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Midwinter: Traditions, Correspondences & Festivals

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Midwinter Day is a modern Pagan holiday that takes place at the time of the Winter Solstice.

Some modern Pagans use the term Midwinter as a general term for a holiday, encompassing traditional celebrations from a variety of mostly European cultures either to identify their own eclectic celebrations or to encompass the many types of celebrations found among their fellows, or both.

Some, particularly reconstructionists, have more specific names for their Midwinter festivities.

Some secularists have also adopted the name Midwinter in order to remove religious context from winter festivities.

Midwinter Traditions

Most Pagans celebrate Midwinter in accordance with the secular traditions popular throughout the Western world including decorating trees, indoors and out, giving to charities, gathering, feasting and exchanging gifts with friends and family, baking, singing and drinking.

The more spiritual aspects of the holiday vary by tradition but may include house blessing, staying up all night by candlelight or firelight to watch the sunrise, storytelling and making specific craft or food offerings for the Gods, particularly Sun Gods.

See also Winter Solstice

Midwinter Correspondences

  • Incense- Frankincense, myrrh, pine
  • Animals- Stags, squirrels, wrens, robins, juncos, cardinals
  • Colors- red, green, gold, silver and white
  • Herbs- holly, mistletoe, all evergreens, yew, fir, birch, oak, ivy, bay laurel, pine, ginger, cinnamon, valerian
  • Symbols- Yule log, evergreen trees, mistletoe, holly, sun, star, even-armed cross, wreaths, candles, any sort of light or lamp, animals with their winter coats on
  • Food – Cider, apples, pork, nuts, citrus, dried fruit, fruit cakes, mincemeat pies, figgy pudding
  • Gods and Goddesses- All Sun Gods, The Oak King, The Holly King, the Dagda, Brigid, Poseidon, Saturn, Helios, Balder, Odin, Lugh, The Horned God, The Green Man, Frey, Jesus

Specific Midwinter Festivals

  • Meán Geimhridh
  • Alban Arthan
  • Midvinterblot
  • Yule
  • Heliogenna
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