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Deity Associated with Cancer (Connecting With It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Cancer is a water sign and the sun is in this sign from June 22nd to July 22nd. Do you want to know which deity is associated with Cancer? Keep reading this article to find out!

Which deity is associated with Cancer?

Artemis, Goddess Of The Moon and Wild Nature

The myth of Artemis is one of the oldest in Greek mythology. We are talking about one of the divinities most often venerated in the ancient world and who represents a female model that is anything but docile and, indeed, rather active.

artemis with a deer
Artemis with a hind, better known as “Diana of Versailles”. Marble, Roman artwork, Imperial Era (1st-2nd centuries CE). Found in Italy

This deity, in fact, was revered above all by women. Indeed, the men who wanted to participate in celebrations in her honor were punished. The myth of Artemis presents two facets of the goddess: that of a woman who does not tolerate any contact with men and who even avoids them and that of the goddess of the hunt, who wears a long dress to cross the woods and who is always surrounded by animals.

Curiously, she is simultaneously a friend of animals and a promoter of hunting. Artemis is the archer goddess who lives with the nymphs in the woods, a symbol of freedom, sisterhood, and the ability to achieve one’s goals.

The goddess is by nature associated with many wild animals, who are symbols of her qualities: The deer and the hare for their elusive nature, the lioness for her royalty, the bear for her being the protector of girls, and the boar (such as the Calydonian boar of the myth of Atalanta) as a symbol of the harmful and vengeful destructiveness that risks possessing the goddess.

On the other hand, the bow symbolizes a woman capable of achieving a goal without delay. She is often represented with her head surrounded by the moon and stars.

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The archetype of the goddess is that of the virgin (understood as “not violated or influenced”), of the woman psychologically “one in herself”. She is the personification of the independent female spirit.

She is the embodiment of the inviolable sacredness of the feminine principle and its changing energies, and as such she expresses apparent contradictions: she is a virgin goddess who inspires sexual promiscuity, she is a hunter, but also a protector of animals, she assists women during childbirth, but dispenses death with her arrows to those who go against her.

Unlike Persephone, the Vulnerable Goddess, she falls into the category of the Virgin Goddesses. That is, she was never kidnapped or abused and therefore represents integrity, completeness, the value of which does not depend on “who” she is with, but on what she is, in herself.

Archaeological Museum in Herakleion. Statue of Isis-Persephone holding a sistrum. Temple of the Egyptian gods, Gortyn. Roman period ( 180-190 A.C.)

The nymphs she is surrounded by are in fact a symbol of the sisterhood she feels towards other women, whom she protects and whose rights she defends. The love for wild nature, uncontaminated places, and animals make her the perfect archetype in which women can recognize themselves as a woman engaged in the fight for environmental protection.

She is certainly not the type of woman who fulfills herself in motherhood because she finds her satisfaction in being fully herself. One of her greatest aspirations and needs is freedom and is realized in fighting for the values she believes in and in contact with nature.

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Main qualities Artemis has in common with the sign of Cancer

Less fragile and vulnerable than she may appear at first glance, she tends to protect her sensitivity; the crab surrounds itself with a leathery armor that allows it to resist any assault and to be at peace with its environment. However, the crab soon grows larger than its armor, which must be broken to allow it to grow further; only if it is cunning and lucky will it be able to make one larger and more suited to its expanded state.


The zodiac sign of Cancer seeks awareness within the fabric of the world, which for him is made up of feelings: those who are born Cancers are here to penetrate the dimensions of inner life inaccessible to others, to perceive every nuance of life. Cancer’s mission consists of breaking the armor, seeing, and, against all common sense, loving, trusting, and accepting all that existence offers. No other sign hears with equal intensity.

Cancer, the Crab, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

His goal is to maximize the intensity of his interactions with the world and simultaneously protect his emotional sensitivity, creating minimal defenses consistent with his survival. Shyness can be one of these defenses.

His great gift is the ability to work delicately with both his own and others’ feelings, and by his nature, instead of pursuing a goal openly and aggressively, he prefers to act on the atmosphere and feelings of others, to guide them towards his own goals.

Subtlety is one of his main qualities, but it is also a double-edged sword especially if it is used in the expression of emotional blackmail, to induce others to do things in their own way.

A sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer tends to daydream. He is often reserved, he wears a mask that makes him seem anonymous and distracted, disinterested when he is very present; however, the danger is that his defenses may become so efficient that he prioritizes his own security even in the face of growth. Evolving for this sign means breaking the shell, coming out into the open, but with calculation and not with unconsciousness.

The external world can appear pale when compared to what Cancer lives inside, made up of imagination, subjectivity, and feelings. Kindness and concern are more powerful forces than his self-protective instincts, but his real asset is being a Mother.

From this energy, we receive understanding and compassion and he gains security and invisibility. But be careful that the role of mother does not become yet another way of hiding, taking more care of the needs of others than of one’s own, because the price to pay would be loneliness.

The deep connection with your intimate emotional reality resonates the most with the Goddess of the Moon and, even your need to spend time in nature and embrace the wild side is something definitely in tune with Artemis.

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How to connect with Artemis?

You can connect with Artemis by focusing on your emotional plan by journaling, meditating, and also performing a full moon or a new moon ritual honoring both the moon and the Goddess. Don’t be shy and use your inner world as a way to feel the world from a whole new level.

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