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Eyebright: Folklore, Healing and Magical Uses

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) is an annual herb that is common to dry fields and pasture lands in its native Britain and also in the U.S. where it has become naturalized. It is about 2-8 inches high and bears spikes of small labiate flowers in white or purple veined with darker purple from July to September. In richer soil, it is a larger, more shrubby plant.

In poor soil it is small and unbranched. When there are branches on the plant they are opposite. The leaves can be round or oval shaped depending on conditions and are deeply toothed. Seeds appear in flat capsules in the autumn.


Eyebright, a delicate wildflower, has a rich history steeped in folklore and tradition, with documented use dating back to ancient Greece.

This remarkable herb boasts magical attributes, believed to enhance psychic abilities and provide protection against malevolent forces.

Beyond its mystical qualities, Eyebright has practical household uses, such as an eye wash for soothing tired or irritated eyes.

In the realm of healing, Eyebright’s reputation as an herbal remedy extends to alleviating various eye conditions, including conjunctivitis and eye strain.

History and Folklore

The name Euphrasia is taken from the name of one of the three Greek Charities, Euphrosyne, meaning gladness. According to legend, the linnet, a bird whose Greek name comes from the same root, first used this plant to clear the sight of its young and then passed the knowledge on to mankind.

Ancient Greek BeliefsEyebright was believed to be a gift from the goddess Euphrosyne, one of the three Graces. It was associated with joy, clarity, and improved vision.
European FolkloreIn European folklore, Eyebright was considered a magical herb associated with the fairy realm. It was believed to have the power to reveal hidden truths and provide protection against evil spirits.
Symbolic MeaningsEyebright symbolizes clarity, perception, and the ability to see beyond the surface. It is associated with enhanced vision, both in the physical and metaphorical sense.
Table 1: Folklore and Legends

Spenser, Milton and other poets mention Eyebright in their poems.

In the time of Queen Elizabeth I, Eyebright Ale was a beverage believed to cheer the spirit.


Eyebright prefers alkaline soil and does not do well in perfect well-tended beds. It prefers to grow weed-like in the shadow of other plants. It doesn’t transplant well, so scatter the seeds randomly among your other plants in your herb garden. It is notoriously difficult to grow in the garden and prefers to the wild grasslands.

You could try growing it in your lawn if you have a section you won’t be mowing.

Eyebright is best harvested in late summer when it is in full bloom. Cut the full herb and hang upside down to dry. Use within one year. The leaves and flowers are all used together.

Magical Attributes

air, the sun, and Leo.

It is named after one of the three Charities of the Hellenic Pantheon, Euphrosyne, Goddess of Joy and Mirth. It is also associated with the Tower Tarot card.

Place a few drops of infusion of eyebright on your eyelids before sleeping to have prophetic dreams and see that which is normally unseen during the day.

Use in spells to help you (or others) see situations clearly and objectively, to avoid or remove deception and metaphorical cloudiness.

Magical UsesDescription
Enhanced Perception and IntuitionEyebright is associated with enhancing perception and intuition. It can be used in rituals or spells aimed at increasing clarity, insight, and the ability to see the truth in a situation.
Connection with the Fairy RealmDue to its association with fairies in folklore, Eyebright is sometimes used in rituals or offerings to connect with the fairy realm and seek their guidance or blessings.
Protection and DivinationSome practitioners use Eyebright in protective spells or charms to ward off negative energies or enhance psychic protection. It is also believed to aid in divination practices and accessing higher realms of consciousness.
Table 2: Magical Uses

Use also in spells to help rise above difficult situations and to see the silver lining on dark clouds.

Appropriate for all rituals and celebrations of thanksgiving and any ritual associated with the Graces or any joyous event, especially one that marks the end of one era and the beginning of another.

It is appropriate for offerings of thanksgiving.

Household Use

Eyebright is an ingredient in British herbal tobacco and makes a decent smoke.

Healing Attributes

Eyebright, as its name implies, is traditionally used for just about any ailment of the eye. An infusion of one ounce of herb per pint of water is an excellent all-purpose eyewash good for removing dust, debris and relieving irritation caused by allergies and mild conjunctivitis. Just put it in an eyewash cup and perform the eyewash as you would normally. (Read the directions that came with the cup)

For external eye irritations and inflammations, and to reduce general puffiness and dark circles, use milk instead of water and apply to the eyelids and surrounding area with a cotton ball.

Healing PropertiesDescription
Eye Health SupportEyebright has a long history of use in supporting eye health. It is believed to alleviate eye strain, soothe irritation, and reduce inflammation in conditions like conjunctivitis and dry eyes.
Allergy ReliefThe herb is known for its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, making it useful in relieving symptoms associated with allergies, such as itchy and watery eyes.
Respiratory SupportEyebright is sometimes used to support respiratory health and alleviate symptoms of respiratory conditions like colds, sinusitis, and hay fever.
Table 3: Healing Properties

Eyebright can also be smoked to help relieve chronic bronchial inflammation.

Eyebright tea may be drunk as needed for general allergy symptoms, dry coughs and sinus infections. This is also said to enhance memory function.

Dimming of eyesight can result from prolonged use, or use of strong concentrations of eyebright.

None of the traditional uses of eyebright have ever been officially studied.

Because the safety of eyebright’s use during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established, it is best avoided during these times.

Infusion of eyebright is a must-have for your herbal first aid kit.

Culinary Use

Eyebright can be added to teas.

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