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Out of Body Experience (OBE): Prep & How to do it

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

An out of body experience is the experience of leaving your body. Many report a sensation of floating or flying and some report viewing their body from the outside.

This is often abbreviated OBE or OOBE. (Some pronounce this like OO bee.)

Out of body experiences may be intentional or accidental. Accidental OBEs may occur when the subject is in a relaxed, dream-like state; while he is starting to drift off to sleep or as the result of a drug.

OBEs have also been reported as a result of a serious injury or trauma and in this way has been seen as a sort of defense mechanism, removing the consciousness from the physical vehicle that is suffering the trauma. OBEs have also been reported by individuals who suffered physical death and were then revived.


Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) are phenomena where individuals perceive themselves as separate from their physical body, often observing it from an external perspective.

Achieving an OBE typically requires deep relaxation, both mentally and physically, along with a quiet, comfortable environment to minimize distractions.

Techniques, like focused meditation, visualization, and controlled breathing, are commonly used to induce OBEs, aiding in detaching the consciousness from the physical body.

Successfully experiencing an OBE also involves overcoming mental barriers and fears, as a calm, positive mindset is crucial for these experiences.

Out of body experiences can be purposely stimulated by using various trance-inducing techniques, meditation, and visualization.

Many techniques and a few gadgets have been devised to encourage this phenomenon, including the Golden Dawn’s Body of Light Technique1, meditation music incorporating binaural beats designed to synchronize brain waves and the God Helmet, a device that floods the brain with magnetic fields (not originally designed for this purpose)2.

Out-of-body (OOB) experiences are also known as astral travel or astral projection, and can be used as part of the quest to develop spiritual enlightenment. There are many different reasons that people want to experience astral travel. As well as helping us to learn more about ourselves, they offer the opportunity to discover the details of our past lives or meet with our spirit teacher or guide.

Some people wish to astral travel to visit crossed-over loved ones, meet up with a friend on the spiritual plane, for personal healing, or even communicate with pets. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to astral voyaging.

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Copyright: Tina Caro

Have You Already Astral Traveled?

While you may be interested in consciously initiating an OOB experience, you may, in fact, have astral traveled before, without knowing it! There are a few clues that suggest this could be the case. For example, maybe you’ve visited a new place (in the physical world) and experienced a strong sense that you’ve been there before. Or perhaps you’ve spoken with a friend you have a powerful connection with and discovered you’ve shared the same dream.

Dreams of flying, or dreams where you could see your physical body from above can also indicate you’ve astral traveled, as do dreams in which you meet with a loved one who has passed.

Getting Started with OOB Experiences and Astral Travel

If you’re interested in attempting to experience astral travel, there are a number of techniques you can try. With all of them, the important thing to remember is that it can take a lot of practice to master this form of spiritual journeying.

The Rope TechniqueVisualizing climbing a rope out of your bodyFocus, vivid imagination
The Roll-Out MethodImagining rolling out of your bodyPatience, subtle movements
VisualizationPicturing an alternate location or scenarioClarity of image, relaxation
Vibration State FocusConcentrating on the vibrational state during relaxationAwareness, deep relaxation
Table: Techniques for Inducing OBE

A Technique to Get Started 

This technique involves waking up at around 3 or 4 am. The idea is that your mind and body will still be sleepy and on the verge of slumber, and your home and the outside world will be quiet. Start by getting out of bed and quickly splashing water on your face before heading back to bed and lying down.

Close your eyes, and try to keep your mind clear. Now visualize yourself sitting down somewhere; this could be in a room, outside, or wherever seems natural. See yourself in this place clearly, from outside your body, noticing as many details as possible. While visualizing yourself sitting in this space, also hold an awareness in your mind of being physically in your bed.

While staying focused on this image, say an affirmation in your mind, along the lines of, ‘I can astral travel, and am able to leave my body at will.’ Keep the image of yourself sitting elsewhere in your mind as you allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

If your attempt is successful and you find yourself floating above your body stay calm and, once you’re used to the sensation, return to your physical body. 

The Rope Technique

The Rope Technique is one method that can be tried in order to induce an out-of-body experience. As with all such techniques, it’s vital to only undertake this if you are in a peaceful, positive mindset, and have good intentions.

Here’s how it’s done.

Start by lying down comfortably and allowing your body to relax. Feel the tension melt away from your muscles, and concentrate simply on your breath for a while. Now close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a quiet room, with a strong, sturdy rope hanging above you. Visualize yourself reaching out to the rope and taking hold of it. Slowly, pull yourself up this rope; as you ascend imagine your consciousness becoming separate from your physical body.

You may need to be persistent and practice many times to get the desired result, but many people have had success in achieving an out-of-body experience using the rope technique.

The Monroe Technique

An alternative means of trying to achieve an OOB experience is the Monroe Technique. Like the Rope Technique, start by lying down comfortably and relaxing. Next, bring your focus to each part of your body, from your toes to your head, one by one. Allow each part of your body to relax as you focus on it, before gradually moving on to the next.

Once you’ve reached your head and you feel fully relaxed, visualize yourself leaving your physical body to float just above it, observing it from the outside. Maintaining a focused, calm state of mind, explore your surroundings.

Like the Rope Technique, many people have effectively used this method to achieve an OOB experience.

How to Prepare Yourself for an OOB Experience

It’s really important to properly prepare yourself before attempting an OOB experience. This will ensure you’re in the right headspace and also offer protection. As mentioned above, if you’re not feeling in the best emotional place – perhaps you’re sad, anxious, angry, or agitated – it’s best not to attempt to have an OOB experience. 

It’s also a good idea to take some steps to psychically and energetically protect yourself. Before beginning, be clear on your intention to have a safe and positive experience, and keep this thought in the front of your mind throughout. You may wish to ask for divine guidance and protection or visualize yourself surrounded by a protective white light at the start of and during your journey.

Before attempting an OOB experience, also set a timeframe and strong intention for returning to your physical body. It’s important not to stay away too long from your physical body, as this may make coming back difficult, or you may feel disoriented when you do.

Setting the EnvironmentCreate a quiet, comfortable space, dim lightingReduces distractions, enhances relaxation
Mental PreparationMeditation, mindfulness exercisesCalms the mind, sets intention
Physical PreparationRelaxation techniques, comfortable clothingEases physical tension, promotes comfort
Safety ConsiderationsEnsuring physical safety, informing someone if neededPrevents accidents, ensures support
Table: Preparation for OBE

Are There Things I Can Do to Make Achieving an OOB Experience Easier?

Taking a few easy steps can help increase your chances of achieving an OOB experience – and make it more likely that’ll you enjoy a positive journey. Even better, these things are great for your overall well-being, too! 

  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle: nurture your body with a good diet, undertake regular physical exercise, stay hydrated, and ensure you’re getting plenty of high-quality sleep.
  • Practice meditation regularly: this will help you connect with your spiritual side and ascend to other planes.
  • Learn about the practice of OOB experiences: you may wish to read books on astral travel and testimony of the people who have successfully achieved positive journeys.
  • Create a calm space: it’s a good idea to ensure that the space you’ll use to relax and hopefully have an OOB experience is peaceful, and without distractions.

Tips for Successful OOB or Astral Travel Experiences

If you’re keen to try to achieve an OOB or astral travel experience, the following tips might help you on your journey:

  • Consider getting a reputable guide, who is experienced in this field, to act as a mentor.
  • Use an audio aid – these can be a great way for beginners to ‘get into the zone.’ Most are focused on shifting brain frequency, so you can achieve the relaxed, meditative state required.
  • Try using candles, incense, and crystals to create a peaceful ambiance and help you enter a quiet frame of mind.
  • Find your astral guide and ask them for help in your journey. Simply requesting help can be a powerful tool.
  • Try not to second-guess the process. Rather than constantly analyzing what’s happening, relax and enjoy the journey instead of waiting for something to happen.
  • After your experience, thank the Universe or your spirit guide. You may wish to record what you have experienced in a journal.

Harnessing Astral Travel

If the idea of journeying to other spiritual planes fascinates you, and you’d like to have a go at experiencing astral travel, you can use the guide above to get started. Always remember to keep in mind a strong positive intention, and only go about a journey with the aim of doing good.

While it may take a long time to master, harnessing astral travel can help you know your innermost self, heal past traumas, see amazing things, and connect with the deepest spiritual mysteries of the Universe.

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