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Is Your Incense Smoke Going Straight Up? (Meaning)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Incense purifies the room and increases your ability to concentrate. It is sacred as it carries our prayers up to Heaven. The path it takes to reach Heaven can give us valuable knowledge. Incense rituals often call for windows and doors to be closed before the incense is lit for this very reason, preventing breezes from obscuring the incense smoke’s message for us.


When incense smoke goes straight up, it is often seen as a symbol of direct and unobstructed communication with the divine.

This phenomenon is associated with purity, clarity of purpose, harmony, and positive energy.

It can signify that intentions or offerings are being accepted and that blessings and favorable responses are likely.

However, interpretations can vary based on cultural and individual beliefs, and the specific context of the ritual or prayer also plays a role in understanding its meaning.

Incense plays the role of a conductor that connects our material world with the spiritual world. The smoke that comes from the burning of incense is like a symbolic conversation with the “subtle world”.

However, the language of this subtle world needs translating into something we can comprehend. Therefore, we must learn to interpret its mysterious messages to understand it.

Incense Smoke Can Help You:

  • Recognize if the room’s energy is clean
  • Find yes / no answers to your questions
  • Show good or bad omens
  • Find out if you will succeed

To read the smoke of the incense, it is necessary to light the incense and observe how the smoke behaves.

Copyright: Tina Caro

How can you read incense smoke to determine the purity of space energy?

To determine the “purity” of energy, it is necessary to pay attention to how the smoke of the burning incense behaves.

When you begin to purify energy with incense, you can observe that the smoke rises in a long and thin stream. This is because the smoke is expelled from the energy density.

As you continue to cleanse the energy of the space you are in, you will notice that the smoke from the thin stream turns into a cloud of smoke that fills the entire room. A cloud of smoke indicates that the space is clean. Clean energy is light, allowing the smoke to rise in this manner.

Using this method of interpreting the smoke, you can easily determine how the energy cleaning process is going, if it is necessary to continue or if the room’s energy is already purified.

FactorInfluence on Incense Smoke Direction
AirflowThe direction and intensity of air currents can affect how the incense smoke behaves.
TemperatureTemperature variations can cause the smoke to rise or fall.
PlacementThe positioning of the incense stick or cone can influence the smoke’s direction.
EnvironmentThe overall energy and atmosphere of the space may influence the movement of smoke.
Intention and FocusThe intention and focus of the person burning the incense can impact the smoke’s flow.
Table 1: Factors Affecting Incense Smoke Direction

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What is the meaning of incense smoke going straight up?

If you see a thin stream of smoke heading straight upwards, then everything is okay! The energies in the room are harmonious. However, this has different implications depending on the types of practice you are into.

  1. If you have been casting spells, it might mean that the spells are going to manifest soon.
  2. If you have been asking for answers, it might mean that you need to look for spiritual help.
  3. If you have been trying to establish a connection with deities, it might mean that they are listening.
  4. If you have been trying to connect with spirits, it might be a sign you are not alone.
  5. If you ask a question and the smoke rises upwards, it deviates neither to the right nor to the left, then the answer is a definite “Yes”.
Smoke DirectionMeaning
Straight upPositive energy, harmony, and balance
SwirlingActive energy, movement, or spiritual activity
DownwardClearing negative energy or cleansing space
SidewaysCommunication with spirits or ancestors
FlickeringPresence of spiritual entities or messages
Table 2: Incense Smoke Direction and Their Meanings

What should I do when incense smoke goes straight up?

If the smoke from an incense you are burning goes straight up, it means that you are doing great with your practice, that you’ve been living harmoniously, and that there is a good chance that spirit guides and deities support you and your journey. You can be happy with this discovery and end your spiritual session there, or you can meditate to reinforce this balanced harmonious energy.

Meditation is one of the most effective rituals for finding balance, serenity, and strength, but also a great help for self-healing, so much so that many doctors recommend it to their patients. There are infinite ways to meditate, but one of the simplest is this: sit or lie down in a quiet place – no smartphones, please – with soft lights, and focus on your breathing.

Feel the air entering your nose, swelling in your belly, then slowly coming out of your mouth. As you breathe, shift your attention to every part of your body, from head to toe, slowly scanning the sensations experienced area by area. Once you get to your feet, imagine a flow of negative energy coming out of you, leaving room for only positive emotions, strength and awareness.

Feeling balanced, blessed, and in tune with the energy takes a few minutes.

When your incense smoke is rising straight up, it is also a brilliant opportunity to work with the spiritual realm. For example, you can work on an altar.

Finding our own sacred space at home is one of the most beautiful and effective rituals for maintaining a spiritual connection. To create an altar, all you need is a surface on which to put images of loved ones, particular spirits and elements of nature that trigger our emotions. You can also place statuettes, crystals or sentimental artifacts on the altar.

An easy way to increase your spiritual connection is spending five minutes daily with your altar. Observe the images and objects, add new ones, and become invested in the energies they communicate to us. We can also use it as part of meditation. It is important, above all, that you keep your altar clean.

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