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Animal Symbolism

What Spirit Animal is a Libra? [Zodiac Totems Series]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Libras are complex and gentle people with inner struggles but are looking for a balanced life. Let’s see what Libra’s spirit animal is and how this info can help us connect to its energy to create a better life.


Libra’s spirit animal is the rabbit, a symbol of balance, grace, and harmony.

The rabbit as a spirit animal represents the Libra’s desire for peace and tranquility, as well as their keen sense of intuition and diplomacy.

This spirit animal encourages Libras to embrace their ability to bring balance and healing to chaotic situations, just as rabbits symbolize fertility and renewal in nature.

To work with the energy of Libra’s spirit animal, one can meditate on the rabbit’s qualities to enhance their own sense of equilibrium, intuition, and the ability to mend conflicts peacefully.

What is Libra’s spirit animal?

Libras are incredibly kind people. For this reason, their animal spirit is a rabbit. They are inclined to offer affection and do not like to be alone. They highly appreciate pampering. With great generosity, they share everything they have.

They don’t like strange and disorganized situations. Just like rabbits, they leave when they perceive negative situations. It is not a question of cowardice, but of giving value to important things and one’s time. Libras seek balance and they try to always be truthful and reliable.

They act in the best way in social relationships, they are very practical, casual, and without prejudices, as well as have a lot of charm. A Libra feels more complete when paired with a loved one forever. The symbol of Libra is a balancing mechanism, and as such wants to stay on par and calm.

Think of the scales of justice and how they work to achieve the right balance. In the same way, a Libra is objective, fair, and wants to do what is best for everyone. It is possible, however, that this tendency to justice is due to a different reason: A Libra abhors conflict.

Those born in Libra study every possible angle in the hope of achieving peace and harmony, so that the others seem inconstant or indecisive. A Libra will do all that is needed to avoid a confrontation. A Libra is a keen strategist, organizes groups with balance, and succeeds well (in harmony with the main quality assigned to this sign).

Libra – the Scales, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”

Also, you can expect them to be sociable, company people. Libra likes to use their mind well, and they enjoy communicating their thoughts to others.

They like to use sympathy (and speeches) to get to know others better—yes, knowing people is what Libras care about. You can also expect a fair speech from Libra since he lives according to the principles of diplomacy and compromise.

Spirit AnimalSymbolism
DovePeace, harmony, and diplomacy
SwanBeauty, grace, and elegance
PeacockBalance, self-expression, and confidence
ButterflyTransformation, adaptability, and beauty
SquirrelSocial connections, resourcefulness, and balance
OwlWisdom, insight, and the ability to see different perspectives
CatBalance between independence and social connections
Table 1: Other Spirit Animals Associated with Libra

When this approach does not work, Libra does not disdain to use their persuasive charm to achieve the goal. Manipulative? No, they are too good for that! They are not driven to fight and are usually balanced and serene.

Just like a rabbit!

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The symbolism of this spirit animal explained

The main meanings related to this animal have to do with themes such as abundance, comfort, vulnerability, fertility, desire, procreation, lust, and enjoyment; not surprisingly, the symbol of the Playboy magazine is a rabbit.

Rabbits are also well connected to the seasons, to the changes of Mother Earth, and concretely to spring; in fact, they hear the call of the beginning of spring in a very intense way, as if it were a real celebration of life.

If you have ever taken a rabbit in your hand, you may have noticed the rapidity with which the heart of this animal beats: for this reason, they are related to people with great sensitivity and an extremely cautious personality.

They are gentle and hyperactive, but fear is always right there around the corner. Fear of predators, fear of danger. And that can stop it from living life at its best.

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We all know that there is a very large population of rabbits: in fact, the great reproductive capacity of this species is well known. For this reason, the rabbit is a perfect symbol of fertility and spring: growth, new life, and new beginnings.

A mother rabbit can have more than forty babies in a year: this is a symbol related to the cycle of life and the way in which several generations alternate within it. This is the reason why in some cultures in Asia, the rabbit is a symbol of longevity and a large family, an element that also makes it a good symbol of creativity and creation.

The rabbit symbolism has many other meanings. Rabbits love to chew and their teeth never stop growing. Symbolically, chewing indicates repetition, contemplation, and dividing the concepts into different parts: this symbolizes elements such as health and prosperity.

Rabbits are also a symbol and a reminder of the work we need to do to strengthen our social networks.

How to work with the energy of libra’s spirit animal?

Fear finds its true shape in the rabbit totem because it is an extremely fearful and guarded animal, always frightened by anything, any noise or even the suspicion that there may be a danger, always frightened by the idea that a lynx or a coyote or even other ferocious animals could eat it.

He is afraid of everything that surrounds him and with this thought he acts in the world, preferring to remain on the third floor, always hidden from the sight of others, sometimes even complaining that others do not take care of him but not realizing that his own fear generates this fact.

He instinctively hides from the eyes and interests of others so, invariably, his fears are realized in concrete facts that strengthen his instinct to escape.

If you are interested in this animal totem try as much as possible to always think negatively, to see things for what they are without magnifying or negating them if reality does not really have negative sides.

  • Keep in mind that everyone is primarily responsible for the things that happen to him, first and foremost; personal responsibility.
  • Work with the rabbit energy by thinking positive, try to bring some joy into your life.
  • If you are having struggles in truly connecting with your intimacy and fertility, try fertility spell or a sex spell.
  • Use a totem showing a rabbit as a reminder to be more aware of your fears, making them rational and easier to overcome.


The rabbit, the spirit animal of a Libra, is a sweet but complex creature that wants you to be more aware of the true world outside of you, analyzing what’s around you from a rational perspective.

Its focus is on your sexual identity but also on the need of creating social connections with others from a place of clarity and balance. The search for balance is what truly connects the rabbit with the sign of the Libra.

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