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The Power of February’s Spirit Animal: A Guide

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Written by: Tina Caro

February is all about love, am I right? So, what’s February’s Spirit Animal and how can we work with its energy to make the most of this month’s energy and truly enjoy it? Keep reading this article to know it all!

What is February’s spirit animal?

February’s spirit animal is a goose. February is the month of love with Valentine’s day and some more time spent in recollection at home right before spring and all the rebirth of both nature and ourselves. Geese are the most loyal and faithful of all animals and they partner for life because of imprinting. That’s why this animal and its energy are just great for this month!

What does a goose symbolize?


The bravery, loyalty, and devotion that the goose shows are values you can use in your life. If a goose appears before you, it is a sign that you must regain the helm of your life or re-evaluate your priorities to ensure that you are on the right path towards your life goals.

Making decisions

This period of self-examination will allow you a different approach to things, which will help you make decisions. After refocusing, things that bothered you in the past will no longer be important.


The goose also identifies itself as a messenger of change, while encouraging you to remember your origins. It is important that you do not forget those who have helped you along the way when you advance in life. This is important because some will be left behind as you rise in your aspirations and achieve more.

Your circle of friends will be reduced to a few you trust who will stay with you whatever happens. However, what you are at that moment will be the result of both those who are still there and those who are no longer. Everyone has played their role at all times.


The goose reminds you to trust your intuition because believe it or not, your intuition always knows what will end up being beneficial to you.

How to work with the energy of February’s spirit animal?

Be a leader

If you identify with the goose, you are a person who knows how to delegate authority. You assume leadership without problems, you have the ability to take any project in the right direction. Rely on this ability! If you want to boost your leadership, cast a spell to be a leader and boost your confidence!

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Work on your communication skills

You are a great communicator, a quality that you take advantage of to give a voice to those who are not normally heard.

Protect those you love

You have a strong sense of protection regarding friends and family. You are kind and generous, loyal and courageous, and you do whatever it takes to see your loved ones happy. If you feel something is off and you want to protect your family, use the energy of a goose to cast a protection spell.

Ask it to protect your family and use a figure or an image of a goose as a totem for protection.


Just like the goose mates with the same mate for life, when you choose to be with someone, you do it thinking it will be forever. Cast a love spell to make it last forever!

Find balance

Something similar happens when you set a goal or an objective. In your mind, there is no possibility of failure, and you work on it with determination until you achieve what you had proposed.

However, this also has a negative side effect: you tend to work too hard while seeking success, which takes away time to do activities with friends or family. Try to find your balance by asking the goose for some help when you feel you are losing sight of what truly matters to you. Meditate if it’s your thing to find your center.

Make plans

You are so determined to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true that everything else that happens in your life you interpret as a distraction that takes you away from them. Connect with the goose energy making important plans for life! Dream big!


Do you want to know when the goose is most likely to appear in your life?

  • When you are ready for a new possibility to open up. Even if you feel destined for great things, you are not always prepared when opportunities present themselves. In other cases, however, you feel that what you do is too small for you and that you are ready to go one step further. The goose helps you recognize these situations in which you must step forward.
  • When you need help or guidance to know where you should go. Sometimes we find it hard to get carried away by instincts and we try to rationalize everything. And when we don’t have answers, we seek help from others. The goose alerts you that it is a good time to ask for help.
  • If you have tried to fit in with other people’s wants. We often forget to be ourselves and try to be accepted by others. If you have tried to fit in with other people’s expectations without succeeding, the goose reminds you that you should reassess your values because it is not what others think of you that is most important, but how you feel about yourself.


Have you seen the carelessness and confidence with which the goose handles itself in life? That is something you can learn from him, the place of allowing yourself to be invaded by doubts and fears, always thinking that you are on the right path and at the right time.

Don’t be afraid to take an unconventional path. Your choices are what determine your life and trying to please others is not going to bring you happiness. Clearly define what you like and go for it, no matter how strange or unusual it may be.

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