create on for you here (link).
  3. Make sure that you upload your sigil in the checkout form.
  4. You can also send me sigil directly to and then order a spell casting you’d like the sigil to be used with.
  5. Sigil must be related to the spell you want to order. Example: money sigil, for money spell.

If you have any questions, send me an email to


Additional information

How does this work?
In the form above, you can choose which spell you’d want to order and when. When you order and pay for the service, you’ll receive a confirmation email and more details. Once the order is finished, you’ll receive another email with more details and unique instructions.
What kind of magick spells do you do?
I practice white magic, as well as some green magic, which are energy and nature based, both very safe and effective. I typically do not practice black magic due to the risks involved, but I consider custom black magic casting requests on a case-by-case basis.
Will you help me decide which spell casting to purchase?
Yes, absolutely! You can contact me via the chat function on the website, or via email directly at I’m always happy to offer a spell casting consultation or answer any questions that you may have.
Is this real? Does this really work?
Yes! I am a genuine spell casting professional. This is what I do for a living, as my full-time job and I have many years experience. This is not a hobby for me, although I do love it! My spell castings bring results and it’s how I have been able to stay in business for so many years.
Why should I order a professional casting when you provide free spells on your site?

I provide hundreds of free ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) spell castings and advice about castings in general. These are intended for amateurs or “baby witches” who are interested in experimenting with different casting methods. The reason you should consider a professional casting done by myself, is that I have MANY years of experience.

I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and learned from them, as you will too if you try some castings on your own. I use professional methods and materials, and enchanted amulets that have been proven effective and are very unique. If you are truly in need of a casting, I always will recommend having a professional do it for you – whether its me or someone else – because it’s the safest, fastest and most effective way to achieve results!

Do you provide photo or video proof of your spell castings?

No, with very good reasons! The main reason is that electronic equipment can interfere with the energy fields I create during my spell castings. It is absolutely crucial that I do not have interference at my alter or in my professional casting space.

The other reason is that because my casting methods and materials are so unique (I promise you no one else is doing them!), they are like secret recipes. In the beginning, I did provide photos of my castings but unfortunately, I had my methods and materials compromised and my spells were essentially copied, which obviously was not a good thing for my business.

What proof do you provide?
After your spell casting is completed (within 24 hours of placing your order), I will email you a document that explains what the casting does and how quickly you can expect results. This is a PDF file, which is accessible by most people. If you cannot open the file I can always send it another way. Aside from that, the proof is “in the pudding” as they say.

Meaning, when your spell casting manifests, that’s all the proof you will need. I do have testimonials available upon request, but due to the sensitive nature of the castings I do which are always private and confidential, I cannot provide you with real names or emails of my clients.

Do you offer any guarantees?
There are never any guarantees with spell castings. Please be wary of anyone who tells you differently. As a spell caster, I am not a God nor am I in control of the Universe. I can only cast with positive intentions, using the tried and true methods I have relied on for years. I cannot guarantee you that your spell will manifest.

I can only promise you that I will continue working on your case until you get results if you do not get them the first time around – and I will NEVER ask you to pay an additional fee as I work with your case, unless you’re seeking a different result or a completely different casting.

What is your success rate for castings? When will I see results?
It took me several years to determine this, because individual results do vary because everyone has a different energy.

Spell casting can be a matter of trial and error – if your first casting does not manifest in the time frame provided, I encourage you to contact me so that I can look into it and decide what to do from there.

About 70% of my spell castings manifest the very first time, within 3 to 5 weeks of the casting.

Nearly all will manifest within 2 weeks after a second casting (which is free of charge), as this tends to kick the first one into high gear and give it that little nudge it needs.

The remaining 5% or so will need a third casting which is almost always a completely new casting that I will try since the first two failed. There is NEVER any charge for these second or third/new castings.

Very rarely, in less than 1% of cases, the casting will simply not manifest no matter what I try. When this does happen, it is typically because whatever result you are seeking is simply not meant to be. There is nothing that you, or I, or any other caster can do in this situation to force manifestation. All we can do is perhaps try a different casting, seeking different results.

How are you able to charge so little when others charge hundreds of dollars?

It will probably come as no surprise to you that many (sadly I would say most) people who offer spell casting services are either complete frauds, or are amateurs who simply do not have the experience needed to get results. They are quite frankly – out to make a buck – rather than genuinely wanting to help people better their lives.

I have suppliers that I work with for my materials at a discounted rate and I do a lot of castings each week (so much that I sometimes have to limit the orders I can take on), which means I can support my business without the need to charge hundreds of dollars per casting.

I’m not out to get rich – in fact I wouldn’t want to (no one ever believes me when I say this but it’s true!!).

My castings are affordable because I’m a decent human being, plain and simple.

What information do you need from me in order to do the casting?

For most castings, I need only your first name and year of birth. As I am very experienced, I need very little information in order to connect with your energy to complete the casting.

For some castings (usually ones involving relationships), I will also need the first name and year of birth of the person involved with the casting such as your ex or your crush. You’ll provide this information on the order page.

Which payment options do you support?
Currently, we support Paypal, credit, and debit cards.

If you have issues with payment send me an email to:

Is your payment data protected?
Yes. We’re using PayPal and Stripe, which are a trustworthy companies with enough security in place to keep you safe online.
Do you share my personal information?

No! Everything you share with me is between you and me. Your information will never be publicly shared.

Who will cast a spell?
Tina Caro, owner of the site

Refund policy

Please note, I do not provide refunds for my spell casting services. There are two reasons for this:

1) Spell castings cannot be guaranteed to bring results, as I am not a God or controller of the Universe. I cast spells with good intentions but I cannot promise or guarantee that a spell will manifest. If any spell caster ever makes promises or guarantees, that’s a red flag. I’ve been casting spells of all kinds for many years and that much I can say with 100% certainty.

2) When you purchase a spell casting, that’s all that you are purchasing – the spell casting service. You are not purchasing results. While the spell casting is of course intended to bring the results that you want, I am being paid to perform the casting ritual on your behalf rather than you having to attempt to cast it for yourself.

The only sort of promise or guarantee I can make you is that if your casting fails to manifest, I always offer to recast it at no additional cost. If that one fails, I will offer to continue trying to tweak the spell casting (it’s often a matter of trial and error) to get it to manifest for you – again without asking you to pay any additional fees. If, after many attempts, I determine that there is nothing else I can try for you, I will always offer to cast a different spell for a different result.

I always do my best to get your spell casting to manifest, but there are situations that are simply not meant to be, and this is out of my control and your control. As the saying goes, the only guarantees in this life are death and taxes. 🙂

If you want to order my service for someone else, get their permission first!

Services I provide, are NOT intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions, or to be used in place of qualified medical care.

Always seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner for all physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Disclaimer: Results may vary and are not guaranteed. You must be over 18 to order my services. Use my services at your own risk.

For entertainment purposes only. We do not share, sell, or distribute your contact information.

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