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Meaning of Black Tourmaline Breaking Explained


Written by: Tina Caro

A black tourmaline is a potent tool for countering negative energy, stress, and misfortune. But what happens when this crystal breaks?


When Black Tourmaline breaks, it can carry significant symbolic meaning. It often represents the crystal’s protective nature, signifying that it has absorbed and blocked negative energies or threats.

This breakage can serve as a signal to replace or cleanse the crystal. Some believe that it also suggests that the crystal has served its purpose in warding off negativity and should be thanked and replaced with a new one for continued protection.

Overall, a broken Black Tourmaline can be seen as a reminder of the crystal’s effectiveness in safeguarding one’s energy and space.

The Power and Mission of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is renowned for shielding against harmful energies, including electromagnetic waves, making it a formidable ally in warding off negative energies, especially envy and malicious intentions from those you frequently encounter.

For protection against the evil eye, carrying a piece of black tourmaline in your left pocket is recommended.

Energy AbsorptionBlack Tourmaline can break when it absorbs and neutralizes negative energies.
OveruseFrequent use or exposure to intense negativity may lead to breakage.
Protection SacrificeSome believe that when it breaks, it has protected the wearer from harm.
Energy ReleaseBreaking can signify the crystal releasing stored negative energies.
Table: Common Reasons for Black Tourmaline Breaking

Interpreting Breakage

Crystal breakage can signify various things.

Sometimes, a crystal breaks because it has absorbed an unfortunate event intended for the person wearing it or those connected to the crystal. At other times, it falls to the ground when it has absorbed excessive negative energy, preventing its transfer to the person holding it, acting as a form of grounding. In some cases, crystals, like Tourmalines, break without apparent reason.

For those familiar with using a pendulum, you can check if the crystal is suitable for use in crystal therapy sessions or as jewelry. Otherwise, pay attention to the sensations the crystal or fragments convey to you, focusing on your heart and hand, feeling the emotions and sensations communicated by the crystal.

black tourmaline breaking
Copyright: Tina Caro

Dealing with Breakage

If you sense positive energy, purify, charge, and keep the crystal with you. In the case of small splinters breaking off, bury them with gratitude. Reserve burial for crystals that are energetically dead, no longer emitting vibrations.

For those without developed energy sensitivity, observe the crystal. If only a fragment has detached, you can keep it. If the crystal’s structure is severely damaged, return it to the earth with gratitude for its protection.

Never dispose of crystals in the garbage.

Crystals may break due to impacts or chemical reactions. For example, Tourmaline dislikes water, and immersing it may cause disintegration. It may also have experienced a hidden, impactful event in the past, suffered thermal changes, or simply be fragile due to its density.

Cleansing and ChargingTo restore its protective properties, cleanse and recharge the crystal.
GratitudeExpress gratitude to the crystal for its protection, even if it’s broken.
ReplacementSome prefer to replace a broken crystal with a new one for continued protection.
IntrospectionReflect on the circumstances around the breakage for personal insights.
Table: Rituals or Actions After Black Tourmaline Breaks

Spiritual Meanings of Breakage

If the stone did not break due to natural causes, it may have completed its protective mission by blocking a psychic attack. Thank it and return it to the earth. Alternatively, it might not have been charged for a specific purpose.

Handling Remaining Pieces

Purify and return the pieces to nature.

Accidental Breakage

If you accidentally break a crystal, view it as an alert signal from your nervous system. Consider whether you are punishing yourself, experiencing increased worries, or feeling more stressed and nervous than usual. It might be an opportunity for introspection and inner exploration.

Additional Questions

Reflect on what the stone meant to you, how long you wore it, how you used it, which chakra it was associated with, other stones you used alongside it, who gave it to you, and whether you purified it correctly.

Also, consider the light and temperature conditions it was exposed to.

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When black tourmaline breaks, it delivers a message about its protective mission. It can also serve as an opportunity for introspection, prompting a deeper exploration of your inner self.

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