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Statement of Intent: What is it & How to Create One

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

A statement of intent is the verbalized purpose of an action or spell.

A good spell begins with a statement of intent and the statement is often woven into incantations or used to create sigils using Spare’s Technique. In all cases, the intent of the spell, clearly stated, is the foundation of the work.


Crafting a powerful statement of intent involves clarity, specificity, and emotional resonance to effectively guide your magical work.

Intent plays a pivotal role in witchcraft, acting as the driving force behind spellwork and rituals, influencing outcomes through focused energy.

To create a potent statement of intent, consider incorporating sensory details, strong emotions, and present tense language, enabling a deeper connection with your desires.

Doubts about the effectiveness of your intentions can be addressed by reinforcing your belief, adjusting your wording, and practicing patience, as manifestation times may vary.

While setting intentions for oneself is generally ethical, setting intentions for others without their consent may cross boundaries, so approach this practice with caution and respect for free will.

What is a good statement of intent?

A good statement of intent looks somewhat like an affirmation. It is a positive statement clarifying the intention of the spell (or other activity) based on the Will of the person performing the spell. It should be as clear and concise as possible.

For example. If someone wishes to do work to increase the money they have coming in, their intention may simply be “My wealth increases” or it may be more specific “I am a registered nurse earning at least $75,000 per year in a pleasant environment less than 15 miles from my home.” or something in between “I have many clients who place high value on my work.”

None of these statements include the words “I wish”, “I want” or “I hope”.

Stating the intention: “I wish for $1000” is certain to successfully result in the continued, indefinite wishing for $1000. It is acceptable to include the prefix: “It is my Will” as in “It is my Will that I receive $1000 this month.” or “I Will receive $1000 this month.” assuming you know the two statements to mean the same thing.

Understanding the role of intent in magick

The morality of any magical work lies in the intent of the practitioner. Every action carries a reaction, a concept often forgotten. While it may be practical, it is perhaps more accurate to say that it is morally advisable for a witch regularly working with magic to seek permission and express gratitude.

This does not imply that those who do not follow these practices are immoral, bad, or wrong; they simply may not identify as witches.

Only you can determine if your intent is right or wrong.

It is beneficial to document your intended magical work on paper. By cultivating this habit, you may identify any errors and find the correct path moving forward.

Lastly, I advise against engaging in magic for the sake of it. Magic involves the manipulation of potent and subtle energies that can harm you more than they benefit you. It is crucial to pause and reflect before embarking on an inappropriate path, as we cannot always undo our actions and must bear the consequences.

Even contemporary science has come to acknowledge the theoretical and practical ability of individuals to manipulate energies and bend them to their will.

Merely observing something unconsciously and actively influences what we see, and this influence becomes even more potent when directed consciously. Humans possess the capacity to modify subatomic energy itself, the fundamental component of the entire universe, through intent.

These considerations lead us to conclude that the power of conviction, trust, and the desire to experiment freely without doubt or excessive expectations are vital in applying magic. The more we utilize magical words, the more they become charged with energy.

Often, we navigate our daily lives at the mercy of circumstances. We allow external events to dictate our direction, seldom harnessing our mental energy to achieve specific goals. While it is true that we cannot control uncontrollable forces or adapt to unexpected occurrences, there are many aspects of our lives we can command through the power of intent.

So, what is intent? It is the power of a focused mind. When we concentrate our mental energy on something, we unlock the full potential of our brain power.

This is not magic; rather, it is the innate ability of our minds to operate at peak efficiency. Intent serves as the starting point for all dreams, the creative force that fulfills our needs, whether they be financial, romantic, relational, or spiritual.

Every occurrence in the universe begins with intent. When we decide to purchase a birthday gift, wiggle our toes, or reach out

Additional tips

There are different schools of thought as to how specific or general a statement of intent should be. Some believe that more specificity is desirable because it limits the likelihood of unanticipated negative results.

On the other hand, giving the Universe a little wiggle room allows it to take the path of least resistance to accomplish your goal.

Since the path of least resistance to $1000 could result from an insurance payment or an inheritance, it pays to put some thought into your statement of intent and construct it somewhere between very specific and very general.

Some recommend appending “with harm to none” to the end of your statement as a sort of blanket insurance policy.

The process of setting intent

Harnessing the power of intent requires a deliberate and consistent utilization of the mind. There are three essential steps to effectively tap into this power:

  1. Determine your goals: Before you can utilize the power of intent, it is crucial to clearly define what you want to achieve. Without a clear objective in mind, it becomes difficult to harness this power effectively.
  2. Clarify your purpose: Understand the underlying reason behind your desires. For instance, if you aspire to travel the world, ask yourself why. What will traveling accomplish for you? How will it make you feel? Identifying the purpose behind your goals strengthens your intent.
  3. Visualization: Once you know what you want and why you want it, visualization becomes a valuable tool for planning your future. It allows you to see where you are heading and enables you to chart a course to reach your destination.

Common questions

How can I ensure my intentions are clear and specific?

You can ensure clarity and specificity by taking time to reason, meditate, and reflect on what you truly want in your life.

Can intent override someone’s free will?

Intent has the potential to influence someone’s free will, guiding them toward a particular reality.

What can I do if I doubt the effectiveness of my intentions?

If doubts arise, reflect on your underlying motivations and ultimate goals. Building self-confidence is also key.

Are there ethical boundaries in setting intentions for others?

Intentions should always be rooted in the greater good to maintain ethical correctness.

How long does it take for intentions to manifest?

The manifestation time frame varies based on the strength of your intention and your level of commitment to the energy and practices you employ to bring it to fruition.

Can intent be used to harm others?

While it is possible, using intent to cause harm is a dangerous practice as negative energy attracts negative energy, and the boomerang effect in magic is very real.


In spellcasting and manifesting a new reality, a clear and focused intent is paramount. Establishing a well-defined intention forms the foundation of all magical practices. Take the time to discover your true desires and focus on them with an open and dedicated mind to bring about the manifestation of your dreams.

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I have three children; two are grown, and I have been practicing magick alone and with family and friends for over 30 years.

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