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Here’s a Money Drawing Oil Recipe [Step-By-Step]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Do you want to attract more money in your life? Maybe you are struggling a little bit and you desperately need a change in your finances? No problem! With this money drawing oil recipe, you are going to create an easy, powerful, effective oil able to attract wealth, money, and abundance all in one! Let’s see how to do it with this step-by-step guide.


Money drawing oil is a powerful blend of essential oils and herbs known for attracting wealth and prosperity.

The recipe for making money drawing oil typically includes ingredients like cinnamon, basil, and frankincense, which have historical associations with money and abundance.

To create your own money drawing oil, follow a simple recipe that involves mixing these ingredients with a carrier oil like almond oil and charging it with your intention for financial success.

Money drawing oil can be used in various ways, such as anointing candles, dressing money, or even applying it to your body as a personal fragrance to help manifest financial goals.

What is a money drawing oil?

Money drawing oil is basically a magic oil. In the ancient art of witchcraft and in magic, they are used for many purposes, such as the anointing of candles, composing specific mixtures, mixing with herbal compounds to prepare incense as a catalyst and flavoring, they replace a plant, if it should be missing, and they add to spell baths to purify people, places, and magical tools.

IngredientProperties and Benefits
Carrier oilActs as a base and enhances the blend
Patchouli oilAttracts wealth and abundance
Cinnamon oilIncreases financial success and prosperity
Ginger oilBrings about opportunities and good fortune
Bergamot oilPromotes financial growth and prosperity
Citrine crystalsAttracts wealth, success, and positive energy
Green aventurine crystalsBrings luck and abundance
Table 1: Properties and Benefits of Popular Ingredients

This oil is there to become a powerful tool to attract money and abundance. With the power of its herbs, of your intentions, and of the usage you are going to make of it, you will see amazing results in a few weeks.

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A money drawing oil recipe

This magical oil is created to attract more money. You will need a few ingredients to create it. It’s a beginner-friendly practice suitable for witches of all levels.


  • Extra virgin olive oil (or some other vegetal oil of your choice). I love extra virgin olive oil for these kinds of recipes!
  • Herbs for money. There are plenty of herbs you can use to attract money. They are all-powerful and absolutely effective. Their properties have been used to attract money for a very long time, since the very beginning of the pagan arts. You can choose your favorite mix of herbs here. You can choose from two up to four herbs to create the perfect herbal mixture.
  • A coin.

The process:

  1. Macerate the ingredients
  2. To be able to create money drawing oil, just macerate some fresh or dried aromatic herbs in vegetable oil or in extra virgin olive oil together with the coin for a few weeks (max. two). You could also use other types of oils such as sunflower, almond, coconut oil, etc., keeping in mind that they will alter the essence of the oils even if only for a while.
  3. Use heat
  4. Other oils can be made by heating the base oil in a cauldron or in a pan with the other ingredients (over low heat) for a few minutes, making sure that the mixture does not reach the point where the oil smokes. In addition, all oils, alone or mixed, can be used to grease candles to be used in various rituals for specific purposes.
  5. I don’t use a cauldron as extra virgin olive oil tends to change its texture and it starts to fry. I think this process doesn’t allow us to enjoy the oil’s natural properties. It’s like the heat is kind of destroying them. That’s the reason why I don’t use heat and a cauldron to create oils.
  6. But this is totally up to you. If you want to, you can give it a try!
  7. Filter the oil
  8. After maceration, filter the oil through a fine-mesh sieve and repeat the operation while adding new herbs and fresh leaves to obtain a more intense aroma rich in natural active ingredients. Essential in mixing the ingredients, we should work in the crescent moon phase and concentrate, commit, and focus on what we want.
  9. Visualize the desired outcome and mix the oil with the intention
  10. Visualize the fulfillment of the desire you are preparing the oil while mixing it. This part is so important. You need to see yourself enjoying the money, being blessed by wealth, and receiving the amount of money you would like. Dream big! Don’t be shy. Let the universe know what your dream is in order to make it happen!
  11. Store the oil
  12. Put the mixture in an airtight bottle (new and specially bought) and store it away from the sun, to prevent the essences from dispersing. Your money drawing oil recipe is done!

How can I use it?

  • Dress a green candle for a money spell you want to cast. If you are about to cast a money spell and you want to enhance the power of the ingredients and the magic of candles, you can use this money drawing oil to dress a green candle (or any other candle required by the spell you want to cast) for some extra magic!
  • Use it to charge a money talisman. This is a very good one. Suppose you have an item you use as a lucky charm and would like it to become like a money magnet. You can use a few drops of this oil to charge it. Just put three drops of this money drawing oil on the item and let it soak overnight under a new moon. This is a wonderful way to charge money talisman so it can attract what you want.
  • Use it on yourself! You can apply this oil after a spell bath or simply after a shower and right before an important meeting, or a special occasion where you would have the chance to attract money. This oil gives you a nice massage and become a money magnet yourself!

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