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Okra: Propagation, Spiritual & Magical Attributes

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus or Hibiscus esculentus) is a member of the hibiscus family and an African import to the American South.

Okra is an African native plant first grown in Egypt in the 12th century BCE and then throughout North Africa and the Mediterranean. It has since spread throughout the world. Ground okra seeds may have been used (among other things) by Southerners during the blockades of the Civil War as a coffee substitute.

Other Names Bhindi, Gombo, gumbo, Kacang Bendi, Kopi Arab, Ladies Fingers, Ochro, Okoro, Okra, quimbombo, Quimgombo, quingumbo


Okra, while not as commonly associated with folklore, spirituality, and magick as some other plants, still holds significance in certain traditions:

Folklore: In some cultures, okra is considered a symbol of fertility and abundance due to its prolific growth and the numerous seeds it produces.

Spirituality: Okra may be used in spiritual practices related to abundance, growth, and nourishment. It can symbolize the bounty of the earth and the cycle of growth and harvest.

Magick Uses: In magickal practices, okra may be used in spells or rituals aimed at promoting fertility, abundance, and prosperity. Its association with growth and fertility can be invoked to attract positive energies related to these intentions.

While not as extensively documented as other plants in folklore, spirituality, and magick, okra still carries symbolic and magickal significance in certain cultures and practices, particularly in contexts related to fertility, growth, and abundance.


Okra seeds can be planted about 1/2 inch deep. It also doesn’t like being transplanted, so start in peat pots or direct sow after temperatures have warmed up, or grow it in a container. Okra does not like cold, so don’t put it outdoors until the weather is consistently warm into the evening. Temperatures below 50 degrees will halt growth.

You should allow eight to twelve inches between plants in each direction and make sure they are placed in a sunny spot with good circulation. Place them near the back of the garden, because many varieties get quite tall. Plants grow quickly and flowers soon appear followed by buds about 60 days after sprouting.

Keeping pods picked will encourage the plant to keep producing. Keep the bed clear of weeds and mulch deeply but water sparingly.

Companion Planting

Plant okra near peppers as it provides protection to them from sun and wind damage.

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) in a Bowl

Magical Attributes

Okra pods and the mucilaginous gel they contain are used in spells to help “slip” out of a bad situation or to cause negative energy, curseshexes, and unhealthy connections to “slide” right off of you. Use them in sympathetic spells and ritual baths.

Okra wash for uncrossing: Fill a bucket with warm water and break open several okra pods into it. Smash them in your hands (careful, some varieties are prickly) and rub them into the water, saying an appropriate prayer or chant as you do so (Psalm 37 is good).

Let it steep for a while, then squeeze the excess water out of the pods (into the bucket) and discard them.

Magical AttributeDescriptionApplication
AbundanceSymbolizes abundance, prosperity, and fertilityPlaced on an altar or carried as a talisman for abundance
ProtectionProvides protective energies and wards off negativityUsed in spellwork or hung above doorways for protection
Love and RomanceAssociated with love, attraction, and romantic energyUtilized in love spells or placed in love sachets
Healing EnergiesEnhances healing energies and promotes overall well-beingUsed in healing rituals or carried for healing purposes
Divination and InsightAids in accessing intuitive wisdom and enhancing psychic abilitiesKept nearby during divination or meditation practices
Table 1: Okra Magical Attributes

Then take your bucket and stand in the bathtub. Pour this mixture over your head so that it flows from the top of your head to your feet. Use your hands to move it all over your body in a downward motion, praying or chanting as you do so.

Be careful, this can make the tub slippery. Then wash normally.

Okra contains powerful masculine energy and can be added to achieve balance or to increase masculine energy in a mixture.

Healing Attributes

Okra is high in fiber. It helps stabilize blood sugar. Its mucilage soothes the digestive tract. It is also cleansing to the colon and encourages the growth of healthy bacteria.

Healing PropertyDescriptionApplication
Digestive AidSupports digestion and alleviates constipationConsumed as a fiber-rich food to promote healthy digestion
AntioxidantContains powerful antioxidants that protect against free radicalsSupports overall health and helps fight oxidative stress
Anti-inflammatoryReduces inflammation in the bodyMay help alleviate symptoms of inflammatory conditions
Immune BoosterEnhances immune function and supports a healthy immune systemProvides vitamins and minerals essential for immune health
Nutrient DenseRich in vitamins, minerals, and fiberContributes to overall nutrient intake and wellness
Table 2: Okra Healing Properties

Harvesting & Storage

Cut young pods from the plant shortly after they appear. If you wait too long they will get tough. How long is too long depends on the variety. Refer to the instructions that came with your seeds or experiment. 3 inches is a good general rule. Once you start, you’ll need to keep harvesting every two days until the weather gets cold.

Okra can be trimmed, blanched, patted dry and frozen. Before using frozen okra, thaw completely and pat dry. If you fry okra, try slicing and breading it then freezing it in meal-sized portions for future use. Okra can also be pickled.

Household Use

If your okra gets too tough for eating, dry it and use it to make crafts like you would gourds.

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