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By Witchipedia, Deities

Who is Agrona: Welsh Goddess of War

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Agrona is a Welsh goddess of war and slaughter.

Though her name bears the root of the modern English word ‘agronomy’, the name for the scientific study of land cultivation, no evidence of her as a harvest/fertility Goddess can be found today. However, she may have been a river Goddess as she is connected to river Aeron in Cardiganshire, which literally means “carnage”.

Agrona is often considered cognate to the Irish Morrigan goddess Macha.

Agrona’s Attributes

TitleWelsh Goddess of War
SymbolismAssociated with battle, strife, and the ravages of war
Other NamesAeron, Agron
DomainsWar, conflict, victory, courage, protection

Agrona’s Mythological Associations

Mythological AssociationsDescription
Welsh MythologyAgrona is a deity featured in Welsh mythology, particularly associated with war and battle.
ConsortShe is often regarded as the consort of Amaethon, the Welsh god of agriculture and the divine plowman.
Warrior GoddessAgrona is revered as a fierce and formidable warrior goddess, embodying the destructive power of war.
Battle CriesIt is said that the sound of Agrona’s battle cries and war chants struck fear into the hearts of her enemies.
Protectors of WarriorsShe is invoked by warriors seeking protection and strength in battle.

Symbols and Offerings for Agrona

Symbols and OfferingsDescription
Weapons and ArmorAgrona is often depicted with weapons such as swords, spears, or shields, symbolizing her association with war.
Red ColorThe color red is commonly associated with Agrona, representing bloodshed, passion, and the fury of battle.
OfferingsOfferings to Agrona may include red flowers, wine, honey, bread, or items related to warfare and combat.
Ritual PracticesRitual practices dedicated to Agrona may involve chanting, drumming, or reenactments of battle and warfare.
InvocationWhen invoking Agrona, one can call upon her for courage, protection, and victory in times of conflict.
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