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Deity Associated with Capricorn (Connecting With It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Capricorn is an Earth sign, and the sun is in this sign from December 22nd to January 19th. But who is the deity associated with Capricorn? Let’s find it out together!

Which deity is associated with Capricorn?

Persephone, Goddess of Fertility and Queen of The Underworld

The myth tells that, while Persephone was picking flowers a short distance from her mother in the company of some friends, she went away attracted by a particular flower, a black narcissus: when the girl picked the flower, the earth opened to allow the god of the underworld Hades, who had fallen in love with her, to kidnap her with his chariot to take her with him to his underworld realm and make her his queen.

Archaeological Museum in Herakleion. Statue of Isis-Persephone holding a sistrum. Temple of the Egyptian gods, Gortyn. Roman period ( 180-190 A.C.)

Demeter rushed to her daughter’s heartbreaking screams but it was too late: Kore was gone and her mother didn’t know what had happened to her. She then began to wander the world in search of her daughter after asking all the gods what had happened: but no one, not even Zeus who was Kore’s father and knew, dared to answer her, so as not to challenge the powerful god of the underworld.

It was only the goddess Hecate who helped Demeter, accompanying her to speak to the all-seeing sun and finally told her what had happened to her daughter.

Demeter’s anger was such that she decided that if Kore were not returned to her, she would make the earth barren forever. The world then became cold and arid, nothing gave more fruit and men were dying of hunger. Zeus had to give in and ask Hades to return Kore to his mother.

This is a painting of Hades abduction of Persephone who became his wife, and was only permitted to leave the Underworld once a year. The painting is on wood with a gold gilt background, 43 cm x 52 cm. Circa 18th century. Provided by Missing Link Antiques. Painter unknown. (Life time: 18th century)

Meanwhile, Kore during her stay in the underworld is transformed: after the first moment of terror, loss, nostalgia for her mother, and tears, Kore gradually adapted to the situation until she became the consort of Hades, the queen of the underworld, the only one to have the power to choose what will be the fate of the souls of the dead.

It is in this moment that she takes the name of Persephone. There are several hypotheses on the meaning of this name, which is certainly prior to Greek culture and could mean “she who brings abundance”, “she who brings light” or “she that is capable of grasping what is transformed”.

When Zeus asked his brother Hades to return Persephone, he had to send the god Hermes, the only one of Olympus capable of moving between heaven and hell, to take her back; Demeter asked Hermes to tell Persephone that for no reason, before returning to her, should she taste the food of the afterlife.

Deity NameOrigin/Mythology
SaturnRoman mythology
PanGreek mythology
DamaraWiccan/Pagan tradition
AmaltheaGreek mythology
Table 1: Other Deities Associated with Capricorn

When Hermes went down to the world below to bring Persephone back to her mother, he clearly reported the message of Demeter, which Persephone deliberately ignored, eating three grains of a pomegranate just offered to her by Hades: this gesture made her definitively part of the afterlife, forcing her to spend a quarter of the year there, but she could return to the surface for the rest of the year.

Only when Demeter embraced her daughter again, she allowed the earth to flourish again and bear fruit, feeding all of humanity again. Since then, in the period passed by Persephone in the afterlife, the earth would no longer bear fruit due to Demeter’s desperation, and in the rest of the time, it would flourish again.


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Main qualities Persephone has in common with the sign of Capricorn

Saturn, your planet, is the star that governs reflection, prudence, and analysis, and encourages us to be wise and sober. Often more mature than your age, you have a surprising sense of logic and reason and intuition guides your actions.

When you set yourself a goal to reach, there is no obstacle that can hold you back! You go straight on your way with determination and tenacity. Despite this, you do not like change and in love, you tend to be faithful despite the fact that sometimes you need moments just for you.

Capricorn, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Capricorn are extremely fond of family and friends. Their perfect self-control can help them become capable leaders or executives as long as they work in an environment that can satisfy them in order and discipline. The planet Saturn has a strong influence on Capricorn. Symbol of restriction can help concretize the initially abstract ideas and bring the necessary maturity to live a fulfilling and satisfying adult life. Under the influence of Saturn, Capricorns are more rational, they are able to save and work hard to achieve their goals.

Finally, they are aces in solving the most intricate situations. Despite a tendency to be introverted, Capricorn possesses numerous qualities that make them exceptional and highly regarded people. Your first quality is undoubtedly your unwavering determination. It’s simple for you: no matter what may happen and how long it may take, you have to finish your projects, be they personal or professional. This may take years of work, but you don’t care, because you are patient and determined and take the time to accomplish your goal.

Likewise, you are very ambitious when you set goals; you aim high, which would discourage many but not you. Your discipline and wisdom are also greatly appreciated, you respect the rules and don’t understand how others can fail to do the same.

You are extremely loyal: When you commit to someone, you really do it. You would never break your word. You are always ready to help those in need: for a move, for loans, to cheer up, or help a friend.

Your foresight is also a great quality of yours. You hate the unexpected and are extremely methodical, organized, and precise. Your sign’s strength and passion are similar to Persephone’s dark and light sides.

You can be both balanced and calm or angry and sad. Your double energy is the main quality you share with this deity.

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How to connect with Persephone?

You can connect with Persephone by spending time outside harvesting but also honoring the departed. You can do both light or dark practices, you can focus on the feelings of happiness and sadness as, sometimes, you just need to embrace the dark side as well to find your light!

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