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Deity Associated with Pisces (Connecting With It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Pisces is a water sign and is therefore characterized by strong empathy. The sun is in this sign from February 20 to March 20. Do you want to know what deity is associated with Pisces?

Let’s find out!

Which deity is associated with Pisces?

Ishtar, a goddess of war, fertility, and universal love

In Sumerian and later Babylonian mythology, Ishtar, also known as Istar (she was called Inanna by the Sumerians instead) was the goddess of love and war.

She, therefore, had two aspects: one beneficial, as the personified version of eroticism, love and motherhood, and one fearful, as the goddess of storms, catastrophes, and battles. One of the eight gates of the city of Babylon was dedicated to Ishtar, as well as some centers of worship in Nineveh, Assur, and Uruk.

Goddess Ishtar (Inanna) on an Akkadian Empire seal, 2350–2150 BC. She is equipped with weapons on her back, has a horned helmet, and is trampling a lion held on a leash.

According to some myths, Ishtar was the daughter of the moon god Sin, in others she was the daughter of the sky god Anu. She was the sister of Samas, god of the Sun.

Instead, all myths agree on the correlation between Ishtar and the planet Venus; we see that in fact, the symbol of Ishtar was the eight-pointed star, a stylized representation of the planet, also taken from Christianity.

The goddess Ishtar is present in the Epic of Gilgamesh, in which she is presented as a beautiful and sensual lover, but also as a terrible avenger. In fact, when the goddess falls in love with the hero Gilgamesh, the latter will reject her, due to the sad ends that the goddess had made her previous companions do.

According to another legend, when Ishtar went to Hades disappearing from the Earth, men and animals stopped mating: without the goddess all forms of love and eroticism had disappeared.

Ishtar’s appellatives and epithets concerned fertility, therefore “Giver of Seeds”, and beauty, therefore “Argentea”.

NeptuneNeptune, also known as Poseidon in Greek mythology, is the primary deity associated with Pisces. Known as the god of the sea, Neptune represents the vast depths of emotions, intuition, dreams, and the subconscious mind.
DionysusDionysus, the Greek god of wine, ecstasy, and divine madness, is also sometimes associated with Pisces. He symbolizes the transformative power of creativity, inspiration, and spiritual awakening.
OlokunIn the Yoruba religion, Olokun is an orisha associated with the depths of the ocean and the mysteries of life. Olokun embodies the watery energy, healing, and transformation that resonate with Pisces.
RanIn Norse mythology, Ran is a sea goddess associated with the deep, dark depths of the ocean. She represents the mysterious, powerful, and sometimes treacherous aspects of the sea, reflecting the dual nature of Pisces.
Table 1: Other Deity Associated with Pisces

Later she also became a protector of prostitutes, who went to her temples as priestesses. The animal sacred to Ishtar was the lion, and in fact, the goddess was also called “the Lioness”. The goddess was also often depicted wearing a long robe, adorned with wheat, but sometimes even naked, or together with her companion Tammuz, a shepherd, later deified, with whom she had fallen in love.

During the XVIII dynasty of Egypt, his cult was imported to Egypt by the pharaoh Amenhotep III. As the goddess of motherhood and fertility, in Egypt, she was often portrayed in the act of breastfeeding. In the Phoenician cult, however, it was venerated with the name of Astarte.

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Main qualities Ishtar has in common with the sign of Pisces

The soul of Pisces is very complex, as is Ishtar. Pisces is so receptive that it leads them to experience firsthand all the emotions of the people they meet on their way. This is why among the characteristics of Pisces is the willingness to devote themselves to others: perceiving the suffering of others pushes them to want to help and assist them. Whether it be through forms of volunteer work, or by recovering abandoned puppies, or by assisting relatives and friends in difficulty, Pisces always finds a way to “give themselves”.

Pisces, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

If not in more evident ways, perhaps in the most classic way, that is by developing the Red Cross nurse complex, with forms of love in the “I’ll save you” style: often, Pisces women especially are attracted to tormented, complex people who they dedicate their body and soul to, giving up a large part of themselves. But not only that: often, as we will see later, it is Pisces themselves who are tormented and complex and who live a reality full of contradictions.


This also happens because, in some way, Pisces struggles to focus on their identity, their desires, the boundaries of their being and often paradoxically finds it easier to sacrifice parts of themselves, to allow others to develop their identity.

This difficulty in establishing their personal boundaries sometimes leads Pisces to place great hopes in meeting someone or something who will arrive and will be able to “define” them as people: the charming prince or princess who will arrive and change their life or the magical event that will finally make sense of their existence. This reflection brings us to the other key word that speaks to us of the characteristics of Pisces: idealization. Pisces idealize life, love, friendship, and, often, when they engage in jobs that involve helping relationships, even their profession.

Symbolic SignificanceDescription
WaterPisces is a water sign, and water is a primary symbol associated with the deity connected to this zodiac sign. Water represents emotions, intuition, adaptability, and the flowing nature of life.
Intuition and EmpathyThe deity associated with Pisces embodies the qualities of intuition, psychic abilities, and empathic connection with others. These aspects are often highlighted as significant symbolic traits of the deity.
Dreams and ImaginationThe connection with the deity linked to Pisces emphasizes the realm of dreams, imagination, and the subconscious mind. It represents the power of dreams as a source of insight, creativity, and spiritual experiences.
Divine MysteriesThe deity associated with Pisces embodies the enigmatic, mysterious, and hidden aspects of life and the spiritual realm. It represents the exploration and understanding of divine mysteries and the unknown.
Table 2: Pisces Symbolic Significance

But be careful, because the other side of the coin of idealization is a disappointment.

Those who are perpetually searching for the ideal are destined to be disappointed because life grants flashes of infinity only from time to time. Pisces must remember that people are people not ideas, not dreams.

Often the disappointment that Pisces experiences is not really due to the other person, nor the actual situation, but to the fact that the Pisces subject has invested so much of their dreams on the other person or in the desired situation that inevitably reality falls short of those dreams.

But this is not always the case: the luckiest and most evolved Pisces manage to find a balance between dream and reality and build their serenity by managing to bring that piece of absolute they aspire to into everyday reality.

Ishtar struggles to find her way between the strong and determined energy within but also the loving caring energy she has inside and that lets us see her as a loving caring mother. But also, her complex soul can be seen in the dual plan made up of the true side of reality and the visualized one Pisces often get stuck with.

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How to connect with Ishtar?

Focus on your inner realm, do what makes you feel connected with your emotions and your feelings. Be vocal about them but also unveil them through introspective practices like journaling and divination. You can cast a fertility spell or love spell dedicating your craft to her name to create a special connection and let her energy guide you towards a balanced life.

If you are a woman, this is your chance to ignite your feminine energy, especially if you feel a bit stuck between the complexity of your emotions.

Tina Caro

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