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Sigils, By Witchipedia

A DIY Guide to Wiccan Sigils [Making, Activating & Meanings]

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

In this article, I’ll show you what are sigils and their meanings, sigil symbols, how to make a sigil that you can use, and explain how do sigils work.

The technique of sealing is a method widely used and familiar to many cultures whose origin is lost in the mists of time.

In general, a Wiccan seal is a hieroglyph or symbol with mystical or magical meaning. Nevertheless, for our purposes, we will use the word to describe an image created using the methods conceived by the Anglo-Saxon artist, writer, clairvoyant and magician Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956).

austin osman spare drawing
Austin Osman Spare

He was certainly a leading figure in the occultist environment of his time. Most likely he was initiated at the Ordo Templi Orientalis by another very famous magician: Aleister Crowley.

Today, Spare is rightly considered the founder of that modern current that goes by the name of Chaos Magick, the Magic of Chaos.


In Wicca, sigils are symbols or designs created to represent specific intentions in magical and spiritual practices.

They can embody various purposes, like protection, healing, or connecting with deities.

The process involves setting a clear intention, designing the sigil by transforming the intention into an abstract symbol, and charging it with energy through meditation or ritual.

Wiccan sigils serve as visual representations of intentions and are used in spells, rituals, and meditation to focus and direct energy toward specific goals.

The design and meaning of Wiccan sigils may vary among practitioners and traditions within Wicca.

Among his fascinating and often brilliant ideas about magic, one of the most original is the Magic Seal theory. He conceived it in his work entitled “The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love) – The Psychology of Ecstasy.”

The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love) The Psychology of Ecstasy
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This theory can be summarized as follows:

The conscious mind is not directly able to perform magical actions. Indeed, it constitutes an impediment to magic. Instead, it is the subconscious mind that operates portentous actions. It is, therefore, necessary to fix the magical intent in the latter, so the subconscious can “unconsciously” manipulate the etheric energies to cause the desired result.

This theoretical model would not only work for the Magic of Seals but can easily be used for any form of magical technique.

Sigil Symbols and Their Meanings

The word “sigil” comes from the Latin signum, a sign, and is also the root of sigillum, seal, in fact. It is part of our English words of common use “signatures,” “sign” and “signal” (signature, sign and signal NDT).


The sigil symbols meaning can be seen in 3 ways:

1. Something through which a concept is known or represented;
2. Something visible that indicates the existence or approach to something else;
3. The confirmation test in the authorization (or in the closing and insurance) of something.

The sigils are commonplace. Simply put, we use our name as a representation of ourselves, a signature as authorization, and we see the lights or traffic signals as a signal of the arrival of a train. A seal is, therefore, a visible symbol, representing something else.

In esoteric terms, the zodiac signs represent the abstract qualities given to each symbol. For example, the sign of Libra indicates the quality of balance, harmony, justice and so on saying.

zodiac sigils

Magic literature is stuffed with seals, signs, and symbols that are used for different purposes. These are often drawn on talismans, sticks, sticks, pentacles, or inscribed on clothes during a ritual.

They can also be drawn on the ground to indicate a magical protective circle. However, a seal has a very specific use for the practicing magician, and this is a tool for making changes following one’s will.

CircleWholeness, unity, protection
TriangleBalance, harmony, manifestation
SquareStability, foundation, grounding
PentagramSpirituality, protection, connection to the elements
Crescent MoonIntuition, feminine energy, cycles
SunVitality, energy, masculine energy
SpiralGrowth, evolution, transformation
EyeIntuition, insight, protection
Table 1: Common Symbols and their Meanings

Operational Definition

Esoteric artist Austin Osman Spare defined the seals as “a medium that guides and unites partially free beliefs.” By “partially free beliefs” he meant anything desired that was not yet an obsession. This reminds us of Aleister Crowley‘s incitement to work “without greed for results.”

This means that if the required change is greater than oneself, and one is not able to control it, then one will probably not be able to get it.

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley

Spells of fanatical love or revenge rarely work if the person is consumed by desire.

It is much easier to bring about change through existing channels in small steps than to try to change the universe as we see fit! It is easier to work to get a promotion if you already have a job; if you cast a spell of luck, let’s start gambling; and if you opt for a seal of love, that you leave home more frequently!

There are many ways to describe or explain how exactly a seal works or any kind of magic. These are almost irrelevant to the possibility of a ritual functioning. There is no need to believe in anything to perform a magical seal.

Below you will find some of the general steps that can be taken:

Higher powers

When you prepare a seal, they are called invisible beings that can interact with the visible universe and make the required changes. These beings have certain characteristics that must be known in order to work with them.


The universe is united by occult ties that can be traced through correspondences. Therefore, burning a red candle can cause anger in a person without there being visible union agents.


Our unconscious mind is linked to the rest of our species. By focusing on the desired purpose, we alert our rational mind to our need, and it reacts accordingly, usually through the actions of others.

Morphic fields

An invisible field is generated or forms our species and that of others. By sealing we bind to this field and cause resonant changes in our environment.

Retro-temporal maneuver

Time does not act linearly as we perceive it. All events happened and happened at the same time. By preparing a seal we place ourselves in the universe where the desired event is taking place, even if it means that the events of the apparent past must have happened to make future events happen.

Sigil Making 101 – How to make a sigil?

A sigil making process is composed of two phases: construction and loading. In the first part, the seal is planned, drawn and created as a physical object (although it can be created) as a seal displayed with the same process). In the second part, it is charged vigorously and made to live.

Now let’s dive into how to make a sigil process:

Construction phase

Begin by defining your desire in one sentence. If it is more complex, simplify it. As in business, if you cannot establish what you are targeting in a single sentence, you will have some hard work to do. Start this sentence with “my wish is …” or “my will is …”

For example: “My will is to meet someone who can advise me on my health problems.” Another useful rule is that “you have to recognize the result when you see it.” This means banning any vague statement such as “it is my will to be happy when my parents come to see me.” You must be able to recognize the desired result immediately.

In this case, you will have to redefine your purpose as “it is my will to stop drinking when my parents come to see me” which will be much easier to recognize – whether you are happy or not. We can build a seal from a number of symbolic systems.

sigil making picture 2

In the runic tradition, this is known as loading. The basic rule is that each seal element must be in harmony with the prefixed purpose and any other element. Do not overload this structure with the symbols of a thousand different traditions! The end result will have to look right in your eyes, whether artistically correct or not. Use elements:

  • Artistic
  • Alphabetic
  • Matches
  • Spoken language (mantra, in the runic system known as Galadyr)
  • Gesture (mudras)
  • Numerology

For example, you can take the first, twentieth and fortieth letter of the sentence and draw as MNT. Which, drawn in the form of a seal should look something like this:

You can then stylize this model by adding other components. You can also paint it on a health-related wood, with a golden and healthy color. The next step is to establish a mantra to be repeated to load the seal, which will be hidden later energetically.

This mantra can come from the primary phrase, but it must not in any way remind you of what you have wanted! The trick is to go beyond one’s conscious mind, which the will can cloud by creating fantastic images of success that then go on to limit the nature through which the seal can finally work. So, our spell on the board for our own health
may have a mantra created this way:

Choose the keywords: – health – advice – meet

By putting the words upside down one has: “erartnocnioilgisnocetulas”

This word can be formulated as a mantra: ERAT NIOLG NOCET ULAS.

To start the creation process, think of a difficult situation you are facing, a sincere desire or a goal you are struggling to achieve.

But keep in mind that just drawing the seal will do nothing. The seal is an aid to the commitment and strength you will put into your desire.

The forces we are going to move are complex so the more straightforward and more concise the desire, the more effective the seal will be.

We do not aim to create a seal that includes a big situation or desire but to a part of it. If your seal focuses on one thing, it will have a better chance of succeeding and, consequently, help you achieve your goal.

We have music, incense and our desire in mind. Now let’s reduce the desire to a simple sentence.

A little advice: try to write your intent to the present and not to the future (“I am happy” and not “I will be happy”).

sigil making picture 1
Here’s how I start with sigil making.

Now that we have chosen our sentence, how do we proceed? Let’s start by writing it on a sheet.

We delete all the vowels and the repeating letters. Rewrite the remaining letters by breaking the various lines. Now start putting together the pieces of your letters, one at a time, creating an abstract symbol made of lines and curves.

Take it easy, and feel free to try and try again. A sigil making process should be fun as well. Don’t worry too much about the length of the lines or their curvature, the seal will work the same!

How to activate a sigil?

The process of activating a sigil can be done in many ways, but the most popular ones are “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” method and a ritual.

There are a number of methods by which a seal – or any other form of enchantment – can be loaded (activated).

Is quite strange that this is often reduced to a variation of the word “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.” The common element in these methods, as in a ritual, is the repetitive nature, and the entirely consumerist ways in which their success takes precedence over the mind conscious. In a sense, they all tend to unity.

As we have seen in our models of magic, if Unity is the natural state of the Universe, the methods by which we realize this recognition, all these methods seem very close to the mechanics of the universe, so that we can cause change.


The use of sex to load a seal can be done by yourself or with your partner, depending on your resources or preferences. The point of orgasm is often used as a topical moment, but prolonged sexual activity without orgasm can lead to a trance-like state, which can also be used.


Chemicals that alter mental states, such as coffee, can be used, but as with all the techniques mentioned here, ask for advice before using any product whose effects you don’t know!


The use of percussion, white sounds, synthesized repetitive sounds can lead to the appropriate mental state in which to load the seal. Even clapping generates rhythm; on the market, some many tapes and CDs contain pleasant music. Make sure it is relatively distinct music rather than a simple background melody.


The following example ensures the easy recognition of the moment in which to load the seal, despite the previous methods require some tuning, experimentation, and experience to do it in the right way. The advantage of the ritual is to be set up in such a way as to structure these techniques in a form more easily accessible to the novice.

How to Use a Sigil?

Now you have your sigil, but how to use it where to put it? Let’s find out how do sigils work!

Sigils can be permanent, temporary and destructible. Each of these 3 has its own method of use and activation.

Permanents are made to last over time and are continuously active, as security seals. They need to be recharged from time to time, so think of an easily accessible place. We can put them behind a painting, under a table, at the house’s entrance.

Temporaries are created in such a way that they disappear with time, but nothing prevents them from being renewed. Seals like these are those for an increase in luck or creativity. They can be drawn on our skin, or engraved on a candle that will slowly melt.

One way to load permanent and temporary seals is to meditate with the seal. Reflect on why you created it, what prompted you to make this choice and the result you expect.

The destructible are seals that must be destroyed to be activated. The act of destruction is the burst of energy that the seal serves to function. Perfect for seals that work for a certain event. You can burn them on a candle, write with chalk and wash it, engrave it in the food. The way we activate the destructible seal must somehow be connected to the intent of the seal itself.

I had the chance to knit my own sigil long ago and still has it as a bookmark. I use it for meditation as well!

my homemade wiccan sigil
My knitted sigil.

Simple 15-Minutes Sigil Ritual

Materials used:

  • Paper
  • Pens
  • A large candle
  • A small candle for each participant

The time required: 10-15 minutes

Seal: trace the seal on the paper using one previously illustrated method. Don’t be overly worried if it’s not traced precisely – as long as you feel it is correct, it will be fine. If you need to redraw it more than three times, STOP THE RITUAL and try again later when your mind is clearer.

Mantra: formulate a mantra as described above. This will have to be suitable for acting and having a certain rhythm.

Exchange: if you work with others, exchange your seals. This favors the process by which one dissociates oneself from the initial goal. If you are doing it for someone else, you will have less attachment to the desired result.

Repetition: light the candles and place them in a circle around the larger one, or in front of it if you are working alone. Make sure you can see the seal and the mantra. Begin to scan the mantra as clearly and powerfully as possible. After a few moments, you begin to increase the repetition speed, breathing faster and faster.

Hand clapping: as you increase the speed of the mantra repetition, start clapping, first slowly, then in time with the mantra, then increase both until you have a continuous, meaningless sound.

Release: when you reach the point where it seems you can no longer increase the speed, clap your hands hard once and then turn off the candle or candles. Visualize the seal swallowed by the candle flame as it vanishes when you extinguish the flame.

Elimination: free the seal by burning or simply throwing it away, as if it were a mere focal point and not a consecrated object. Record the ritual on your magic diary and record the results when they occur. Review the ritual and results after a month to add any observations that were not considered at the time.

Final Thoughts

As I said before, remember that this is a simple method and one of many methods.

If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your seal, you can break the rules and give it a more aesthetic appearance. Is it content or free? Telling a story or is it symmetrical? Is it pointed and active or sweet and natural? Ask yourself these questions and associate them with the intent of the seal you want to create.

Sometimes a seal that feels right is more powerful than a calculated seal but is not in tune with you. After all, the power of the seal comes from your mind.

Create your sigils intelligently, remembering that your freedom ends when it invades that of others.

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