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May: Folklore, Moons, Symbols & Correspondences

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

May is the fifth month of the year according to both the Gregorian and the Julian Calendars. May was the third month in the early Roman calendar. People born in the month of May are born under the Sun Sign of either Taurus or Gemini.

The month of May was named after Maia, one of the Pleiades and the mother of the God Hermes.


In witchcraft, May is often celebrated as a time of fertility, growth, and abundance. As spring reaches its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, witches embrace the energy of the season to nurture their intentions and projects.

May is associated with Beltane, a traditional Celtic festival celebrating the union of the god and goddess and the flourishing of life.

Witches may participate in rituals and ceremonies honoring fertility, love, and the blooming of the natural world.

They may also work with symbols such as flowers, maypoles, and bonfires to harness the potent energies of Beltane.

Magickal Practices in May

May is a vibrant and energetic month in witchcraft, marked by the celebration of Beltane and the height of spring’s fertility.

It’s a time to honor the Earth’s abundance, embrace the energy of growth and renewal, and connect with the magic of the natural world.

We often engage in rituals, spells, and meditations that reflect the themes of fertility, love, and connection, aligning themselves with the natural rhythms of the Earth and the turning of the wheel of the year.

Beltane RitualsWitches often perform rituals to celebrate Beltane, honoring the fertility of the Earth and the union of the God and Goddess. These rituals may include maypole dancing, bonfire ceremonies, and rituals to bless crops and livestock.
Flower MagicMay is a time of abundant blooming, making it ideal for flower magic. Witches may create floral arrangements for altars, perform rituals using flower petals, or infuse flower essences into their spellwork for love, healing, and abundance.
Green WitchcraftWith the lush greenery of spring in full bloom, May is a time for embracing the magic of the natural world. Green witches may spend time outdoors, connecting with the Earth, and working with herbs, plants, and trees for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth.

May Correspondences

SymbolsMaypole, flowers, bonfires, ribbons
ColorsGreen, pink, yellow, red
Herbs and FlowersHawthorn, roses, lilac, jasmine
CrystalsEmerald, rose quartz, moonstone
ThemesFertility, love, abundance, growth
Table: Correspondences and Themes for May

Fun Facts About May

According to some Almanacs, some Native American tribes called the May full moon The Full Flower Moon, The Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

In any given year, no other month will begin on the same day of the week as the month of May. The following year will, however.

The Anglo Saxon word for May was Tri-Milchi meaning 3 milks because the grass had become so lush and green that you could milk the cows three times a day!

May in Myth and Magic

To maintain a youthful appearance and enhance your beauty, wash your face in the dew you collect on the morning of the first of May.

Marry in May, you’ll rue the day.
It is considered very bad luck to get married in May; perhaps because it is considered by some to be the wedding month of the God and Goddess and it would be very rude to upstage them.

Wash a blanket in May, you’ll wash a dear one away
It is bad luck to wash your blankets in May or to buy a new broom.

According to one superstition, children born this month will be sickly all their lives and cats born this month won’t catch mice, but might bring snakes into the house.

Good weather in May is not necessarily a good thing.
A wet May brings a big load of hay.
A cold May is kindly and fills the barn finely.
Mist in May and heat in June makes harvest come right soon.

Holidays, Pagan Festivals and Important Dates in May

  • Beltane is celebrated on the first of May.
  • The Bona Dea festival was celebrated in ancient Rome on the first of May.
  • May 1st was also Vinalia.
  • May 9th is the Roman festival of Lemuria.
  • May 15th is the birthday of the Roman God Mercury or Mercuralia
  • May 21st is the Roman festival Vejovis.
  • May 23rd is the Roman festival Rosalia
  • Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.
  • Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May.
  • Armed Forces Day is the third Sunday in May.
  • May 5th is Cinco De Mayo, commemorating the Mexican defeat of the French at Puebla
  • The Kentucky Derby takes place the first Sunday in May.
  • It is said that King Arthur died on May 30 542
  • Joan of Arc died on May 30, 1431

May Day

May Day is a secular public holiday celebrated in Europe on the first of May that has roots in ancient Pagan holidays including Beltane and Floralia.

Celebrations often include maypole dancing, bonfires, parades and the crowning of the May Queen.

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I have three children; two are grown, and I have been practicing magick alone and with family and friends for over 30 years.

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