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Crystals and Minerals

Magnetite: Folklore, Healing & Magickal Uses

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Written by: Tina Caro

Magnetite is a major iron ore and is best known for its magnetic properties. All magnetite can be attracted by a magnet and sometimes magnetite becomes a magnet itself. Naturally, magnetized magnetite is also called lodestone.

A reaction between magnetite and oxygen can form hematite. Small amounts of magnetite can be found in most igneous and metamorphic rocks as well as in many sedimentary rocks. Magnetite has been found in meteorites.


In ancient times, it was known as “lodestone” and considered a sacred stone by various cultures. It was believed to have protective qualities and was often used as a talisman or amulet.

Magnetite’s magnetic properties made it a key component in early compasses, enabling navigation across vast seas, which revolutionized exploration and trade routes.

It is revered for its grounding and manifestation properties. It is used to enhance one’s personal power, attract abundance, and create a protective energy barrier.

Magnetite’s energy aligns with the root chakra, helping individuals connect with the Earth’s energy, facilitating balance, and aiding in meditation and divination practices.

History and Folklore

It is said that magnetite was first discovered by the Greek shepherd Magnes in Magnesia when small black stones were attracted to the nails in his shoes. Thales of Miletus first wrote about it in the 6th century BCE

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As early as 300BCE, Chinese navigators created the first magnetic compass using lodestones on a string. There is some evidence the Olmec used a lodestone compass 1000 years before this.

Emery is a combination of magnetite and corundum that has been used as an abrasive since ancient times.

Magnetite is economically significant as an iron ore.

Astrological signs: AriesCapricornAquariusVirgo

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Magnetite in Magick

Magnetite has been worn to grant warriors invulnerability and to increase energy, endurance, and vitality and protect from unfaithfulness.

Magnetite is said to draw love, protect virtue and guard against anger, fear, and despair.

Magnetite can be used to aid in spiritual matters and meditation.

Mars stone, magnetite may be used to aid in treatments for conditions relating to the blood and circulatory system.

Wearing magnetic jewelry could interfere with pacemakers. Pregnant women may also wish to refrain from wearing magnetic jewelry.

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Copyright: Tina Caro

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