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The Superstition of Itchy Noses: Understanding the Meaning

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Written by: Tina Caro

Your nose is itching… What does this mean?

Maybe your culture and your traditional beliefs focus a lot on these signs but maybe you don’t know the true meaning behind what might seem like an involuntary daily gesture.

Let’s learn more about this superstition.


The superstition of itchy noses varies across cultures.

Common interpretations include the belief that an itchy nose means someone is talking about you, with the left nostril indicating negative comments and the right nostril suggesting positive remarks.

Some associate itchy noses with the arrival of unexpected visitors, while others see it as a sign of impending financial gain.

In some cases, an itchy nose is linked to changes in the weather, predicting rain or atmospheric shifts.

While these superstitions persist, it’s important to recognize that they are based on folklore and cultural beliefs rather than scientific evidence, and itchy noses can also have medical causes.

Small gestures, many meanings

There are many superstitions in our everyday life. There are those who believe in them, there are those who do not give them too much importance, and there are those who totally disbelieve… but they comply with the rites anyway, perhaps due to cultural incidence.

When it comes to our body and our limbs, there are certain superstitions that are worth knowing, to be attentive. Later, one will see the importance that they will have in their life, or perhaps it will help us to understand certain behaviors of some people.

WesternIn Western cultures, an itchy nose is often associated with money, luck, or visitors coming your way.
ChineseIn Chinese culture, an itchy nose is thought to indicate that someone is talking or gossiping about you.
IndianIn Indian superstitions, an itchy nose is believed to signify the arrival of a loved one or good fortune.
AfricanAfrican beliefs associate an itchy nose with receiving news or messages from ancestors or spirits.
Table 1: Cultural Variations

For example, when it comes to our hands, we must pay attention to the itchiness, the temperature, and even social behaviors. It is said that itchy hands are a sign of events to come.

If your right-hand itches, you are about to receive money; if your left bites you, payment is coming that you must make (there are those who choose to counter this by rubbing their hand on wood). Warm hands denote love and passion to reach out, and cold hands denote bad intentions against you.

The nose is perhaps the point of greatest interest to the superstitious. A strongly itchy nose indicates that someone is thinking of you, and even talking about you. A mild itchy nose indicates an upcoming kiss. For its part, a nosebleed indicates, according to superstition believers, that the person is in love.

Your head is another great indicator. Hair, for example, is the target of many superstitions. It is said that for hair to grow healthy it should be cut on a new moon night, and that you should never cut your hair before placing bets. To be disappointed, there nothing more effective than dropping the comb with which you are combing your hair. Baldness, for its part, has one of its superstitious explanations in haircuts during waning moons. On the other hand, if your head (or scalp) itches, it is a sign of good luck.

Itchy elbows also have superstitious explanations. If your right elbow itches, it indicates good news to come. If your left elbow itches, on the other hand, it portends bad news to come. The same is explained with the itching of the right or left knee, to which is added the possibility of gossip against you.

Finally, if your right ear itches, especially the right lobe, it is an indicator that you are about to receive money. If your left lobe itches, on the other hand, a charge is coming that you will have to pay. The feet are also indicators of superstitions and beliefs: if your feet itch, it is a sign of upcoming changes, even travel.

Itchy Left NoseSome believe that an itchy left nose is a sign of incoming visitors or guests.
Itchy Right NoseIt is believed that an itchy right nose indicates the possibility of receiving good news or money.
Itchy Tip of NoseAn itchy tip of the nose is often associated with upcoming changes or an opportunity for a new start.
Itchy Bridge of NoseIt is believed that an itchy bridge of the nose signifies a forthcoming disagreement or argument.
Table 2: Itchy Nose Superstitions and their Interpretations

There are elements that apparently could go unnoticed, but which at a popular level acquire a certain meaning that is held in high regard. Having an itchy nose has always been considered, since medieval times, a real omen, which can take on different values depending on the case. It usually indicates the approach of problems or quarrels, but it can also have a positive meaning, as it can indicate that an invitation, a gift, or news that you do not expect to receive is about to arrive.

If we then ask ourselves why the nose was the object of decorations by primitive peoples by means of specific jewels, the answer must be sought in the beliefs according to which it was necessary to keep away the evil spirits that could enter the body through the nose. Basically, not even the parts of our body escape a system of cultural elaboration, which makes them the object of attention and interpretative constructions.

So what does it mean when your nose itches?

1. All over the nose

Well, that feeling won’t be pleasant, but luckily for you, it means good luck in the future! People believe that if your whole nose is itchy, it means something good is going to happen to you. Bitterness makes sweet moments even sweeter.

2. On the left side of the nose

Get ready, because you are about to meet someone! An itchy nose on the left side is believed to mean you are about to run into someone unplanned. It can be an old acquaintance, a complete stranger, or someone you know very well. Try walking down the street and see who you will run into next time you have an itchy nose on your left side.

3. On the right side of the nose

YOU ARE LUCKY! You will soon meet the love of your life! Having an itchy nose on the right side means love and honesty will soon descend on you; it means you are about to meet the love of your life, or, if you already have someone, it means that they are going to treat you a lot nicer than before if possible.

4. Itchy and red nose

It probably doesn’t look good to have an itchy red nose. It means you are about to consume alcohol, most likely wine, tonight. It is unclear where this superstition comes from, possibly due to the fact that people get a red nose with alcohol consumption.


5. Itching in the bridge of the nose

You are too loud, and someone is cursing you behind your back. Try to turn the volume down, whether you are away from home or not; it is always better to be considerate and not disturb others.

6. Nostril itching

Something is about to change in your life, for better or for worse. Nostril irritation is believed to bring a life-changing fate. If you’re lucky, you may come across a fatal event that turns you into a millionaire or meet the love of your life. If you’re unlucky, things take a turn for the worse.

How to deal with this supersition?

The best thing to do is to stay positive. If you are happy and cheerful, it will most likely bring you luck.

In addition to the medical reasons that can explain a persistent itchy nose, superstitions can also give you a reason for this irritation. A persistent itchy nose is perceived as a warning sign that there is something wrong with your life, something you control, that you need to change.

There are no limits to what that mistake could be. It could be that you are dating the wrong person, you are stuck in a job that you will surely regret, you are not reconciling with your family, etc. Whatever the reason, it is bothering you and you are wondering how you can fix this.

Know that this is something you know by heart. When someone says that you are facing some doubts, this should be the problem that immediately comes to your mind, and this is the problem that this superstition is targeting. It is definitely a no-brainer to tackle this problem.

While this belief encourages you to accept a change, for a better turn in life, it doesn’t give you any guidance as to what you should do, what that ‘change’ should be.

If you are not satisfied with your job, this persistent itchy nose is a sign that you need a change, but that change could be a new job or for your company to give you better offers and benefits, etc.

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