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Birds Spiritual Meaning Explained [Symbolism and Dreams]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Birds symbolize a lot, lot more than most people know. So let’s learn more about the meaning of different kinds of birds in different areas of our lives, dream interpretation, and more.

When we think of birds we usually think of them as symbols of the heavens, while, on the other hand, when we think of fish we think of them as symbols for our deep emotions. These links between the fish and the birds are represented in the myth of the mermaids, in the story of Icarus and in the Judeo-Christian religion of the angels.

The man by nature has always been amazed by these animals. Admiring the ability to swim and explore the immensity of the oceans or the freedom to fly through the vast horizons. The similarity between these species is presented as a symbolic link to our ancestors. Those who rule in the sky and those who rule in the seas.

The parallelism between fish and birds generates an enchantment within us; a different sense of observing nature and learning from its teachings about ourselves.

Fish move with ease, flexibility, and surprising speeds through the ocean’s depths using sea currents through their fins, while birds with their wings fly by using high-speed air currents and flexibility through the skies.

What do birds symbolize spiritually?

If the sky represents the mind and conscience, the ocean represents the feelings and unconscious. We can understand the bird’s relationship with the fish as a guide of the soul swimming in the deepest ocean referring to emotions and feelings – or flying by the highest in the heavens referring to thoughts and conscience.

The esoteric theories have created a relationship between the bird, its colors and the psychic characteristics as it follows:

  1. the black crow, a symbol of intelligence,
  2. the blue and green peacock, a symbol of the loving aspirations,
  3. the white swan, a symbol of the libido that maintains the bodily life and spiritual life,
  4. the red phoenix, a symbol of divine sublimity and immortality,
  5. the dove or duck (a bird of Aphrodite), a symbol of love.

The dove and the eagle represent the sublimation of the soul. The intersection between the divine and the human is represented by the crow and the swan, who play the role of guide and messenger.

The eagle, the hawk, and the macaw mean solar and uranic values; the triumphs of the bird are one of war, hunting, and harvest.

Finally, nocturnal birds represent lunar values.

BirdSymbolic Meaning
EagleRepresents freedom, strength, and spiritual enlightenment.
OwlSymbolizes wisdom, intuition, and the ability to see beyond illusions.
DoveSignifies peace, love, and divine guidance.
HawkRepresents vision, focus, and heightened perception.
RobinSymbolizes new beginnings, renewal, and hope.
SwanSignifies grace, elegance, and spiritual transformation.
Table 1: Common Birds and Their Symbolic Meanings

What’s The Meaning of Feathers

They are associated with the soul’s higher senses, especially the sixth sense and the ability for foretelling the future. This is why many shamans and sorcerers are represented or have feathers in their clothing.

The fact that the bird was attributed to these superior gifts, many cultures saw numerous signs and omens in the apparitions of different types of birds over the centuries.

According to psychiatric theories, feathers are a symbol of the soul and the dreamer’s personality.

What do white birds symbolize?

White birds bring only good news for those who encounter them! Why? Because white is the color associated with light as a fundamental element, as written in the myths of creation. In fairy tales, white represents the light of day and the intervention of a benevolent force while, in mythology, it is associated with all those particular creatures that have now entered the collective imagination such as unicorns.

So, when white birds show up, light and vitality come our way; its meaning is opposite to the black color. In fact, it symbolizes the principle of the vital phase. White birds generally express hope for the future and trust in people and the world. They are the emblem of purity, noble feelings, and the desire for change. But they are also a symbol of clarity, peace, and calmness.


If white birds show up, they want us to seek change and, for this reason, any new situation that life offers us is a strong stimulus to live according to our best inclinations and expectations. They also mean we need to be fully aware and confident in the future as light has our back and it can easily guide our way into a better, brighter future.

BirdSpiritual Message
CardinalA sign from a loved one who has passed, offering comfort and reassurance.
HawkA reminder to stay focused, trust your instincts, and embrace opportunities.
Blue JayEncourages you to speak your truth and be confident in your communication.
PeacockA message to embrace your unique qualities and let your inner beauty shine.
DoveSymbolizes peace and divine guidance, reminding you to find inner calmness.
Table 2: Spiritual Messages and Encounters with Birds

Yellow Bird Spiritual Meaning

Its beautiful chant was often seen as a symbol of joy and peaceful living by our ancestors. Thus, the Chinese almost always confuse the song of the swallow with that of the oriole, both considered evidence of joy, happiness, and happy marriage.

In addition, according to our ancestors, it’s also seen as the symbol of family harmony and the sweetness of the home because the offspring do not leave their paternal nest before flying to warm countries during the winter months.

Yellow Bird Symbolism

Sometimes, yellow birds as the doves, the ivy, the sunflower, and the dog, are presented as the symbols of the most intense bonds of fidelity – in general – and of stability of the conjugal bond.

Bred for a long time for the beautiful singing, bright colors, and cheerful nature, the species has been domesticated for several hundred years. This domestic form – the domestic canary is still a very widespread pet.

The yellow birds also called canaries, represent the animal mascot of the Canary Islands.

These are monogamous birds, whose reproductive season starts from January to July in the Canaries, from March to June (with a hatching peak in April-May) in Madeira, and from March to July (with a hatching peak between May and June) in the Azores.

Males attract females by singing loudly from the most prominent roosts (trees, bushes, rocks). As they approach a potential mate, they perform flickering ritual flights. When they approach their mating partner, they crouch so the pairing can take place.

What is the Meaning of Seeing a Red Bird

The finch is a bird with the skills of a musician with exceptional natural singing talent. In its earliest childhood, its father teaches the finch how to master. The finch is well-known for its beautiful singing from morning until night, which is why it ended up being a symbol of joy and good humor.

However, our ancestors never considered their prolonged singing as a good omen to hear, on the contrary, they interpreted as a sign of rain or misfortune.

Bird Flying into Window Spiritual Meaning

If a bird flies into your window it could mean you are vulnerable to what the universe has in store for you. Death will visit us if a bird knocks against the window, either with the beak or directly crashing into it. This omen is even more imminent if it is a pigeon.

Dead Birds in Your Home Meaning

Finding a dead animal at your doorstep is not pleasant because of the sight and its meaning.

According to esoteric specialists, fields of negativity will be created by sacrificing an animal to harm another person.

The birds of evil Agüeros are the omen or vision of something that can happen in the future.

  • If you found a viper it could be a sign that you’ll have a legal problem that might end up in jail.
  • If you are walking around looking for some plant and finding a dead bird, it means a sick person will die.
  • If a woodpecker sings and a newborn listens to it, it announces that the baby will die. To save the baby it is necessary to put a jícara upside down, along with a left shoe and a scissor or metal knife. (Everything must be under your bed)
  • When a black owl sings near the house, it is because it announces the death of a family member.
  • If you find a dead bird at the door of your house, it means that someone is doing witchcraft for you or a member of your family to fall into sickness, until death. Take your precautions.

Cleansing spells and protection spells may help a lot here.

Spiritual meaning of flock of birds

A flock of birds means it’s time for new adjustments and assessments. As flocks of birds are moving to change their current location to survive the cold temperatures of winter, their spiritual meaning is all about changing and finding new solutions and options in order to survive.

If you are currently living a very hard, challenging time of your life, a flock of birds wants you to know it’s time to change and shift your perspective. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. It might look a bit creepy to see but, actually, seeing a flock of birds is a beautiful sign of life and of embracing new possibilities.

If the flock is a flock of black birds, it might mean the change will be a bit difficult, but if the flock of birds is made up of white birds, it means this change is all you were looking for and it will give you instant peace and confidence in your future and in what’s next.

If a flock of birds crosses your path, spend a few moments in contemplation to really enjoy this passage and let this event enrich your life and guide your spirit.

Birds in Dreams Symbolism

Most people when dreaming of birds relate them to freedom because of the ability to fly through the air with nothing to hold us. If you start dreaming of birds, you may feel a bit burdened by a professional or personal problem and want to fly away from those problems and forget about worries.

However, the bird can have another positive and negative meaning, so it is very important to remember the bird’s behavior during sleep.

For example, if you dream of a bird that has been caged or captured in a net, the meaning is oppression and lack of freedom, completely the opposite of the dream of flying free through the sky.

When your dream is about a single bird, you’re likely waiting for very important news. If the bird has many bright colors it represents the arrival of good news. Although in this case, it is important to remember your feelings during the dream, such as joy or sadness. If the bird arrives black, it is likely to be afraid of receiving bad news.

If a flock of birds appears in the dream, it means that a certain stage of change is being reached. If the birds fly free, you feel excited about starting with the stage of change; although if the birds are aggressive, it means you are afraid of change.

BirdDream Symbolism
SparrowRepresents joy, simplicity, and social connections.
CrowSymbolizes intelligence, intuition, and transformation.
HummingbirdSignifies joy, lightness, and the ability to find sweetness in life.
PeacockRepresents beauty, pride, and the unveiling of one’s true self.
RavenSymbolizes magic, mystery, and the connection to the spirit realm.
Table 3: Birds and Their Symbolism in Dreams

Were there night birds? This symbolizes that the person’s life has taken a great unexpected turn and he or she will adapt to the new changes quite easily.

The behavior that birds and the person have in their sleep is also very important. For example, if the birds are flying very high it means that good times are expected to arrive in a short period of time, but if the birds are flying very low it means that the person’s freedom is being threatened.

White Bird Dream Meaning

One of the most beautiful mythical legends in which the white bird appears or in which reference is made to the dove is that of the flood: “Noah waited for seven more days and released the dove out of the ark. The dove went to him at night and, behold, he had a freshly cut olive branch in his beak. Noah knew that the waters had diminished on Earth. He waited seven more days and released the dove again, but it did not come back this time.” (Genesis, 8, 10-12.)

Till today, the dove holding an olive branch in its beak is a symbol of peace. Over the centuries, the authors and editors of the Old and New Testaments used the dove as a representation of the soul and of a pure and simple love of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God.

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