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Hazel: Associations, Healing & Magickal Uses

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Hazel has been used in traditional medicine for draining and restoring the elasticity of lungs. The nuts are a good source of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, fatty acids and protein. Hazelnuts can be powdered and added to mead or honeyed water to help with a cough.


Hazel, associated with wisdom and divination, has been used by Druids for centuries due to its mystical properties.

In magical practices, hazel wands are highly prized for their ability to enhance intuition and channel energy, making them ideal tools for spellwork and rituals.

Hazel wood is known for its healing properties, with its leaves and bark used to treat various ailments, including headaches and skin conditions.

The wood of the hazel tree is also highly durable and flexible, making it a popular choice for crafting wands, dowsing rods, and other magical tools.

Hazel Associations

AssociationSignificanceRelated Elements
ElementWaterIntuition, emotions, healing, purification
PlanetMercuryCommunication, intelligence, flexibility
Zodiac SignVirgoPracticality, attention to detail, nurturing
DeityBrigid, Hermes, ArtemisWisdom, divination, protection, fertility
EnergyFeminine, receptiveIntuition, psychic abilities, nurturing
ColorGreen, brownGrowth, fertility, grounding
Table 1: Associations Table

Magical Usages

According to lore, Hawthorn is one of the nine traditional woods burned in the Balefire by the Druids at Beltaine, burned for wisdom. Known in ancient times as the “Tree of Wisdom”.

Spirit contact, manifestation, protection, prosperity, wisdom, dreams, divination, dowsing, knowledge, marriage, inspiration, wrath, fertility, intelligence, reconciliation, poetic inspiration, anti-lightning charm.

Table: This table could provide information about the magickal uses and properties of Hazel. Include the use, its significance, and how Hazel is incorporated into rituals or spells. For example:

Magickal UseSignificanceMagickal Application
DivinationEnhances divination abilitiesUse Hazel wands or branches during divination
ProtectionShields against negative energiesCarry Hazel charms or create protective amulets
Wisdom and IntuitionAmplifies psychic abilitiesBurn Hazel leaves or use in meditation for insight
FertilityEnhances fertility and abundanceIncorporate Hazel twigs or nuts in fertility spells
CommunicationEnhances communication and eloquenceUse Hazel wood to craft speaking or writing tools
Table 2: Hazel Magickal Uses

A couple of twigs bound with gold or red thread to form a solar cross is carried for protection and good luck.

The mistletoe that grows on Hazel protects you from being bewitched. Sleep under a hazel tree and you will have vivid dreams.

Hazel is sacred to the Fey. A wand made of the wood can be used to call the Fey. Hazel can be used as dowsing rods to find ley lines. Forked branches can be used to find water or buried treasure.

Twigs, nuts and branches should be gathered after sunset on Samhain for that is when the magic(k)al power of the tree is at its peak.

However, it would be best if you didn’t cut Hazel with a knife, but a flint.

Healing Properties of Hazel

Healing PropertyApplicationHealth Benefits
ProtectionAmulets, charms, or talismansShields against negative energies and harm
DivinationDivination tools, such as wandsEnhances intuitive abilities and foresight
Emotional HealingHerbal teas or bath infusionsSupports emotional well-being and healing
Pain ReliefCompresses or poultices with HazelMay alleviate headaches or joint inflammation
Skin HealingSalves, ointments, or extractsAids in wound healing and soothes skin issues
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