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Angels, By Witchipedia

Achaiah: The Angel of Patience

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Achaiah is one of the Seraphim. The angel of patience. He who discovers the secrets of nature. Achaiah loves to uncover knowledge through long study, experimentation and detailed observation.

Achaiah watches over those born April 21st through April 25th.


Achaiah, the Angel of Patience, embodies the divine essence of serene tranquility and inner peace, offering solace in times of turmoil and stress.

Achaiah can bestow blessings related to personal growth, emotional stability, and the cultivation of patience, allowing individuals to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

This angel is a powerful ally in addressing personal issues, aiding in the healing of emotional wounds, and helping individuals let go of impatience, anger, and frustration.

Achaiah is characterized by qualities such as empathy, understanding, and the ability to instill a sense of calm, making them an ideal guardian for those seeking balance in their lives.

What is the divine essence of the Angel Achaiah?

The divine Essence of the Angel Achaiah is Courage, a gift and virtue that he dispenses as Guardian Angel to his proteges,  between April 21st and April 25th.

Known as the Angel of Courage, Achaiah, in the five during which he is “Guardian Angel of the day”, is in charge of stimulating our sentimental and emotional activities by giving different attributes to those born on the following days:

March 27: protection
June 9: science
23-24 August: reconstruction
November 4th: admiration
January 15: courage

As the “Guardian Angel of the Missions”, he is in charge of stimulating the thoughts and mental activities of those born from 02.00 to 02.20. He gifts them the necessary attributes for them to understand and spread the truth.

Which blessings can he grant?

The Guardian Angel Achaiah grants success in the fields of natural sciences, ecology, agriculture, industry and communications. It inspires man to be open to the subtle faculties that sleep in us and pushes us to rise towards God.

The Guardian Angel Achaiah, with his Mercurian energies, spreads and encourages innovation, favoring scientific discoveries and the creation of inventions useful to humanity.

What personal issues can Achaiah help you with?

On the individual level, however, the Guardian Angel Achaiah reveals the possibilities connected to one’s mental and/or inner organization, guiding one to knowingly use one’s thoughts to understand the externalization of Divine thought.

Courage, his divine essence, is the ability to understand the trials of life with logical judgement and face adversity with fortitude and serenity. Courage helps you to overcome any moral or physical difficulty.

The Guardian Angel Achaiah influences the following virtues and powers of all his proteges and anyone who asks for support, through invocation, in the days and minutes of his passage:

  • calmness
  • inventiveness
  • perseverance and practical sense
  • rigorous observation of events
  • intelligence and ability to solve problems
  • patience
  • applications necessary for studying and performing difficult tasks
  • judgement
  • interest in science

The guardian Angel Achaiah cancels the defects of his shadow Angel

  • lack of hope
  • confusion
  • discouragement and ignorance
  • difficulty in learning
  • listlessness
  • carelessness
  • laxity
  • impulsivity, envy, jealousy

The shadow archetype corresponds to the defects and negative attitudes that the human being has and, when given free will, chooses to live with.

Achaiah is the guardian angel of people born between 21 and 25 April, representing the 0 and the 5th degree of Taurus. In the hierarchy of angels, he is one of the Seraphim Angels. In the Tree of Life, he is part of the Keter sefira, governed by Metatron. Its planetary energies are Neptune and Mercury and he represents the Earth element.
Achaiah symbolizes understanding and faith. He promotes discovery related to your existence and guides you towards the rediscovery or better understanding of faith. The birthstone of the angel Achaiah is ruby and his color is purple. Of the 7 deadly sins, Envy dominates this angel.

Which are the qualities of the angel?

He teaches you divine patience and demonstrates the role it plays in the functioning of creation and the universe. This angel helps you explore your inner realms and guides you towards the discovery of the truth of the human soul. He gives you the patience of an angel. He also supports you in carrying out difficult tasks that take time and courage. Achaiah offers you guidance if you work in the fields of IT or development.

This Guardian Angel gives you great powers of introspection and great mental clarity that allows you to discover and understand some hidden aspects of the universe. It reveals what is hidden to most in the realm of faith and encourages you to spread the light of divine knowledge.

Achaiah guides and supports the dissemination of information through the press, television, radio or the internet. Watch over the entire media environment to feel his influence.

Achaiah will give you a taste for learning that will allow you to uncover secrets that are hidden to others. Through this ability, he supports the discovery of cutting-edge solutions for a multitude of complex problems. He will also be an undeniable source of support if you’re facing an exam that you wish to pass with flying colors.

Which imbalances are regulated by the angel Achaiah?

Achaiah helps you avoid getting too impatient. He will calm any feeling of resignation by turning towards the Creator. He makes sure you are not lazy, careless, reckless or ignorant. He will support you if you have a lack of motivation towards learning or if you have problems studying.

Achaiah will be there by your side to help make your fear of new situations disappear.

He will make sure that you are not excluded from leadership positions and will protect you from the potential distortion of your image in the media. He will also take you away from the culture of personal glory and instead lead you to that of the Creator.

What can you ask the Achaiah?

Pray to the angel Achaiah to instill calm in you and grant you his divine patience. It can be of great help whenever you lose your temper and are upset about something or someone.

Ask him to enlighten you in matters of divine faith and creation. He will allow you to grasp what fundamentals of the universe are hidden from us via the light of his knowledge.

If you work in the print, broadcast or internet industry, he will be of great help in advancing your career.

Ask for the support of the angel Achaiah if you need to start a new period of training or learning. It will help you succeed and inspire you to create useful and innovative solutions.

Which life spheres can he help you with?

This angel has the intelligence and understanding powers of the planet Mercury, as well as the powers of its angelic choir, directed by the archangel Raziel. Achaiah gives great practical sense, quick and lively intelligence, an ability to solve all problems and the power to overcome worries and difficult situations. You will be successful in any intermediary role, especially in the media (television, radio, press, publishing), thanks to your truth-finding ability. In love, your partner must be engaged in religion or interested in the acquisition of knowledge.

Love and friendship

You love in somewhat eccentric behaviors and in professions that engage the imagination, such as cinema and television. Despite sincere and devoted love, your partner will have an absolute need for freedom (in the good sense of the word).

Money and labor

You can make a great salary in financing and complex jobs. Stubbornness and patience will stand you in good stead in your career. You will find economic success in media and in the natural sciences. Combine the two sectors! Brilliant ideas, which you will be able to express clearly (that is, you can adapt your explanations to your audience), will attract important and wealthy personalities from the intellectual elite, who will recognize your value and offer you jobs.

What are Achaiah’s correspondences with Major Arcana?

Numbers are associated with each of the 22 Hebrew letters, therefore they can also be associated with the relative symbols of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot; this can be interesting for those who wish to question these symbols introspectively. Achaia corresponds with: “The Magician – the Strength – the Magician”.

From this, we can use Achaiah to answer the following questions:
The Magician (the beginning, the choice): what am I beginning to do? What am I choosing? How can I channel my energy?
The Strength (creative beginning, new energy): what is, and where is, my strength? What should I use it for?

How to connect with Guardian Angel Achaiah

In the days of your angel’s regency, you can establish communication with him.
Retire in isolation to a calm and peaceful place. Light a candle in front of you to recall Achaiah’s knowledge and take a few minutes to meditate and reflect. Sit comfortably and chant a prayer out loud to honor him, or perform a soul DNA meditation.

Meditation associated with Achaiah: soul DNA

Meditation associated with Achaiah is called “soul DNA meditation”. According to Kabbalah, this is the most effective meditative tool for those who want to restore order when their life appears fragmented and incoherent, or when certainties appear threatened. Meditating on these letters reconstructs the “original state” that appears lost: that is, it re-creates order from chaos, organization from confusion and calm from agitation, drawing on the best potential that is in the very DNA of our life. Concentrating your vision on the Hebrew letters of the root of Achaiah, without thinking about anything else, breathe and let yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning. Speak aloud this intention:
By the power of Achaiah, I receive full Energy from the forces of Creation. Meaning is restored to life. The order returns. The structure reappears. Everything returns back to its best place.

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