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Connecting with June’s Spirit Animal: A Guide

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Written by: Tina Caro

June is the month in which summer begins, a new cycle enters into our lives, and, most of all, it’s a new cycle for Mother Nature. Let’s see then what June’s spirit animal is and how to work with its energy.


June’s spirit animal, the snake, symbolizes transformation and rebirth. Snakes shed their skin, representing the shedding of old habits and embracing change in one’s life.

Snakes are often associated with the element of water in witchcraft, making them powerful allies for emotional and intuitive work. They can help enhance one’s intuition and provide guidance in divination practices.

Snake energy encourages us to embrace our sensuality and primal instincts, helping us reconnect with our inner desires and passions.

When working with June’s spirit animal, it’s important to honor and respect the snake’s symbolism and traits, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of its spiritual significance.

What is June’s spirit animal?

June is all about change, which is why June’s spirit animal is a snake.

We already know something great happens for the witchy community around June. Shorter days and longer nights: this begins on the June solstice, often associated with changes, nature, and new beginnings.

snake goddess
Snake Goddess

The event is celebrated in many parts of the world with parties, bonfires, picnics, traditional songs, and dances. The June solstice has been celebrated since ancient times, where the beginning was used to organize calendars and to understand how to plant or harvest crops. Many weddings were celebrated on this date.

Some historians consider Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England as a place where ancient peoples used the June solstice to organize their calendars. By placing itself at the center of the complex, on the Solstice day in June, the sun rises at a particular point on the horizon.

Some theories suggest that the builders of Stonehenge may have used the solstice as a starting point for counting the days of the year. In ancient times, during the June solstice in China, the land, femininity, and “yen” forces were celebrated, in contrast to the winter solstice, in which the forces of heaven, masculinity, and “yang” were celebrated.

In Gaul (France), the festival was called the Epona Festival, for a goddess who personified fertility and protected horses.

In Germany’s ancient Slavic and Celtic tribes, the June solstice was celebrated with bonfires. With the spread of Christianity, many pagan customs and practices were incorporated into the Christian religion.

In some parts of Scandinavia, the midsummer festival remained alive but was celebrated on June 24 to honor St. John the Baptist instead of the pagan gods. In modern times, the summer solstice is a party in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

saint john the baptist
St. John the Baptist

When the days in Northern Europe are longer and the sun appears at midnight, both summer and the fertility of the Earth are celebrated. In Sweden and in many parts of Finland, people dance around maypoles. Bonfires are lit and houses are decorated with garlands of flowers, greenery, and tree branches.

In Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, the summer solstice is an opportunity to travel to the countryside and connect with nature. Many people light bonfires and stay up drinking, singing, and dancing all night.

What does a snake symbolize?

The snake has always been fascinating because of its ability to renew and regenerate itself. It changes its skin to survive, has extraordinary healing power, and is an infallible predator. As with Scorpio, death represents rebirth and evolution towards perfection.

Fearsome but at the same time intriguing and elegant, the snake has always fascinated man. Its ability to transform allows it to regenerate and resist the most sudden changes. The snake is not afraid to face the death of the body to be born stronger and more aware. This reptile is an animal linked to the energies of Earth’s depth. It lives among tangled roots and in burrows underground. It hides in swamps but also along with springs and streams.

The snake, therefore, symbolizes the strong bond with life itself since it emerges from the depths of Mother Earth. It lives in harmony with all its energetic vibrations.

Precisely for this reason, it is also considered the symbol of knowledge since it emerges from the darkness towards the light. The fact that it changes its skin also binds it to the process of inner transformation and spiritual awakening or, for some cultures, to the life cycle of death and rebirth.

chinese snake amulet
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The power of inner and physical healing resides in the energy of the Serpent: it annihilates all evil of the soul and heals the body from the diseases that afflict it. In fact, snake venom was used and is still used to make different medicines. Its shape recalls the phallus of the man but also the womb of the woman.


Tradition has it, therefore, that it is also linked to creation and sexual passion.

You can read more about snake’s symbolism and meaning here.

How to work with the energy of June’s spirit animal?

The snake is all about change and June is the month where massive change happens. We are exactly halfway until the end of the year and it’s time to make those changes that we worked hard so for. It’s time to go out and catch those things that we wanted and it’s time to dare a bit more.

Mindful ObservanceSpend time in nature, observe animal behavior, and pay attention to any encounters or symbolism.
MeditationPractice guided or silent meditation to connect with your inner self and invite the presence of your spirit animal.
JournalingKeep a journal of your dreams, synchronicities, and experiences related to animals during June.
Ritual or CeremonyCreate a personal ritual or ceremony to honor and connect with your spirit animal.
Symbolic ItemsChoose or create symbolic items representing your spirit animal to keep with you or use during meditation.
Table 1: Connecting with Your Spirit Animal

To work with the energy of June’s spirit animal:

  • Work on some changes you want to embrace.
  • Spend more time outside to connect with nature and do some gardening as the fiery energy of the Earth is strictly related to the snake.
  • Go for a makeover (change your look, change some décor at home, etc).
  • Set fresh new intentions on the night of June’s new moon.
  • Wear a snake necklace to allow June’s spirit animal to help you connect with its energy of renewal and change.
  • Do a checklist of all the new goals you want to achieve so you can delete one-by-one those you accomplish until the end of the year.
  • If you are in search of a new kind of energy and you want to get rid of negativity, do a cleansing bath and sage your place.
  • If you are dealing with some male intimacy problems, cast a sex drive spell.


Many of the people led by the snake totem are enlightened spiritual teachers, ancient priestesses, and prophets precisely because this animal is revered as the one who awakens, that is, the one who, with his strength, contributes to the awakening of our inner self and its need for a change.

Plus, it’s a creature that during the summertime is at work outside, connecting with nature and melting with it, leaving the old skin for a new one like we all should do to become a new, improved version of ourselves.

Tina Caro

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