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How to Know if You Have Magic in Your Blood? (Signs)

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Written by: Tina Caro

You think you are a witch, but you are not 100% sure. You are in the right place. Together we will explore different signs to check if you are part of our witchy community! So how to know if you have magic in your blood? Let’s take a look at the signs.


Your magical lineage might be in your blood if you find a deep connection with nature, feeling the pulse of the earth’s energy and an innate love for the natural world.

If you possess an extraordinary empathy for animals, being able to communicate with them on an unspoken level and sensing their emotions, it could be a sign of magic coursing through your veins.

An alignment with the moon’s phases, feeling its influence on your emotions and energy levels, could indicate a mystical connection rooted in your heritage.

A fascination and special affinity for crystals, not just as decorative objects but as sources of power and energy, may suggest a magical ancestry that values the earth’s treasures.

Being a witch

When we mention or hear the word witch, images of a horrid-looking old crones with bad intentions come to mind, but, this is what we associate by default with this word, mainly due to movie portrayals of witches, but they are not remotely close to reality.

ClairvoyanceClear vision or seeing beyond the physical
EmpathyFeeling and understanding others’ emotions
PrecognitionPredicting future events or having premonitions
TelepathyMind-to-mind communication
Table 1: Intuitive Abilities

SymbolPossible Meanings
AnimalsAnimal spirit guides or connections to nature
ElementsMessages related to the four elements
Celestial BodiesInsights from the moon, stars, or planets
SymbolsArchetypal or personal symbols and their meanings
Table 2: Symbolic Dreams

Since ancient times, witches have been the target of criticism, rejection, and even persecution, but all this has only been the result of the lack of knowledge and understanding of what a witch really is and does.

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886

All humans have a little magic in them, but witches are capable of developing it to its fullest.

To begin we must clarify that witches do exist, they are not a myth or a legend. A witch is a person who possesses magical or supernatural powers.

Human beings by nature possess some magic, but a witch is capable of developing it and sharpening her senses, which can allow her to put into practice the power of premonitions, telekinesis, clairvoyance and healing, among others.

How to know if you have magic in your blood?

To find out if you have witch powers, we indicate the following points or aspects that you must validate: You are a living being bound to the power of the earth.

The bond that unites a witch with the earth is very strong, which is why it is easy for her to get answers through patterns of nature.

It’s as if the elements of mother nature are communicating with you, and sometimes you can find out which herb is good for which health condition without anyone telling you before.

A witch is aligned body and mind with nature, nature’s wisdom is hers.

Wisdom to help

Naturally, people are inclined to ask you for advice and consult you about their problems in general. In response, you give them hope, guidance and sometimes even give them natural remedies for their cure.

This is typical of a witch.

Nature lover

If you love living in or near the forest and feel the need to be surrounded and in constant contact with nature, this is another indication that you have the powers of a witch inside you.

It is in the middle of a natural environment where a witch feels whole, performs her rituals and develops her powers more strongly by linking them with Mother Nature.

Empathy with animals

Other evidence that you possess witch powers is a natural attraction animals feel toward you. At the same time, you feel great love and empathy towards them.

In the same way, you naturally know which animals are your totems, and you can share a language or form of communication with them.

Your energy and that of the animals, are aligned with nature and from there this mutual empathy arises.

You can read more about green magic here.

Aligned with the moon phases

Although you may not notice it, you may develop your life following the phases of the moon. For example, you may come up with new projects or come up with new plans when there is a new moon and complete stages or projects during the waning phase of the moon.

It is also common for you to be attracted to or even talk to moonlight.

Special taste for crystals

Generally, people with witch powers have a special liking for rocks such as quartz, turquoise, light or pink crystals, and tend to surround themselves with them at home.

In fact, it is very common for crystals to appear in your path naturally.

Witches have existed since the beginning of time and contain in their wisdom and magic, secrets, mysteries, options and answers.

The properties of these rocks that come from the earth are extensive. Crystals can collaborate in love, health, protection, and abundance among other things.

energy crystals

Crystals are great tools for witches, hence they are highly attracted to them. Witches also have a special liking for candles and incense.

Past Lives

A witch tends to remember her past lives through dreams. You may have constant dreams about previous lives, these dreams are memories engraved in your mind of what you have already lived.

It is even possible that you feel phobia to small and closed places, or to fire, this can come from what you suffered in your previous lives.

Power and healing

It is common for a witch to have her power manifest unconsciously at first. For example, you might want something, and this will happen even if it is a bad thing. In these cases, you must be cautious and learn how to direct your power.


A witch by virtue of being is in tune with mother earth, she is a natural healer.

On the other hand, that inner power can also lead you to look for ways to heal with natural remedies, and you may even heal a person just by touching them.

Magic and divination

A witch’s powers manifest in various ways, such as the ease of interpreting other people’s energy and intentions.

Ease to make plants grow, to learn tarot card reading, runes, and special development of clairvoyance.

the devil tarot card
Here’s one from my Tarot deck.

A witch is also capable of perceiving spirits, making astral journeys, and can develop telepathy or telekinesis.


This is one of the most relevant and indisputable points, to know that you are a witch.

If you naturally have visions of what is going to happen and the information comes to you in the form of a sequence of images, like a movie, you undoubtedly have witch powers.

It’s also normal for you to foresee danger, thanks to your sixth sense.

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Good witch or bad witch?

Just as the existence of witches is true, it is also true that there are witches who practice white magic and those who practice black magic.

The powers and energies that a witch wields are very strong, and it can happen that her thoughts are extrapolated causing negative or positive thoughts, triggering good or bad behavior.

By creating negative thoughts, a witch can provoke rejection from nearby people, and this in turn can cause her powers to lean towards black magic, only out of resentment towards rejection by others. There are many reasons why a witch can lean towards one type of magic or the other, but everything is born in her mind.

If you have witch powers, it is very important that you always try to keep your thoughts positive, and that your words are always blessings. Remember that you have powers, and these can be manifested just by thinking about it.

Do you think you have magic in your blood? Why? Let me know in the comment section below.

Tina Caro

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