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Your Inner Scorpio: Working with the Associated Deity

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Written by: Tina Caro

Scorpio is a water sign like Pisces and Cancer and the sun is in this sign from 23 October to 22 November. But, which deity is associated with Scorpio? Let’s find out!

Which deity is associated with Scorpio?

Kali, Goddess of sexuality and death

Kali is a female deity of the Hindu faith, she is represented as a supreme manifestation and as aggressive and violent, the bearer of death and devastation. Although she is represented as a woman, she does not reveal any feminine characteristics of sensitivity, sweetness, or motherhood that belong to the imagination of a woman and mother, who loves and takes care of their children.

Dakshina Kali, with Siva devotedly at her feet.

Kali, also called Parvati or Durga, is the goddess who dances with a bloody mouth and a necklace of skulls of those she has killed; she is destruction in its highest essence because she brings death and pain. But from death new life is regenerated, in the same way, the one who takes away vitality allows the conditions for which a new life can be generated. She is a superior being who can give existence but can also take it away.

According to the teachings of Hinduism, death does not only imply the transition to non-existence or to an otherworldly and ultra-dimensional state, but it is a transformation that leads to the creation of something new. The Christian faith also narrates this passage through the symbolism of the resurrection, the passage from earthly life to a new life through the death of the first form. With her devastating strength, the goddess Kali allows the emergence of a new existence, which has regenerated itself from the ashes of the previous being.

The goddess who shows her breasts is a mother who does not breastfeed but who destroys the baby because within her she has instincts that hinder the maternal sense and fight it, she has a reality that wants to emerge at all costs. Overwhelmed by the responsibilities and social duties imposed by the rules of the community, which enclose the mother in an archetype made of unconditional love and total availability, you forget that often behind the being there is an individual who still screams her primordial needs not satisfied in childhood.

Some women are not psychologically ready to be mothers and to experience altruism in a totalitarian way, such as by managing a child. Inside them, they still feel the need to be daughters, little girls, in need of attention and consideration, of narcissism that is only the mirror of a past suddenly or dramatically deprived of maternal love and the attention and care of the parent.

For this reason, such mothers see in the little one, not a defenseless being to be treated and cared for, but a rival, an adversary who distracts attention, a being who has hindered the realization of the mother as a woman.

The child, therefore, becomes a source of anxiety and frustration, of unresolved hardships and crises of anger and violence that often lead to violent crimes. The devastating anger of the goddess Kali intervenes to give the possibility to the being who is oppressed, by unwanted or unconsciously unwanted responsibilities, to be able to get out of the situation in which she finds herself in order to finally emerge in a new existence in which the woman is free to be what she wants, without having to undergo the role of mother and wife.

The awakening of the goddess Kali, therefore, symbolizes the female personality oppressed by family needs, social judgments, and rules that are felt to be inadequate and which emerge from the outside violently and destructively.

Main qualities Kali has in common with the sign of Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio is influenced by Pluto, the planet of change and revolution. The slow movement of this planet gives Scorpio their calm and relaxed attitude, and their enigmatic aspect. It is often said that those born under Scorpio are judicious and wise as if they know the past, present, and future. Scorpios have a good chance of becoming leaders thanks to their dedication and commitment.

Scorpio, the Scorpion, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Their convincing ideas and their verve enable them to carry out radical changes. Scorpio is related to the genital organs. Although those born under this sign are usually prone to sexuality, desire, and passion, they must nevertheless be careful to preserve the health of this delicate part of the body. The lower back is their erogenous zone par excellence.

Thanks to will and determination, the Scorpio is committed to keeping an eye on their health if the situation requires it. A Scorpio could really get annoyed when their person or idea is questioned. They hate dishonesty and deception and can often be jealous and suspicious.


They will have to learn to be more tolerant and understanding. Thanks to their courageous nature, those born under this sign are excellent friends, even if it takes time for them to open up and trust. The emotions and thoughts of Scorpio are so many that it is difficult to understand what is going through their head. Scorpio is a zodiac sign full of quality.

First of all, they have an incredible ability to get up, to be reborn from their ashes. They are capable of facing the worst difficulties and situations, but nothing will make them give up.

Another great quality of Scorpio is its passionate side! With Scorpio, life becomes less boring, at their side, you feel really alive. Their will to live is contagious and often transports us to great adventures that leave us with wonderful memories.

The last quality is their determination; when they want something, nothing can stop them. Their strong energy and passion can become a ruling force that can create something amazing but, if it takes over, it can even destroy it all!

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Other deities associated with Scorpio

Deity NameOrigin/CultureSymbolism
HadesGreek MythologyUnderworld, transformation, rebirth, and hidden depths.
SetEgyptian MythologyChaos, transformation, protection, and inner strength.
SekhmetEgyptian MythologyPower, fierce protection, healing, and transformation.
HecateGreek MythologyWitchcraft, crossroads, intuition, and transformation.

Working with the deities

Deity NameRituals and Practices
HadesAncestor veneration, shadow work, meditation in dark spaces, exploring the depths of the psyche.
KaliFire ceremonies, chanting mantras, embracing the dark aspects of oneself, practicing fierce compassion.
SetProtection spells, energy work, confronting and transforming inner darkness, divination.
SekhmetHealing rituals, embodying personal power, channeling fiery energy, working with solar symbolism.
HecateCrossroad rituals, witchcraft practices, working with herbs and moon phases, exploring liminal spaces.

How to connect with Kali?

To connect with Kali, you can focus on your sex energy by casting a sex spell in her name, or you can even explore the realm of your emotions and try to focus on the creative side of yourself and not on the destructive side of your sign.

Try to manage emotions. Ask for help if needed and everything will be just great!

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