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Professional Sigil Creation


I will create one sigil for you digitally, and you can activate it yourself.

  1. – Based on your desire, I’ll create a sigil and send it to you
  2. – Each will receive a unique sigil
  3. – I’ll send you instructions along with the sigil

Price in U.S. dollars (USD)


  • Maybe you’ve tried creating a sigil for yourself, and it didn’t work.
  • Maybe you’re not interested in diving into the art of sigil magick, but you heard that it works (I can confirm – yes, it does work).
  • Or maybe you just want to speed up the process.

The Magickal Spot team can help you out with whatever you desire to receive by creating a sigil for you to use in your own castings, or we can cast a spell for you using your new sigil (see link below).

All you need to do is to tell us what your desire is (on the checkout form), grab a coffee or catch up with your friends, and let us do the work!  Your sigil will be delivered to you via email.  If you’d like a professional spellcasting to go along with your sigil, you can order that service here (link).

My personal sigils

I am pregnant sigil

I am friendly sigil
Sigil: I am friendly
Bad energy fades away sigil
Sigil: Bad energy fades away
I have power within me sigil
Sigil: I have power within me

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