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Crystals Associated with Rain: Best Choices


Written by: Tina Caro

Rain is a highly symbolic and powerful element. In this article we are going to explore the best crystals to connect with it and honor it.


Crystals associated with rain, like Turquoise, Celestite, and Amazonite, embody purification and emotional renewal.

Turquoise brings clarity and tranquility, akin to rain’s calming effect on worries.

Celestite fosters emotional balance and communication, relieving stress like the soothing rhythm of rainfall.

Amazonite encourages honesty and integrity, soothing the mind and spirit similar to rain’s revitalizing effect on the earth.

Together, they symbolize the cleansing and rejuvenating energy of rain, offering emotional support and renewal.

The Symbolism of Rain

Rain is rich in symbolic meanings, sometimes associated with melancholy and sadness, but also with flexibility and adaptability, it is in fact described as a teacher of change given that flowing water is a symbol of liberation.

It also symbolizes unity, inner calm, peace, life, and individual drops are compared to the soul.

According to Hans Biedermann’s Encyclopedia of Symbols, Saint Hildegard, abbess of Bingen, compared it to the vital energy of the soul which is responsible for the blossoming of the body, an energy that never dries up, just as the rain flows in the ground.

Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them
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Dictionary of Symbolism: Cultural Icons and the Meanings Behind Them
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In the Bible, it is described as a gift from God that makes the earth fruitful and quenches its thirst.

In everyday life it teaches us that we must learn to be flexible and adapt to changes.

crystals associated with rain
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Best Crystals for Honoring Rain

Tourquoise, Celestite, and Amazonite are the best crystals for honoring rain.


Turquoise is a very ancient stone, considered by ancient cultures as a symbol of wisdom, but also as a call for rain. In fact, some Native American shamans, such as those belonging to the Navajo tribe, used this stone in propitiatory ceremonies for rainfall.

Turquoise infuses energy in moments of tiredness, relieves depression, and protects the individual from negative environmental influences. It has a calming action and reduces the tendency towards victimism by instilling joy in living and awareness of one’s abilities.

Turquoise stimulates intuition and the perception of one’s own psycho-physical unity, balancing all polarities (male and female) and dualisms (body and spirit).

Enhance creative expression skills and the strength of communication through the use of the voice. It promotes a sense of beauty and facilitates interpersonal relationships and harmony in couple relationships.

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This crystal is often associated with angelic realms and divine communication. Its gentle energy can evoke feelings of serenity and connection to the spiritual realm, much like the refreshing sensation of rain.

Celestite awakens spirituality by helping people adapt to higher states of consciousness through communication with their guardian angel.

In fact, it induces an inner peace that awakens receptivity to the messages of the angelic realms. Activating the crown chakra promotes channeling, dreams, intuitions and facilitates astral travel.

It promotes the integration of the physical structure with the spiritual one, creating healing through harmony with universal love. In the same way it opens up to new forms of coexistence with others, seeking harmony and sharing.

It is a stone symbol of Faith and Hope, two fundamental qualities for living the present to the fullest, with a positive eye on the future.

Celestite transforms pain into experience and wisdom, purifies and regenerates the aura, accelerates spiritual evolution and brings a general sense of security.

In short, it is one of the highest vibrational stones you can wear when you intend to do serious vibrational work and embrace transformation and accept change.


With its soothing blue-green color, amazonite is associated with harmony and balance. It can help calm emotions and bring a sense of tranquility, similar to the effect of rain.

Amazonite is also a stone of transformation, it instills self-confidence, making the individual capable of making decisions and giving a profound sense of freedom.

It helps to overcome periods of depression and abandon vices, giving greater willpower to fight unhealthy habits.

By working on the Throat Chakra, this stone encourages the activation of expressive abilities, and increases the ability to develop a conversation by finding balance in respect for oneself and others.

amazonite crystal on a table by tina caro magickal spot

How to Use Crystals?

  • Embrace the soothing and harmonizing energies of Amazonite to honor the cleansing and revitalizing power of rain. Its gentle blue-green hues evoke the tranquil essence of water, symbolizing renewal, purification, and emotional healing.
  • Use Amazonite in rituals or ceremonies dedicated to rain as a symbol of abundance and fertility. Its calming and balancing properties can help you attune to the rhythms of nature and cultivate a deeper connection with the life-giving forces of the earth.

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  • Harness the ethereal energies of Celestine to honor the celestial origins of rain and its connection to the heavens. Its serene blue color and celestial vibrations evoke the expansive beauty of the sky, symbolizing divine guidance, inspiration, and spiritual awakening.
  • Use Celestite in meditation or visualization practices to connect with the elemental energy of rain and invoke its purifying and transformative qualities. Its calming and uplifting energies can facilitate inner peace and clarity, allowing you to receive guidance and wisdom from higher realms.
  • Invoke the protective and purifying energies of Turquoise to honor the sacred significance of rain in indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions. Its vibrant blue-green color and earthy vibrations symbolize the life-giving properties of water and its role in sustaining life on earth.
  • Carry or wear Turquoise as a talisman of protection and prosperity during rituals or ceremonies dedicated to rain. Its grounding properties can help you stay connected to the earth while its protective energies shield you from negative influences and promote a sense of abundance and well-being.

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  • Set up an altar under the open sky during a clear night, adorned with Celestite crystals and celestial symbols. Light candles or incense as offerings to the heavens, and meditate on the vastness of the cosmos. Connect with the energy of Celestite to invoke divine guidance and inspiration, honoring the celestial origins of rain and its spiritual significance.
  • Organize a communal rain dance ceremony, inviting participants to gather outdoors and move in harmony with the rhythm of falling rain. Use Turquoise jewelry or adornments as ceremonial attire, symbolizing your connection with the elemental energy of rain and invoking its blessings of abundance and vitality.


These are the best crystals to embrace rain, its symbolism and its energy while honoring it for its incredible power and its endless potential.

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