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By Witchipedia, Tools

What is a Taglock & How it’s Used in Magick

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

In English, a taglock is a matted bunch of wool or hair. Metaphysically speaking, a taglock is a personal item that creates a link to the target.


A taglock is an item used in magical and spiritual practices to establish a connection with a specific person or entity.

It can be a personal object like hair, nail clippings, or a photograph closely associated with the target.

Taglocks are believed to carry the person’s energy, making them a powerful tool for various magical purposes.

They are often used in sympathetic magic to create a link between the practitioner and the target, allowing for influence or connection in rituals and spells.

When using taglocks, ethical considerations and respect for the individual represented are essential.

Types of Taglocks

Personal BelongingsItems personally owned and closely associated with an individual, such as clothing, jewelry, or personal objects.
Biological SamplesBiological materials like hair, nails, blood, or saliva collected from the target or a person connected to the target.
Written IntentionsWritten statements or petitions containing the target’s name or desired outcome, often used in spellwork or rituals.
Photographic RepresentationsPhotographs or images representing the target, used to establish a connection and focus energy.
Elemental RepresentationsItems representing the elements (earth, air, fire, water) associated with the target or desired outcome.

Taglock in Magick

If the taglock is from a person or animal, you might use hair, bodily fluids, a photograph, personal clothing, something bearing their signature, or fingerprints (or a paw print); any other item that can create a sympathetic link with the target of a spell.

If your target is a location rather than an individual, a suitable taglock might be a key to the building, some dust from a shelf inside the building, stone from a pathway, a bit of chipped paint, etc. Or, of course, a photograph. For a business, you might use a business card or some of their stationery with their letterhead on it.

The use of the taglock in the spell can vary. It can be used alone, placed inside a witches bottle or added to a poppet or other representational item.

Uses of Taglocks in Magick

Binding SpellsTaglocks are used to establish a connection and bind the target, restricting their actions or influence.
Healing and ProtectionTaglocks can be employed to direct healing energy or protective spells towards a specific person or object.
Love and AttractionTaglocks are used in love spells to establish a connection with the desired person and enhance attraction.
Divination and ScryingTaglocks can aid in divination practices by providing a link or focus for connecting with the target’s energy.
Curses and HexesTaglocks can be used to direct negative or harmful energy towards the target, causing afflictions or misfortune.
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