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Evil Eye

Ideal Placements for Evil Eye Amulet in Your Home

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you are into amulets, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore an evil eye amulet’s incredible power and energy.

We mostly know this amulet in a necklace or bracelet form, but did you know that the evil eye amulet in the home can be an even more useful tool for protection?


To maximize the protection and positive energy of an evil eye amulet in your home, consider hanging it outside your front door, in the living room, nursery, or wherever you feel the need for defense against negativity.

Regularly dust the amulet with a dry textile to maintain its effectiveness and energetic power, creating a shield of protection for yourself and your loved ones from negative influences.

What is an evil eye amulet?

The evil eye amulet is usually round in shape and blue in color with white and yellow circles, although there are colored versions.

The blue color is not accidental: in those areas, there are not many people with blue eyes, and they are believed to bring bad luck. This was because most of the blue-eyed people who came into contact with the Turks were European and often did not abide by the local custom of not looking too openly at people and not paying compliments.

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The evil eye is instead depicted in the center of the hand of Fatima and, in addition to protecting against the evil eye, it is useful for warding off diseases and for invoking God’s protection.

Moreover, especially in Morocco, it is hung in the house to remove negative energies from the house.

Where to hang an evil eye amulet in the home?

The evil eye amulet is a powerful amulet for protection. There are so many places where you can place it to attract even more protection and luck while keeping negative energies away.

For example, the best place to hang the evil eye amulet to ward off negative energies is outside your front door.

You can also hang it on a wall in your living room or in the room where you spend most of your time, especially when people come by. That’s the best way to let any negativity brought from someone who is not genuinely connected with you disappear.

If you have babies, you can hang the evil eye amulet in the nursery or in the kids’ room.

Originally, the evil eye symbol is also placed on children’s diapers. You can even decide to hang the evil eye amulet in every place where you feel the need and the urge to defend yourself from negativity, adversity, and heaviness in the energy.

RoomIdeal Placement for Evil Eye Amulet
Living RoomHang the amulet near the entrance or on a wall facing the main seating area.
KitchenPlace the amulet near the stove or on the refrigerator, where it is visible and protects the heart of the home.
BedroomKeep the amulet on the headboard or near the bed to ward off negative energies during sleep.
Home OfficePlace the amulet on the desk or near the computer to protect your work environment.
Front DoorHang the amulet on the front door or near the entrance to protect the entire household.
Table: Rooms and Ideal Placements

If you feel like there is a specific room in your home where the energy is a bit off, you can cleanse the space with a cleansing ritual or with smudging and then hang an evil eye amulet that would help gather any further negative energy and keep it away.

When your evil eye amulet in the home breaks, it means that it has gathered all the negative energy around you right there to its core and it neutralized it.

Basically, it breaks because it accomplished its mission of protecting yourself.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Placements for Evil Eye Amulet

LocationIndoor PlacementOutdoor Placement
Ideal PlacementNear entrances, windows, or mirrors to ward off negative energies.Above the main entrance, on the front door, or on a tree in the garden for protection.
ConsiderationAvoid placing it on the floor or in low spaces where it can be damaged or stepped on.Ensure it is protected from weather elements and direct sunlight to maintain its efficacy.

Common Evil Eye Amulet Placements in Specific Cultures

CultureCommon Placement of Evil Eye Amulet
TurkishHang the amulet on the front door or above the entrance.
GreekPlace the amulet near the entrance or on the front door.
Middle EasternHang the amulet on the walls of the living room.
MediterraneanKeep the amulet on the windowsill or near the entrance.
IndianPlace the amulet above the main entrance or on the door.
JewishHang the amulet inside the home, near the entrance.

How to take care of an evil eye amulet in the home?

To take care of an evil eye amulet in the home, the most important thing is to dust it with a dry piece of textile. Avoid using a wet cloth for cleaning as it might compromise its quality and its energetic power.

The symbolic meaning behind the evil eye amulet

The Eye of Allah has no religious significance, but in practically all civilizations and cultures, the eye is considered a talisman capable of warding off evil. Not only that, but the eye is also the window that opens onto the world, the starting point for both positive and negative thoughts.

And it is precisely the bad looks that have negative effects on those who suffer them: it is the so-called evil eye, that is, the bad luck cast through a glance. To counter it, one can resort to a talisman: the best known for its effectiveness is the Eye of Allah, able to absorb and neutralize these negative looks.

Nowadays, in Turkey and Greece, this amulet of pre-Islamic origin is one of the best-selling souvenirs to tourists and is found in the form of stickers, pendants, key rings, magnets, and objects to hang at home.

Receiving one as a gift is considered auspicious, especially for those who have just bought a new home or those who have opened a business. Even students use the Eye of Allah, especially in the form of a pen, on the eve of important exams to ward off the evil eye and all possible negative influences that can harm the result.


Hanging an evil eye amulet in the home can be so much helpful, especially if you feel like there has been too much negativity and negative energy in your life.

It’s a practical and easy way to attract positive energy and create a shield of protection from any dark vibes around you, your place, and your loved ones.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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