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3 Powerful Deities for Sex [& How to Ask for Their Favors]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Having a great sex life is definitely key when living a happy and fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter what is undermining your sex life and what is preventing you from having the best sex in your relationships.

Did you know that, besides magick and practices like sex spells, you can count on deities for sex to help you finally get the great sex life you’ve always dreamed of?

Connecting with a deity is not hard, it’s actually something pretty simple and very effective as long as you do it with an open mind. You must believe in this deity and truly give it the chance to bless you with its gifts and its energy!


Sexuality has been a significant aspect of human existence, and various deities and gods have been associated with aspects of sexuality and fertility in different cultures and mythologies. Here are some deities and gods commonly linked to sexuality:

  1. Aphrodite (Greek Mythology): Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. She represents the ideal of physical and emotional attraction.
  2. Eros (Greek Mythology): Eros, also known as Cupid in Roman mythology, is the god of love and desire. He is often depicted as a young winged god who shoots arrows to inspire love.
  3. Pan (Greek Mythology): Pan is the Greek god of the wild, shepherds, and rustic music. He embodies primal, uninhibited sexuality and fertility.
  4. Ishtar (Mesopotamian Mythology): Ishtar is a Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Her worship involved rituals celebrating sexuality and procreation.
  5. Freyja (Norse Mythology): Freyja is a Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, and fertility. She represents sensuality and the joys of physical attraction.
  6. Inanna (Sumerian Mythology): Inanna is a Sumerian goddess of love, beauty, and desire. She is also known for her role in the sacred marriage rituals.
  7. Dionysus (Greek Mythology): Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, ecstasy, and fertility. His worship often included ecstatic celebrations and uninhibited revelry.
  8. Priapus (Greek and Roman Mythology): Priapus is a god of fertility, often depicted with a large phallus. He symbolizes male sexual potency.
  9. Astarte (Phoenician and Canaanite Mythology): Astarte is a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Phoenician and Canaanite traditions. Her worship included fertility rites.
  10. Bes (Ancient Egyptian Mythology): Bes is an ancient Egyptian dwarf god associated with childbirth, sexuality, and humor. He was believed to protect households and promote fertility.
  11. Xochiquetzal (Aztec Mythology): Xochiquetzal is an Aztec goddess of beauty, love, and fertility. Her worship included sexual and erotic rituals.
  12. Hathor (Egyptian Mythology): Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with love, beauty, music, and fertility. She embodies the sensual and nurturing aspects of womanhood.

These deities and gods associated with sexuality represent the diverse cultural interpretations of this fundamental aspect of human existence. They played important roles in the myths, rituals, and beliefs of their respective cultures, often serving as sources of inspiration, guidance, and celebration in matters of love and desire.

Getting ready

If you want to connect with a deity you need to make sure you approach this kind of practice from a place of confidence, love, positivity, and calmness. If you are dealing with some sex issues, I know how hard this can be, but you can do it!

Don’t let any negativity, sadness, or frustration take over and, besides that, you should spend some time to find the best deity to connect with. To get ready for your deity, you can do a few things. They are not fixed rules you need to follow but some useful tips to help you create a strong connection with a deity and let it bless your life with more sexual energy and passion in your life.

If you want you can connect with a deity on a Friday, a great day to work on love, passion, and lust. Otherwise, you can do it right after meeting up with your partner! Do what you feel is best for you!

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How to set up your space?

Setting up your space to connect with a deity is something you need to do to truly establish a strong powerful connection and below you’ll find a few ideas.

Light up a red candle

Lighting up a red candle is great to help you attract better sex and passion, but also love!

Use a picture of your target

If you are trying to strengthen the chemistry with someone in particular, like a partner, you can use a picture of this person to attract the energy and let the deity know exactly where to send its energy and blessings.

Use an image of the deity you would like to connect with

If you feel comfortable with this part, you can bring an image, a picture, or even a figure of the deity you would like to connect with. You could even bring it into your bedroom to let its energy take over in this intimate place. Do this especially if you will have your connection with the partner there!

Meditate and visualize what you want

If you are into meditation and visualization, they can definitely be helpful tools to manifest better sex sooner! With their power, you will know exactly what you would like to achieve from this connection with a deity for love so you will show and share your vision of your sex life you have with the deity.

It can also be helpful to let your energy and your body get in tune with each other and becoming aware of what to do to be happier under the sheets!

Voluptas, Roman Goddess of pleasure

Voluptas by Daniel Hopfer, 1500s

How to approach her?

To connect with Voluptas the best way is to visualize what you think could bring more pleasure in your sex life.


What is that thing that is missing in your sex life? Name it. Make it very clear and become aware of how her energy can help you get it while boosting your sex drive and pleasure in the couple. Explain to her what is going on and why having better sex would change your life and your love life for the better.

How to ask for her favors?

Approach her like you would be talking to a close friend able to help. She loves kindness and openness. Ask her favors with some kind words like: I would like pleasure to take over because… I would like to feel like this… She is going to love this open approach. Don’t be shy!

Which offerings should you offer and how?

Offer her something beautiful to you. Even a flower can be a wonderful gift for her. A red rose would be perfect as it’s a symbol of passion and love. Tell her that’s a sign of appreciation for her energy and her doings. After a while, you can bury the flower to give it back to the earth.

Saying a prayer and thanking Voluptas

“Voluptas, my sweet goddess of pleasure
My body and my soul need your energy to take over
Let your energy vibrate within… Let pleasure rule my sex life…
I want to feel in tune with my body and my partner…
Give my body the pleasure it deserves
Blessed be
Thank you”

Eros, Greek God of sexual desire

Amor stringing his bow, Roman copy after Greek original by Lysippos.

How to approach him?

Playfully approach him. If you are a man, Eros is definitely the perfect deity for you to connect with! Don’t hold yourself back! Be very vocal about what you want. Honesty is the best approach to connect with Eros.

How to ask for his favors?

Ask him something like: I want to feel alive with my body. Use visualization to see what you would like your sex life to look like and share what you “see” with him.

Which offerings should you offer and how?

Offer a glass of red wine to him. He will appreciate that, but you can also offer him some dark chocolate. After that you can consume these offerings yourself or throwing them away. Your call!

Saying a prayer and thanking Eros

“Eros, God of sex,
I need you
I need your energy
I need your blessings
My body needs to vibrate to higher frequencies
I want to feel desire and pleasure with every inch of my body
Bless me
Bless my body
Bless my pleasure
So be it
Thank you”

Aphrodite, Greek goddess of sexuality, pleasure, and procreation

Herbert James Draper, The Pearls of Aphrodite, 1907

How to approach her?

Approach Aphrodite with respect and kindness. She appreciates those of us who recognize her powerful energy and her blessings. Aphrodite is great if you are a woman and you are dealing with low sex drive and low self-esteem in your sex life.

How to ask for her favors?

Ask her favors with kind words like: My sweet powerful goddess you know what’s best for me… send me your energy… send me your blessings… Be very open and receptive. She would appreciate that!

Which offerings should you offer and how?

You can offer her a few things: incense, perfume, a rose… choose whatever you prefer! After using it you can both consume everything or keep them as powerful tools to boost your sensuality.

Saying a prayer and thanking Aphrodite

“Aphrodite… this is my call for you… this is my call for pleasure
I need to reunite with my body and my soul…
I need you to help me
I need you to bless me
I want to feel your energy inside my body…
I want to feel it vibrating until deep pleasure
Bless me with the best sex of my life
Blessed be
Thank you”

If you want to attract better sex the old-fashioned witchy way, cast a sex spell or, if you don’t feel like casting it yourself, don’t forget I can do it for you with my spell casting service!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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