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Violet: Propagation, Healing & Magical Attributes

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

There are about 500 species of violet (Viola spp) around the world. Most are small perennial herbs, but there are some annuals and shrubs in the family as well.

Most have heart-shaped, scalloped leaves (though some are palmate) and the flowers have four up-swept petals (like a sail) at the top and one forward-thrusting petal (like the keel of the boat) at the bottom.

Flowers can be any shade of purple, yellow or white often with a contrasting throat. Pansies come in a huge variety of colors and are often multicolored.

Other Names
pansies, heartsease, viola, violetta


Violet plants can be propagated through both seeds and division, making them a versatile addition to any garden.

Harvest violet leaves and flowers in the early spring for optimal potency, and store them in a cool, dry place for later use.

Violets possess various magical attributes, such as promoting love, protection, and luck, making them popular in rituals and spells.

The healing attributes of violets include soothing skin irritations, easing respiratory issues, and supporting overall well-being, both internally and externally.


Violas and pansies can be easily raised from seed, from cuttings or purchased as bedding plants from your local nursery. There are a huge variety available. Many people consider violets to be weeds in their yard and may let you come in and dig them up if you ask. Plant them in an area of dappled sunshine and mulch well to keep the roots cool.

Violets and pansies are very cold and shade tolerant, they don’t like heat much but will come back again after the heat has passed. Pansies are known for blooming in the spring and then again in the fall.

Violas are used as food by many caterpillars, so be sure to plant enough to share and enjoy the show when the butterflies come to lay their eggs.

Harvesting & Storage

Pinch off blooms as they appear and candy to preserve indefinitely.

Magical Attributes

Violets are affiliated with the planet Venus OR Pluto and are associated with the nymphs of ancient Greek myth as, in the Odyssey, Homer says that Ogygia is “beautiful land of parsley and violets.” Violets are also associated with death and rebirth through the story of Attis.

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Violets are useful in love spells and may be carried as an amulet to increase one’s luck in love. Try combining them with lavender for an enhanced effect.

Also useful in spells for protection, wishes, peace and healing.

In the language of flowers, violets represent faithfulness.

Healing Attributes

Violas are rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and A. They also make a lovely, soothing tea that is used in Chinese medicine.

SoothingViolets are known for their soothing properties and can be used in teas, tinctures, or baths to promote relaxation.
HealingViolets have been used in traditional medicine to address respiratory issues, skin conditions, and digestive discomfort.
ProtectionViolets are associated with protection and can be used in rituals or charms to ward off negativity and evil influences.
Love and RomanceViolets have a long history as symbols of love and romance. They can be used in spells or rituals to enhance relationships.
Psychic AwarenessViolets are believed to enhance psychic awareness and intuition, making them valuable in divination or spiritual practices.
Table 1: Healing and Magical Attributes of Violets

Culinary Use

Violets and pansies taste floral and a bit celery-like. They are great additions to salads and lovely decorations on cookies and cakes. They can easily be candied by painting them with a bit of egg white and sprinkling them with sugar or dipping them in melted syrup.

Viola odorata is most often used for this, but any variety is suitable though they may not be as flavorful. Pansies are lovely candied and used as cake decorations.

Violet syrup is used to flavor violet scones and viola essence flavors many liquors. Both the ancient Greeks and the Romans used violets to make wine ”Vinum Violatum”


Don’t confuse true violets with African violets which are not edible.

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