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Is Your Incense Smoke Making Circles? (Meaning Explained)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Have you ever used incense to cleanse the energy in your home? All that surrounds us is energy and this in turn can be perceived using incense smoke. Positive and negative energies can manifest themselves in different ways. It is said that when negative energies accumulate, we perceive the negative vibrations of the surrounding environment and this can have an emotional toll on us.

Fortunately, there are several ways to combat these negative vibrations and change the environment of our home. Burning incense is a good method of ridding your house of negative energies and attracting positive energy instead.


When incense smoke forms circles, it can symbolize several meanings in spiritual contexts.

These include the cyclical nature of life, protection from negative influences, harmony and balance, the flow of universal energy, and the presence of divine forces.

Circular patterns may also represent focused energy and the amplification of intentions or prayers.

However, interpretations can differ across cultures and beliefs, and personal context plays a significant role in understanding the specific meaning attributed to circling incense smoke.

The immediate effects of burning incense create a harmonious and peaceful home environment.

Incenses are used in various rituals in order to purify the energy of the environment or of the person who is making it.

In meditation, incenses are used to achieve a state of greater clarity, calm, and concentration. Some use incense for astral projections and lucid dreams. Regardless of use, the way the smoke flows from your incense can tell you deeper meanings and messages that the incense is communicating to you.

What is the meaning of incense smoke making circles?

If the smoke seems crazy and creates many circles, it indicates heavy negativity either in the house or in one of the objects near the incense. In some cases, this object can be the person who lit it. If your incense creates circular patterns, it would be a good idea to perform a cleansing ritual or two in order to mediate the energy in your home.

It goes without saying that in order to interpret smoke patterns, all windows and doors should be closed so no external breezes affect the shape of the smoke.

Ritual PurposeIncense Smoke Circles Interpretation
ProtectionCircular smoke represents a shield or barrier of protection
MeditationSpiral smoke signifies a journey within or higher awareness
CleansingZigzag smoke indicates the clearing of negative energies
ManifestationAscending smoke symbolizes the manifestation of desires
DivinationCircular smoke suggests spiritual guidance or messages
Table 1: Interpretation of Incense Smoke Circles in Rituals

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Cleansing tips that can help you in this situation

Use pink Himalayan salt

Known for its disinfectant and therapeutic properties, Himalayan pink salt is pure and natural salt, rich in trace elements and minerals, perfect for purifying the home of negative energies.

Purifying the house with salt is very simple:

  • Pour a spoonful of Himalayan pink salt into a glass or earthenware bowl, adding a little water.
  • Place the bowl in the places that require purification.
  • After a few hours, look at the bowl with water and salt: if there are bubbles on the surface or the salt has crystallized, keep changing the salt until the surface of the water remains clear and transparent for a long time.

Using water and salt to purify the house is a really simple and cost-free method for energy cleaning. Alternatively, you can use salt lamps to harmonize spaces, create relaxing atmospheres, and sanitize the air.


Coarse salt

If you are under the impression that truly negative energies are lurking in your home, the best thing is to perform an energetic cleaning of the rooms in the house using coarse salt. If this is the case, you should ideally leave your home for two or three days.

Place a basin with half a kilo (about 1 pound) of coarse salt in every room of the house, including the bathrooms, the kitchen and the closets.

Leave the house for two or three days. Upon your return, the salt will have transformed because it will have absorbed the negative energies that were present in the house. Throw the contents of the various bowls into the toilet.

Now, clean all the rooms in the house using the usual detergents and dusters. Finally, wipe all floors with a rag soaked in a dilution of water and rose water, or water and rose extract, and steam the shelves, furniture, and ceilings with the same dilution.

Rose essence

Rose essence is excellent for the energetic cleaning of objects. For example, when someone dies of a serious illness, it is advisable to clean all the furniture and objects in the room where they died by soaking a clean cloth with rose water or diluted rose essence and wiping the furniture down.

This kind of treatment is also useful when you buy used furniture, of which you do not know the origin. Especially if you do not know the history of a true antique, an energetic cleaning of the objects with water or rose essence may not be enough, but a restoration intervention may be necessary.

This involves stripping and repainting, so that the memories that are imprinted in the furniture itself are erased. Objects that are so old that they may have witnessed acts that by modern standards are considered heinous often need this treatment.

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