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Azurite: Correspondences, Healing & Magickal Uses

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Azurite is a soft, bright blue copper carbonate mineral with high copper content. It was known to the ancient Greeks as kuanos and to the Romans as caeruleum, meaning “deep blue” in both cases.

Azurite has been used since antiquity to make a variety of pigments. This stone is found in Chile, Peru, Egypt, the United States, Namibia, China, Morocco and Russia.

Azurite has long been used to increase psychic abilities.


Azurite is a striking blue crystal symbolizing insight, intuition, and spiritual development.

Correspondence-wise, it resonates with the third eye chakra, aiding in psychic abilities and inner vision.

It’s used in healing to enhance mental clarity and release emotional blockages.

In magic, Azurite is employed for divination and meditation, helping one connect with higher wisdom and explore the depths of the subconscious mind.

History and Folklore

azurite crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

The use of azurite dates back to ancient times. The Roman author, naturalist, and philosopher Pliny the Elder mentions it in his Natural History as being beneficial for the hair and eyelashes.

And its status as a stone of healing dates back centuries prior to this. As well as its use in healing and jewelry, azurite was, in medieval and Renaissance art, the most common source of blue paint.

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To the ancient Chinese, azurite was known as the Stone of Heaven, while the Mayans believed that this crystal inspired the flow of wisdom and knowledge. Azurite remains widely used today in paint and for decorative purposes and healing.


Traditionally, azurite is associated with wisdom, truth, and justice, and is said to stimulate the third eye, attuning the wearer to spiritual guidance. Many who work with azurite point to its ability to help the user explore past lives, or facilitate out-of-body journeys.

According to folklore, azurite can be used to increase psychic awareness, alleviate feelings of anger, promote wisdom, and relieve the discomfort associated with rheumatism.

Correspondences of Azurite

Healing and Magickal Uses


Azurite amplifies the powers of reiki and other healers. It also increases the flow of energy throughout the body.


Azurite increases self-worth, encourages communication and brings out leadership qualities.


Azurite can be used to communicate with children still in the womb, it grants visions and prophetic dreams and aids in communicating with other dimensions and spirit guides. Azurite aids in past-life recall.

Care and Cleansing

Azurite is delicate and should not be cleansed in water and should be handled gently. Because of its high copper content and related toxicity, you should not use it directly for elixirs. Azurite may be recharged in sunlight.

Simple Ways to Use Azurite in Your Daily Practice

Azurite is a versatile and beautiful stone, and there are many easy ways to allow its special energy into your life. Use the below ideas as inspiration to get started, and then enjoy creating your own unique azurite rituals.

azurite altar by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Calm Communication

Azurite is particularly good for restoring balance and promoting calm, clear communication. To this end, it’s a great idea to place the stone in the areas of your home most associated with communication, such as the study and the living room.

If you are experiencing difficulties in communication in your relationship, try placing a couple of azurite crystals in the bedroom.

Placing an azurite crystal on the Throat chakra (a chakra that resonates with the color blue) can also be an effective, gentle way of clearing blockages in matters of communication and facilitating better self-expression.

Meditating with Azurite

Its peaceful vibes make azurite the perfect stone to meditate with. Try lying down to meditate and, once you’re relaxed, place the stone on your Third Eye chakra (located between the brows, in the center of the forehead).

Azurite has a strong affinity with this chakra, and using it in this way can help nurture a deep connection with your higher self, providing clarity on your life’s path and purpose. Not to mention it’s super calming.

Blockage Busting

Azurite can help reveal both what is holding us back, and where these fears stem from. In this, it’s a powerful means of dissolving blockages that may stop us from living our best lives every day. 

Try sitting quietly with an azurite crystal, contemplating the things that scare you that you’d like to conquer. Perhaps this is public speaking or a fear of failure.

Still holding your crystal, come up with an affirmation to use to turn this fear on its head.

This could be, for example, ‘I relish the opportunity to get better at public speaking,’ or ‘I am looking forward to taking bold steps to make my dreams come true.’ Repeat this affirmation every morning and evening, while holding your azurite stone.

An Azurite Ritual to Honor the Goddess Athena

In Greek mythology, azurite is linked to Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. Use this ritual to connect with this goddess, and welcome her energy into your life.

  1. Before adding items to your altar, ensure it’s in a peaceful space in your home or garden, and give it a clean. You may also want to smudge the altar or sprinkle it with salt water, to cleanse it.
  2. Place items that honor Athena on your altar. As well as azurite crystals, this could include candles, incense, and items that are associated with this goddess, such as a picture or small sculpture of an owl, or the herbs rue, and lavender
  3. Leave offerings in small bowls on your altar. Good offerings to make to this goddess include olives or olive oil, bread, handcrafted items (Athena is also the goddess of crafts), and literature.
  4. To further work with Athena and connect to her energy, study her myths, and seek to develop a relationship with the goddess through regular inner reflection and meditation.

Azurite and the Zodiac

Azurite is linked to the star sign Sagittarius. As well as being physically soothing to the Archer, this stone can help them to think things through before taking action, and to retain focus on a task.

Aquarians are also likely to benefit from azurite’s energy. The Water Bearer, prone to rebellion (even when it doesn’t serve their interests) will find the gem brings peace, and the ability to think more clearly.

azurite jewelry by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

Crystal Combos

It’s possible to find crystals that are a fusion of azurite and malachite. These beautiful blue and green stones are powerful conductors of energy and facilitators of spiritual connection. For a similar effect, use or wear azurite with malachite, to deliver strong emotional and physical healing benefits.

Pairing azurite with gentle danburite is a wonderful way to promote self-knowledge and love, and bring your physical, mental, and spiritual selves into harmony. This combo is also effective at relieving stress, especially when dealing with a tricky emotional situation.

And to boost your energy levels? Use or wear azurite with vibrant carnelian to increase motivation levels and give you the creative kick you need to realize your dreams.

Azurite: The Conciousness Raiser

Ready to expand your mind? Then it’s time to welcome azurite into your life! This crystal lends itself to developing intuition, connecting with your higher self, and accessing the spiritual realms.

And that’s not all. Azurite has formidable powers of healing, and can help us get to the bottom of any issues that may lay at the root of our ailments.

The stone can be used to help break through pre-programed belief systems or states of mind, allowing us to see with clarity and gain new insight. And when it comes to anxiety, grief, or sadness, it’s a strong but gentle friend to have on side.

Geophysical Properties of Azurite

Chemical CompositionCopper carbonate hydroxide mineral with the chemical formula Cu₃(CO₃)₂(OH)₂.
Crystal SystemMonoclinic, typically forming prismatic or tabular crystals, as well as massive and botryoidal forms.
ColorDeep blue to azure blue, giving it its name, but it can also appear green due to impurities like malachite.
TransparencyTransparent to translucent.
LusterVitreous (glassy) luster.
Hardness3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively soft and easily scratched.
CleavagePoor cleavage in two directions, making it less prone to cleave than some other minerals.
FractureConchoidal (glass-like) fracture, with smooth, curved surfaces when broken.
DensityTypically ranges from 3.7 to 3.9 g/cm³, varying with impurities and crystal structure.
Refractive IndexUsually around 1.730 to 1.838, depending on the specimen and impurities.
BirefringenceTypically absent or very weak, meaning it doesn’t significantly split light into two rays.
Specific GravityApproximately 3.7 to 3.9, somewhat heavier than quartz.
RadioactivityTypically not radioactive.
SolubilityInsoluble in water, but it can react with acids and dissolve.
Associated MineralsOften found in association with copper ores like malachite and chrysocolla, as well as other secondary copper minerals.
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