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What is July’s Spirit Animal? [+ Working With Its Energy]

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Written by: Tina Caro

July is a great month to acknowledge and embrace abundance and, together with its spirit animal, we can have the extra help and energy needed to finally become one with this abundance and make it ours at many different levels. Let’s see what July’s spirit animal is and how to work with its energy.


July’s spirit animal, the spider, is a powerful symbol of creativity and weaving one’s destiny, reflecting the intricate web of life.

Spiders are often associated with feminine energy, highlighting their role in the weaving of life’s tapestry and the importance of balance and patience.

Embracing the energy of July’s spirit animal can inspire you to express your creativity, embrace your intuition, and embark on new ventures with confidence.

To work with the energy of the spider in July, consider incorporating spider imagery into your rituals and meditations, and explore activities like weaving or crafting to connect with its symbolism.

What is July’s spirit animal?

July’s spirit animal is a spider, an animal that usually inspires fear and discomfort; however, this spirit animal is actually a gentle reminder for us to work on some parts of our lives and shape our reality in the best way possible.

After a balance of the year so far July is the perfect time to set new intentions and end the year in a different way. July is the month of harvesting, of abundance, and of embracing change after the awareness of the month of June with the power of the snake.

After becoming aware of the change with the spider’s energy we take action and become masters of our own craft. The season of abundance is at its peak, the vegetation is lush, the sun’s rays are intense, and the air is full-bodied, fragrant, and aromatic.

The tall grass in the meadows is ready to be mowed and the cereals are also close to ripening. This is the hay moon, when the nourishing and luxuriant Earth has already given a good part of its fruits, and can afford to take on the best, most receptive, and welcoming character of the Great Mother.

We take advantage of this time of the year, which for many coincides with vacations, to take a step forward in our bond with Mother Earth. At whatever stage of the relationship we are, we can decide to progress from the capricious childhood addiction, towards a mature assumption of responsibility, up to knowingly choose to collaborate with yourself, with Mother Earth, as equal beings, finally adult individuals able to contribute to the well-being and protection of our planet.

The summer season is also an ideal condition for getting in touch with one’s own interiority, the world of emotions. In the momentary absence of frenetic activities, we can allow ourselves the pleasure of meditating, and reworking the experiences of the past seasons, exercising one of the most beautiful functions of the water element: retaining what is useful, metabolizing it, and expelling what we no longer need, truly letting it go like a sail on the sea.

It’s finally time to take action, it’s finally time to acknowledge our skills and work to create and shape our vision so we can put it out into the world.

What does a spider symbolize?

Although the spider is not an animal but an arachnid, it is commonly recognized as a being that weaves what the Vikings and the Celts defined as destiny, through which the lucid dreams of humans are manifested in our reality by building what surrounds us and interacts with all of us.

The spider represents the timeless infinity of space that devours those who have reached the end of their lives by closing them in their cocoon to preserve their idea of themselves and then feed on them, destroying them exactly as time destroys everything during the course of the endless existence of the infinite lives of every being. The doubled number four indicates both the four winds and the four celestial directions.

Pre-Columbian spider image from a conch shell gorget

If people feel victimized by being entangled in this network, they have not yet understood the meaning of the lesson and remain imprisoned in a false reality that they cannot change. The spider teaches that each being is responsible for the events of his life and that it is necessary not to get lost in the falsehoods of one’s senses. The spider also symbolizes the characters of the writing.


The spirit hunter acts in this exact way by capturing the nightmares generated by our mind and allowing the dreamer to continue dreaming only truthful things that are not necessarily beautiful to his mind.

You can read more about spide’s symbolism and meaning here.

How to work with the energy of July’s spirit animal?

You can work with July’s spirit animal if July is your birth month or if you want to change how your month is going. Plus, if you feel in tune with this spirit animal you can definitely use it as a totem, a guide to create a better life.

To work with the energy of July’s spirit animal:

  • You can have a clarity ritual to see your reality from a different perspective, acknowledge those obstacles or the things that make you feel trapped, and release them and let it go.
  • You can journal about how you really feel and unveil your fears, nightmares, and challenges. Writing down all these emotions will lead you to see things differently and more open-mindedly.
  • You can perform a new moon ritual to set your intentions and acknowledge the fact that, like the spider, you are the master of your future and of your life. Believe in your craft and you will do wonders!
  • If you have a lot to process, you can perform a full moon ritual to get rid of the heaviness and the struggles you have had so far during the month in order to make room to plant fresh new seeds.
  • Create a vision board to have a clear vision of how you want to proceed to shape and create your dream life.
  • Meditate to set new goals and to find the focus and the strength to make it happen!


The spider can be a reminder of all our actions and how these can lead us to a better, improved life.

Using its energy and honoring July as the traditional month of abundance is a great way to celebrate Mother Nature, be thankful for her gifts, and get more in tune with our craft and our connection with what’s within and around us.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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