Deity Associated with Taurus (Connecting With It)

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you are a Taurus, you might already know that your ruling planet is Venus, your element is earth, and your quality is fixed.

The sun is found in Taurus approximately between April 21st and May 21st. But do you know which deity is associated with Taurus? Let’s find it out!

Which deity is associated with Taurus?

Aphrodite, Goddess Of Beauty and Love

Aphrodite is always depicted in art as the embodiment of true beauty. She has a soft and sinuous body, with long gold-colored curls that rest on her shoulders and go down to her waist. Venus is her Roman name, goddess of love, beauty, birth, and spring.

Herbert James Draper, The Pearls of Aphrodite, 1907

One of the most important and revered goddesses in the Greek pantheon, many temples, cults, and religious celebrations were dedicated to her. The Romans dedicated to her the morning star called “Lux Fero”, that is “bringer of light”, which Catholicism later demonized in Lucifer. In more ancient times, she was revered by the Phoenicians and the Sumerians respectively with the names of Ishtar and Inanna.

According to Homer, she was the daughter of Zeus and the nymph Dione. According to the poet Hesiod, however, she was born before the reign of Zeus, from the foam of the sea, fruit of the seed of the genitals of Uranus thrown into the sea by Kronos.

The goddess also had the name of “Urania”, that is the pre-cosmic daughter of Uranus and of Pandemos, as a civic deity inserted in the cosmos.

Her symbols are represented in the dove, the swan, and the sparrow. Among the plants, however, she is represented by the rose, the myrtle, and the palm tree. Several myths can tell us the meaning of the name Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love and beauty, represented on a shell. But only a few of these will really tell us more about who she was, her history and origins, why she was born in the sea.

She was the goddess of beauty, love, and fertility in Greek religion. The divine power of the goddess is revealed in the sacred embrace as the force that unites the masculine element with the feminine element. The origin of the cult of the goddess, according to Herodotus, dates back to the East, in Israel, and subsequently was imported by the inhabitants of Cyprus. But her veneration could also go back to the Phoenicians who directly transferred her cult to Greece.

Her figure was Hellenized already at the time of Homer’s Odyssey as the wife of the god Hephaestus, also loved by Ares or Mars, the god of war for the Romans. In the Iliad, she appears, however, as the daughter of Zeus and Dione, who defends the Trojans, mother of the hero Aeneas, born of Anchises.

The passage in which Zeus reproaches her for being excessively interested in the Trojan War goes back to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the hero who insults the Queen of Heaven Ishtar, the alter ego of Venus. This passage may be evidence of the literary contacts between ancient Greece and the Near East and similarly to the origins of the goddess’s cult. Hesiod in his Theogony derives the name from aphros or foam, narrating her birth from the sea foam.

Kronos, son of Gaia and Uranus, Earth and Sky, frees his brothers from the oppression of the father, cutting off his genitals and then throwing them into the sea. These fertilize the foam of the sea from which Venus is born.

Since ancient times, she has been a model of inspiration. In art, the most significant work is “The Birth of Venus”, a painting by the artist Sandro Botticelli. In the portrait, the goddess advances in all her beauty and grace, naked and distant, floating on a shell that makes her land on the island of Cyprus. She is pushed and warmed by the breath of Zephyr and welcomed by a girl who, to protect her, offers her a magnificent pink cloak embroidered with flowers.

According to one legend, this rock is the site of the birth of the goddess Aphrodite, perhaps owing to the foaming waters around the rock fragments, and for this reason it is known as Aphrodite’s Rock.

In the beginning, she symbolized universal love for all creation and represented the power of love in her various expressions to preserve life. Her meaning, from this point of view, has been diversified.

In Plato’s Symposium, she is identified as the oldest goddess Urania, daughter of Uranus, celestial deity, and representation of pure and ideal love. And like Pandemic, linked to the more sensual and lower aspects of love, she is considered the daughter of Zeus and Dione. She is also represented as Areia, linked to the cult of Ares, god of war.

She is also venerated as Anzeia and Pontia, goddesses of fertility in relation to the fruits of the Earth and as the protector of sailors. In ancient times, the goddess cult probably consisted of dancing, a form very similar to the current belly dance.

Certainly, any type of sacrifice was excluded; her altar, being a symbol of love, was not to be profaned by death. Furthermore, the rose, one of the symbols of the goddess, has been linked to the Virgin Mary and Mother cult.

Main qualities Aphrodite has in common with the sign of Taurus

Taurus is usually known for his stubbornness, this also translates into a strenuous will to finish what he started. Once a decision has been made at work, at home, or in love, nothing can make him change his mind. At work, he has a great awareness of himself and his abilities, he does not hesitate to work late. He proves to be an excellent friend and, despite the difficulties that life places in front of him, he is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Taurus, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Taurus is linked to the planet Venus which rules love, affection, beauty, and creativity. Thanks to this influence, he is often inclined to art or cooking. He is loyal and does not like unexpected events sowing disorder in his routine.


The sign of Taurus is linked to the neck and throat, so we must be careful to know how to preserve these parts of the body. For example, controlling the voice’s volume will safeguard the vocal cords’ health. Taurus is one of the most unfaithful signs! Why? Because he can’t resist beauty and he always tries to find the finest, prettiest things in life.

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How to connect with Aphrodite?

If you want to connect with Aphrodite, you can do it on a Friday, the best day to create a special bond with her energy linked to Taurus. If you feel like you need some special support, especially when it comes to love and your quest for beauty, connecting with Aphrodite can be life-changing!

Casting a beauty or a love spell in her name can be amazing.

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