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Guide: Buying From Witchy Webshops [Witchcraft Supplies]

Where to buy witchcraft supplies?

Which witchy webshops are selling genuine products? Can I buy candles on Amazon or should I rather buy them from a metaphysical shop?

These are some of the most asked questions in the witchy circles, so I decided to create this post and highlight my favorite shops. I’ve been approached by many different shops, and some of them are just terrible!! High or unusually low prices, looong shipping times, fake products, shady people running them, etc.

So first let’s answer a few questions that people ask:

What about shops on Etsy?
There’s a LOT of fake stores on Etsy. So if you do want to buy something on Etsy, make sure that

  1. Read comments first
  2. Contact the seller. Try to get more information about them, products they’re selling (where do they get them), etc. Also, ask them how quickly can they ship your products.
  3. Check their location and shipping time.
  4. Order small first. So even if something goes bad, you won’t feel too bad about it. Plus, you can always contact the Etsy support team, if you think you got scammed.
What are your thoughts on Amazon?
Amazon is the biggest webshop on this planet. So it’s hard to label it as “good” or “bad”.

Here’s how I’m shopping for things on Amazon:

  • If I can, I buy products directly from Amazon (Prime) – make sure the seller info says “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. By buying these products, you’ll get A+ customer support
  • Read reviews. Avoid short reviews and 5-star reviews. You can often learn more by reading two-, three-, and four-star reviews.
  • Find reviews with pictures. Once, I bought some candles on Amazon, and when I got them, they were the smallest candles I’ve ever seen in my life. They were useless for spellwork… So look for pictures, because people usually hold these products in hand.
  • Check for shipping times. Usually, there’s always more than one seller selling a certain product and some (a lot) of sellers are from China. Shipping from China takes a lot longer compared to shipping from Amazon’s warehouse. Avoid buying from Chinese sellers if possible.
  • Don’t always buy the product at the lowest price. Again, it may happen that you’re buying fake products directly from China.

That’s mostly it. I’d say, if possible, always support a local or online metaphysical shop. You’ll (usually) get a much better service.

For example, I wanted to buy a salt lamp so badly. I was kind of obsessed, to be honest! There were many different lamps online, with different shapes and they were also very cheap!

I wanted to buy one online, but because of my passion for crystals and their properties, I wanted to make sure the item I was going to buy was a good one and of high-quality pieces, but most of all, that it would have all the Himalayan Salt properties intact!

So, I went to a magic/herbalist shop near my place and asked the seller for good advice. She, who guess what, is a witch and now a dear friend of mine, told me that those cheap online versions were of poor reproduction and there was no Himalayan salt in them at all! She sold the lamp for a way higher price, but she guaranteed me that the lamp has 100% unique and original raw Himalayan Salt. She even gave me a guarantee of its origins and a booklet about its properties.

I decided to buy the lamp from her, and I made the right choice! How did I know I made the right choice? One night I turned the light on in my bedroom and in the morning, it was really wet! I got scared I ruined my salt lamp but it actually meant it did its job by attracting all the negativity, because my husband and I had a huge fight! I was astonished! Now the lamp is one of my favorite tools to have in my home and to use during some rituals! My best offline purchase!

my salt lamp
Copyright: Tina Caro
Can I buy crystals online?


When it comes to crystals, many online shops sell them. Precisely because of that, there’s also a lot of shops that sell fakes.

Why? Because it’s very easy to find some well-made replicas! If you find an unusually cheap piece, there’s a high chance that it’s fake.

These crystals are not charged with true energy linked to their place of origin.

You need to be careful with the product description, making sure it’s a raw, genuine crystal with some info about its place of origin and its benefits. The store should have at least a sort of guarantee.

When you get them, you should always consecrate them. Do it on a night of full moon or chanting a prayer to bless your magickal tools.

Store your crystals in a safe place, even better in a small fabric bag.

Can I buy herbs online?

You can buy dry herbs online, but I don’t recommend purchasing fresh herbs on the internet.

You need to buy raw herbs, so they are charged with natural energy as that’s what lets your magic work!

Buying some fresh herbs online can be tricky as it might take a while until you get them, and their freshness and energy could be completely gone.

This won’t happen with dry herbs, but still, try to buy these herbs in a shop that sells naturally harvested products and even better if they are not a re-seller but they cultivate and sell herbs themselves.

Fresh herbs – it’s better to buy them at the grocery store or, even better, if you can, harvest them on your own.

When you get your herbs, there is no need to consecrate them as they will do it by themselves while casting the spell and getting in sync with the other ingredients of your spell.

The best way to store your herbs would be in a wooden box or small glass recipients. Avoid plastic as it’s going to divert/lost the energy.

Can I buy tarot cards online?

Absolutely! You can find amazing tarot decks online, and you can find the perfect one for you, choosing between many different designs, looks, and types of deck.

Try to buy a deck created by a professional, and, most of all, buy a deck coming together with a guidebook and a box to store it.

If you feel to, consecrate the deck on a night of the new moon. If you buy a second-hand tarot deck (I don’t recommend this), cleanse it before using it.

The best way to store your tarot cards is to let them stay in their original box as it’s usually designed specifically for this purpose.

In case you don’t like that box, put the cards on a wooden box or in a small fabric bag.

Can I buy a wand online?

Sure! Just make sure it is of high quality and that you buy it on a certified website. The best kind of wand is a natural wooden wand.

Of course, if you want to buy something different with some stone on it, just make sure each element is raw and genuine.

You need to consecrate your wand before using it. Do it on a night of the new moon, setting the intentions for your connection with your new wand and your craft. If you can, you can chant a prayer to bless it too.

You can store it on your altar if you feel to, or you can keep it in a cloth of a color of your choice.

Can I buy candles online?

Absolutely! But try not to buy scented candles as they are usually made with cheap ingredients, and their artificial composition could alter the energy around them.

You don’t need to consecrate your candles before using them. Your intention and your practice will do it on their own.

You can store them anywhere in your home. Nothing fancy. Just keep them away from heat sources, which could alter their shape and composition.

Can I buy an athame online?

Absolutely! Online you can actually find some amazing athame.

My only recommendation about this kind of purchase is that you buy a highly refined quality product, even better if it comes together with a warranty certificate.

Rely on a shop with a long history creating well-manufactured objects and having at least a little bit of history behind.

You should consecrate your athame before using it.

Leave it under the moonlight on a night of new moon and recite a prayer to bless it.

After that, if you feel some weird heavy energy around it, do a cleansing ritual instead.

You can store your athame in a cloth. It’s the best way to let its energy safe.

Avoid keeping it on display if those around you are not into magick and won’t understand your practice.

Do I earn any money by mentioning these webshops below?
No! I’m not collaborating or am I affiliated with any of these shops.

If you have any other questions, just let me know, and I’ll add them here, on this list.

Below, you’ll find a list of my favorite witchcraft stores that sell genuine products.

Where do I buy most popular witchy supplies?


I sometimes buy basic white candles in local shops like Ikea, however, the colored ones, I usually buy in specialized shops.
[columns] [col]

Plentiful Earth

[/col] [col]


[/col] [col]

Tamed Wild

[/col] [/columns]


I buy crystals mostly in local shops, but for those that don’t have a shop nearby, I suggest these shops below.
[columns] [col]

Plentiful Earth

[/col] [col]

Energy Muse

[/col] [col]

Tamed Wild

[/col] [/columns]

Dry Herbs

As I said above, if you want to buy herbs, you need to buy dry herbs. If you need fresh herbs, then you’ll have to find a local shop that sells them, or even better, grow them on your own.
[columns] [col]

Tamed Wild

[/col] [col]

Green Goddess Earth (UK)

[/col] [col]

Hazel Witch Farm

[/col] [/columns]

Tarot Cards

You can buy original Tarot Cards on Amazon or in any other witchy shop that sells them. You can’t go wrong with buying them online, just make sure that they’re NEW and not used.

Altar Supplies

Sometimes, you can find interesting products on Amazon, but I’d avoid buying these kinds of products on Amazon. Just pick a witchy webshop (or local shop) you love, and buy a product from there.

[columns] [col]

Plentiful Earth

[/col] [col]


[/col] [col]

Tamed Wild

[/col] [/columns]

My Favorite Witchy Shops

Plentiful Earth

Owned by Aurora Moon, Plentiful Earth offers Witches, new and old, every product, charm, and piece of knowledge they could need to make their world a better place.

Here are my favorite items from this shop (click on a picture to see more information about a product):
[columns] [col]

Pentagram Taper Candle Holder

[/col] [col]

Attract Love Spell Mix

[/col] [col]

Dragon Athame – Small

[/col] [/columns] [columns] [col]

White Resin Runes

[/col] [col]

Smudge Stick Starter Pack Kit

[/col] [col]

Black Brass Carved Mortar & Pestle