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Witchcraft & Divination in Missouri: Legality & Laws


Written by: Tina Caro

Missouri, often known as the “Show-Me State”, carries a rich heritage of folklore, legends, and tales that intertwine with the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

In the heart of America, understanding the cultural tapestry and legal landscape of practices like witchcraft and divination in Missouri becomes significant.

Reviewed by a lawyer, Juliana Sirotsky Soria

Juliana Sirotsky Soria, an esteemed lawyer with a master’s degree passed with distinction in General Theory of Jurisdiction and Process from PUC/RS and a law graduate from PUCRS, meticulously reviewed the article.

Drawing upon her vast academic and professional experience, she confirmed the accuracy of the legal concepts presented and commended the comprehensive nature of the overview.

However, Ms. Soria emphasized the importance of always consulting state-specific legal codes and guidelines for precise details.


Is practicing Witchcraft in Missouri legal?

Yes, practicing witchcraft is legal in Missouri.

Is believing in Wicca in Missouri legal?

Certainly. Freedom to believe in Wicca, or any other religion, is protected in Missouri.

Is Tarot legal in Missouri?

Yes, tarot reading and related practices are legal in Missouri.

Is Fortune-Telling legal in Missouri?

Yes, although certain cities or counties may have regulations or licensing requirements.

Commonly found regulations or requirements related to fortune-telling

 *94.270.  Power to license, tax and regulate certain businesses and occupations — prohibition on local license fees in excess of certain amounts in certain cities (Edmundson, Woodson Terrace) — license fee on hotels or motels (St. Peters) — increase or decrease of tax, when. [….] fortune telling


What do Missouri laws specifically state about witchcraft?

Contemporary Missouri laws don’t directly address witchcraft but do uphold rights to religious freedom and expression.

How have witchcraft-related laws in Missouri evolved historically?

Historically, there might have been local regulations and skepticism about unfamiliar spiritual practices. Over time, the focus has shifted to protecting religious freedoms.

Is witchcraft recognized as a legitimate practice under Missouri law?

Witchcraft, as a spiritual or religious practice, is recognized and protected under Missouri law.

How does the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution apply to the practice of witchcraft in Missouri?

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, ensuring individuals in Missouri can practice witchcraft without government interference.

What legal protections exist to safeguard the rights of witchcraft practitioners?

Both state and federal laws in Missouri protect an individual’s right to practice their religion without facing discrimination.

How does Missouri’s approach to witchcraft compare to other U.S. states?

Missouri, in line with its Midwestern counterparts, generally adopts a balanced approach, upholding traditional values while respecting constitutional freedoms.

What is the presence and legal status of Wiccan and pagan communities in Missouri?

Missouri houses several Wiccan and pagan communities, and they possess the same legal status and rights as other religious groups.

Are there any known communities or organizations in Missouri that support or advocate for witchcraft practitioners?

Yes, certain communities, especially in urban areas, provide support and platforms for witchcraft practitioners.

Have practitioners of witchcraft in Missouri faced discrimination, and what legal remedies are available in such cases?

While individual experiences vary, any discrimination can be legally addressed under federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

What are common misconceptions about witchcraft, Wicca, and paganism, and how do they differ from reality?

A frequent misconception might be associating witchcraft exclusively with malevolent intentions, whereas many practitioners prioritize harmony, healing, and reverence for nature.

How might public misconceptions about witchcraft lead to legal implications?

Misunderstandings can potentially result in unwarranted investigations, stigmatization, or denial of rights, leading to potential legal challenges.

Has there been any significant media coverage or public discourse in Missouri surrounding witchcraft or related practices in recent years?

Beulah Turner, Appellant, v. Kansas City, Missouri, a Municipal Corporation, John B. Gage, Mayor of said City, Lowell R. Johnson, W. O. Bixby, E. M. Dobbs, Frederick H. Olander, Police Commissioners of said City, Richard R. Foster, Chief of Police of said City, D. L. Dennison, Police Lieutenant of said City

No. 39540

Supreme Court of Missouri

December 3, 1945

Motion for Rehearing or to Transfer to Banc Overruled January 8 1946.

Appeal from Jackson Circuit Court; Hon. Emory H. Wright Judge.


N R. Fischer and E. H. Gamble for appellant.

(1) If, as we contend, the challenge contained in our petition against the provisions of Ordinance No. 10-14 against fortune telling and predicting or attempting to reveal future events shows them to be unconstitutional and void, the trial court had full jurisdiction to enjoin their enforcement. Sec. 1683, R.S. 1939; Sylvester Coal Co. v. St. Louis, 135 Mo. 323, 32 S.W. 649Jewel Tea Co. v. Carthage, 257 Mo. 383, 165 S.W. 743Hayes v. Poplar Bluff, 173 S.W. 676Glencoe Lime, etc., Co. v. St. Louis, 108 S.W.2d 143. (2) Cities are creatures of the state. They have no powers which are not derived from and subordinate to the state. All such powers must come from either a constitutional or legislative grant.  Ordinance No. 10-14, being a police measure, is an assertion of police power, which is not a corporate power, but entirely governmental; and in the absence of any statute delegating to the city power to suppress fortune telling or attempts to predict the future, the provisions of said ordinance with respect thereto are void.  (11) The ordinance is not separable. It is bound together in a series of closely connected phrases forming a single sentence. If its provisions against attempts to foretell or predict the future is invalid, so is its provision against fortune telling.  (15) The ordinance would deprive plaintiff of the gains of her own industry and the right of free speech and thought and of the equal protection of law and of property without due process of law.


What role do educational institutions in Missouri play in addressing or perpetuating misconceptions about witchcraft?

Depending on the institution, there may be courses providing historical or sociological perspectives on witchcraft, aiming at dispelling myths and fostering understanding.

Are there any resources or educational programs in Missouri aimed at promoting understanding and tolerance towards witchcraft and related practices?

Several local organizations and groups offer workshops, events, and courses aimed at enhancing understanding and acceptance.


Missouri, with its rolling plains and bustling cities, stands as a testament to America’s evolving understanding of spirituality and belief.

From the Ozark Mountains to St. Louis, the Show-Me State is continually showing its commitment to embracing diversity while honoring its historical roots. As the river of time flows, so does Missouri’s journey towards greater understanding and acceptance of the mystical practices that have been part of humanity’s story for millennia.

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