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The Spiritual Significance of the Equal-Armed Cross

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

The equal-armed-cross is sometimes called the Greek Cross, Minoan Cross, Celtic Cross, the square cross or the balanced cross. Exactly what it sounds like, this cross is made of two equal lines, crossed at the center. The ends of the lines are often flared.


The Equal-Armed Cross, also known as the Greek Cross or Cross of Lorraine, holds deep spiritual significance across various cultures and religions, including Christianity, witchcraft, and ancient pagan traditions.

This symbol represents balance and equilibrium, with its four arms symbolizing the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. It is often associated with harmony in the natural world and the pursuit of inner balance in spiritual practices.

In Christianity, the Equal-Armed Cross signifies Christ’s teachings of love, compassion, and the unity of all creation. In witchcraft, it is a symbol of protection, grounding, and the integration of elemental energies within rituals and spells.

Variations of the Equal-Armed Cross can be found in different traditions, such as the Ankh in ancient Egypt, the solar cross in indigenous cultures, and the astrological cross in astrology.

Cultural and Religious Representations

Culture/ReligionNameSymbolic Representation
ChristianityGreek CrossCrucifixion of Jesus, salvation, faith
HinduismSwastikaAuspiciousness, prosperity, spiritual power
BuddhismDharmachakraBuddha’s teachings, the Eightfold Path
PaganismSun WheelSun’s journey, cyclical nature of life
Celtic TraditionBrigid’s CrossProtection, fire, fertility
Native AmericanMedicine WheelHarmony, balance, connection to the Earth

Meaning of the Equal Armed Cross symbol

This symbol predates Christianity and the Roman tradition of crucifixion. Crosses of this sort have been found far and wide throughout Eurasia and the Americas. We can’t know for sure what the cross symbolized to these disparate cultures, as it surely didn’t mean the same thing to all of them.

Symbolic MeaningDescription
Balance and HarmonyThe Equal-Armed Cross represents balance and the harmonious union of opposing forces or elements. It signifies the equilibrium between different aspects of existence.
Intersection of PathsThe crossroads created by the equal arms symbolize the meeting point of various paths, both physical and spiritual. It signifies choices, decisions, and opportunities for growth.
Sacred CenterThe center of the Equal-Armed Cross represents the divine or the sacred. It is the focal point where spiritual energies converge and can be seen as a representation of the divine presence.
Cosmic AxisThe vertical and horizontal arms of the cross symbolize the connection between the earthly and the divine realms. It represents the axis mundi, the bridge between heaven and earth.
Unity and WholenessThe Equal-Armed Cross signifies the integration and unity of different aspects of existence, such as mind, body, spirit, and the four elements. It represents the concept of wholeness and completeness.
Table 2: Symbolic Meanings Explained

Modern Pagans also give this cross many different meanings: The four cardinal directions; the four elements; the union of male and female; as above, so below; the sun; fire; balance.

Similar symbols include: the staff of ApolloBrigid‘s Cross; the Sun cross; Coptic cross

Variations of the Equal-Armed Cross:

AnkhThe Egyptian Ankh combines the Equal-Armed Cross with a loop at the top, symbolizing eternal life and divine energy.
Maltese CrossThe Maltese Cross features arms that taper towards the center and often includes additional decorative elements. It is associated with knights, chivalry, and Christian symbolism.
Iron CrossThe Iron Cross, originating from Prussia, is characterized by a bold, symmetrical design with slightly flared arms. It has historical and military associations.
Gammadion CrossAlso known as the Fylfot Cross or the Swastika, the Gammadion Cross features arms that bend at right angles in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It holds various cultural and religious meanings.
Celtic CrossThe Celtic Cross combines a circle and the Equal-Armed Cross. It represents the intersection of the divine and the earthly, as well as the fusion of Christianity with Celtic traditions.

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